June 8th, 2018
Walk with a Doc Newsletter
Good morning! We hope this finds you well.
You quite possibly spend a lot of time either attending wwad's, organizing wwad's, or simply reading stupid emails about therapy chickens.
Whatever your flavor, please know that we are aware of your commitment to better health and of your passion for others' well being.
With that, we are excited to share this news below
Dr. Cristiano Figueiredo , our exceptional leader at USF de Baixa (Lisbon) made us aware of the following tweets two days ago.
For those unaware, Dr. Tedros assumed the position of Director General of the World Health Organization last year and the rest is self-explanatory.
I copied Dr. Figueiredo's letter from yesterday to our Bryan Romey below.
Of course we don't know what will come of this news, but everyday, Rachael, Bryan, Jess and I consider ourselves incredibly lucky to communicate with you - believers in a much better tomorrow.
Before I sign off to Cristiano, this news reminded of my favorite quote.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead"
Thank you, Dr. Cristiano, for making this happen. Super cool.
Hi Bryan, 

Dr Tedros has chosen Portugal to launch the " WHO Global action plan on physical activity and health 2018-2030: More active people for a healthier world". My health centre, USF da Baixa, was selected among all because of its central location (in the city centre of Lisbon), multicultural population (30% immigrants) and its innovative projects in the community (including the Walk with a Doc Lisboa). Among all projects we are running, the one which amazed more Dr Tedros was the Walk with a Doc Lisboa, because it promotes physical activity and health literacy together. I got surprised by his Tweet after visiting us. It should be shared and celebrated by all the Walk with a Doc community around the world. The picture of the Tweet shows him walking next to Martino (my health centre coordination, a family doctor as myself) and to the Portuguese Minister of Health, Dr Adalberto Campos. 

The WHO has launched the following news:

Thank you for sharing the good news with Dr Sabgir. Fantastic! :)

In Portugal, we are preparing a joint oral presentation with all the Walk with a Doc projects in the country to be submitted to the National Congress of Family Medicine: We hope we can recruit more health centres to our global movement, now with the informal support of the WHO.

Keep in touch,
Cristiano Figueiredo 
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