"Working to support people affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease,
 by providing information and funding research"

Welcome to CMT Awareness Month!

There's just one piece of news today - the launch of our long-awaited "Nerve" Awareness Videol!  This was launched yesterday, and has already had over 12,000 views on Facebook!

Watch, enjoy, and most importantly, share!  Share with friends and relatives via social media, email the link to your GPs practice, to any other charities that you have links to with, and to anywhere else that may be appropriate!

Please help us spread the word - with your help, we can bring CMT out of the shadows into the limelight!

Together we ARE stronger.


Nerve Awareness Video
Nerve Awareness Video

And thanks to.....

Douglas Sager, primarily!  Doug had the original idea for a film, found a film-maker, Tim Partridge, raised the funds,  worked with Tim on the concept, script and styling, as it changed from the
Ministry of Silly Walks to this amazing CGI extravaganza,  recruited members to hang around in a freezing cold park to be filmed, organised a launch in Parliament in early September - with the fantastic support and assistance of Mrs Catherine West MP.

However, poor Doug hasn't been able to be involved in the final launch, as he's currently in hospital following a stroke.  Please join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

Raising the funds

Thanks go also to everyone who donated on Doug's Justgiving page - you know who you are!

We couldn't have done it without you!

And if you haven't donated, it's not too late - www.justgiving.com/douglas-sager

Thanks also go to Dorset Orthopaedic for their amazing contribution - which f
inally tipped the
balance and allowed us to get on and start filming!


Telling the story

You can read all about Tim Partridge's thoughts on how he put the film together here - www.cmt.org.uk/video 

Douglas Sager and Tim Partridge   Copyright-Timothy Partridge, All Rights reserved.
Douglas Sager and Tim Partridge
Premiere In Parliament

The official premiere was in Jubilee Room at the Houses of Parliament on 13th September.  This room was obtained with the help of Catherine West MP, for which we are very grateful.  Invited guests included all the people who were in the film, donors and supporters, and other interested parties.

Here are just a few pictures from the day:

Karen and Doug.  Copyright -Timothy Partridge, All Rights reserved.
 Karen introduced the day and talked about the work of CMT United Kingdom.

Catherine West     Copyright Timothy Partridge, All Rights reserved.

Catherine West MP talked about disability right and the problems of the NHS

Professor Mary Reilly talked about CMT, research into the condition and the work of her clinic at the MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Disease, part of the National Hospital for Neurology.

Karin Rodgers and Sophie Arnold    Copyright  Timothy Partridge, All Rights reserved.

Karin Rodgers and Sophie Arnold talked about the work of the CMT Kids part of CMT United Kingdom and the benefits of the weekends that are put on for teenagers with CMT.

Donna DeWick    Copyright - Timothy Partridge, All Rights reserved.
Donna DeWick, a member of CMT United Kingdom, talked about her work with CMTAthletes, a Facebook group for people with CMT with an interest in any kind of sporting activity.  She also highlighted the many CMT Paralympians who competed in Rio.

Douglas Sager thanked everyone for their support in bringing the film to fruition and especially Tim Partridge for his amazing work on the film.  He also thanked Catherine West for her help in putting on this event.

Tim talked about the journey with the film, from first meeting Douglas, to the way the story and script had developed, through to the technical aspects of how it had been made.  He thanked Mary Reilly for her invaluable help in ensuring the film was medically accurate.

Audience    Copyright - Timothy Partridge, All Rights reserved.

Some of the many people who took time out of their day to make this event a success.

All photos- Copyright: Timothy Partridge.  All rights reserved.

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