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With Vicky Fox
Sat 4th November
1:30 - 3:30

£25 early bird rate
for bookings made before 10th October

live  in the present moment more relaxed and happy

This blissful workshop uses yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques to help improve your ability to relax and keep calm. Allow Vicky's gentle and nurturing approach to help you completely surrender.  Soothe your nervous system and release layers of stored tension in your body and mind. 
We are all affected by different degrees of stress in our lives. When we are stressed our blood pressure rises and instead of o ptimising our immune system, maintaining healthy digestion or ensuring we are fertile, all these non-essential body functions shut down.  Too much stress can weaken our immune system and cause damage to our bodies.
Releasing stress through yoga and meditation helps the immune system as it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. This starts to calm down the mind and allows the body to move back into digesting, renewing cells and restoring balance in the body.
This workshop will provide you with tools to help you cope with the stresses around you.  We will explore yoga techniques  that can help support you at work and at home.  Calm  your mind and stretch and soothe your body .  
£25 Early Bird rate for bookings before 10th November
£30 thereafter