May 2017 E-Newsletter
Summer Leadership Team
Executive Director takes a break

I will be taking a 3 month break this Summer, June-August, returning in September. A leadership team consisting of Tina Christopher (Operations Manager), John Brett (Site Coordinator for St. John's) and Doug Pierce (current Board Chair who will step down for the Summer to cover) will direct the Project in my absence. For questions/concerns re:
  • The Gubbio Project at St. Boniface, training opportunities, non-monetary donations, contact Tina
  • The Gubbio Project at St. John's, volunteering as a group or individual, contact John
  • Media or speaking requests, church invitations, monetary donations, contact Doug
I look forward to reconnecting with you, reinvigorated, when I return 1 September. 
Fundraiser Recap
An intimate (two) nights of beautiful opera and music

A big thank you to Symphonia Caritas and Opera on Tap for putting on a fabulous show! Gubbio gratitude to them, to St. John the Evangelist for hosting the event, and to all who made La Clemenza di Tito a success through their time, those who baked cookies, and donations of refreshments, including: Hafner Vineyards, Papapietro Perry, Tartines, and Four Barrel Coffee.

Decriminalizing Homelessness
The ACLU of Oregon publishes their report on homelessness.

In reviewing Decriminalizing Homelessness: Why Right to Rest Legislation is the High Road for Oregon it was angering to see how many laws were in place that prevent homeless people from navigating out of it. The report found 224 laws that "create clear barriers to performing life sustaining activities and legalize the unfair and harmful treatment of unhoused communities." It is truly astonishing how our communities and societal structures prevent those who are most in need by creating obtrusive and difficult barriers.

Read the report for yourself here...
Volunteer Spotlight: Megan Freebeck

Megan Freebeck, founder of Simply The Basics was featured in the SF Chronicle a few days ago. Check out the article here .

Megan has been providing much needed hygiene products to Gubbio at St. Boniface each month for the past year. Thank you Megan, for all of your fantastic work!  .

Learn more about her work and donate if you can by visiting .

Stories Behind The Fog

Stories Behind The Fog (SBTF) is a project started by Fran Guijarra and Juli Lopez, longtime Gubbio supporters, in conjunction with their documentary, Moses , that is scheduled to be released later this year. The project is documenting and collecting the stories of one hundred people who have experienced or been affected by homelessness in the Bay Area.

These one hundred stories will then be compiled into a book that will help amplify the message of dignity and respect for our homeless brothers and sisters. Gubbio and other nonprofit partners will promote it and have it serve as a fundraising tool for us as well.

Here's an excerpt of one of our guests that is featured, Cookie.

"I don't ask anybody for anything. If I need something, I ask the Lord and He provides. I've been faced with hardships and loss, but God showed me the way. He's always someone I have to talk to."

Read more Stories Behind the Fog here...

Lost & Found at Opera: Bracelet

Please  contact us if you lost your bracelet!

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