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When I was growing up in Ontario there was a popular family restaurant called "Fullers" and their advertising slogan was "Live a Fuller Life".  Ha! Turns out that has been a theme cropping up lately with my clients and my friends. It's a sentiment of feeling like time is passing quickly, of wanting go deeper than the logistical and operational surface activities that generally fill our days and ultimately,  live a "fuller" life. Read my feature article below for easy ways to get started.

btw That's a pic of me living "fuller" on the  beach in beautiful Parksville, BC - after an exhilarating day coaching with the Controllers Management Program of  CPA-BC.

To the deep dive, 
  Jan Carley BA, CEC, PCC  
  Professional Certified Executive Coach     
  Creative Coaching Group      
Ducks are one of the most recognizable bird species. They are divided into two categories, based on feeding behaviour - the "dabblers" and the "divers". "Dabblers" stay in shallow water, and do their feeding just below the surface. You may have seen a dabbler feeding, looking a bit silly with only their duck rear end sticking out of the water. "Divers" live in deeper water and submerge completely.
Using the duck dabbler /diver metaphor I will confess to having shown up many times in life as a "dabbler"  - being present, yet staying non-committed and swimming on the surface. Sometimes that happened with jobs I held, sometimes in relationships, sometimes in conversations. How often are you a "dabbler" in some part of your life? How much deeper could you go, and what greater results could you have if you commit to diving deeper?  
The benefits of  diving deep and being "all in" are many. We will have quicker and more powerful results.  Our experiences become more meaningful and we feel deeper levels of satisfaction. Being "all in" is incredibly infectious and inspires others. And - well- diving in is simply more fun! 

The downside of committing fully is, of course, the risk factor. With any risk you take there is the potential of being hurt or failing. But what do you miss by never totally being "all in" in life?  I maintain that slight discomfort is a good trade-off  for the freedom to really live big. 

Let's start with a Self-Reflection:
Think of the various parts of your life - work, relationships, parenting, fitness, hobbies etc. On a scale of 1-10 how "all in" are you?  (A deep diver would be a "10", a "dabbler" a "1".)  Perhaps you are somewhere in between?  (This is an awareness piece only - taking stock of where you are with no judgment attached).  Ask yourself this question:  "What would have to shift for me to commit to being "all-in"?   
5 Easy Ways to Help You Dive Deep and Live Fully

This is an easy technique to incorporate for immediate results. Adding an intention to an action creates a different level of consciousness and energy around it. By creating an intention for your life, day, or activity, your commitment is strengthened and you inspire energetic forces for a powerful deepening effect.  
Experiment with this: 
Create a Daily Intention. As you lie in bed in the morning, spend 1 minute thinking about what your day will BE. Not your To Do list, instead, what will the day BE about?  Joy? Ease? Laughter? Passion?   Write the intention on a piece of paper, and revisit it throughout the day.  Without doing anything differently, your day will positively shift with that intention.
The point of power is in the present moment.  Our goal is to be present, fully engaged in each and every moment. Right here, right now. So, how do we do that?
To start with, you have to show up. That might seem obvious, but if you aren't there, you can't be all in. Next, quit multitasking (and that includes mental multitasking). If you are doing more than one thing at the same time, you can't be fully all-in to either activity.
Experiment with this: 
Take an activity where you normally would multitask (whether physically or mentally). Experiment with keeping your focus solely on that single activity. e.g./ Preparing dinner: As you are chopping the carrots focus solely on that. Observe the carrots- are they hard or soft, easy to cut? Is your knife sharp or dull? How is the experience of cutting carrots different when you are fully present in that activity?  
Now go on to something a bit bigger - how about a conversation with your partner? Or how you show up at a chorus rehearsal?  Notice what happens when you consciously focus on being present in each moment.  
When you put yourself in the space of curiosity you immediately stay present and fully engaged. Imagine if you liberated yourself from the constraints of the "knowing" muscle, and exercised the "curiosity muscle" instead? How might that shift your conversations? Your interactions in the world?  
Experiment with this: 
Have a conversation with a friend about something that is a current challenge and be "all-in" for them. Make sure your entire focus is on really hearing what your friend is saying. Don't interrupt. Seek to understand by staying curious. Ask questions to clarify your understanding. Notice when your inner voice comes in and begins to take you out of the experience of actively listening. Notice when you start thinking of solutions or putting your advice hat on. Debrief with your friend. What felt different for them to have someone listen "all-in"? What felt different for you? 
Develop a "gratitude attitude" - a practice of consciously thinking of what is good in your life and in this world. By appreciating the simple things and being grateful for each moment of your day, you begin to live fully.
Experiment with this: 
Develop the practice of a nightly "gratitude sign-off."  Make your final action of the day one of writing down what you saw or experienced that day for which you are grateful. Did you have some laughs with a friend? Did your son give you a big hug and say "I love you"? Did you notice the amazing sunset?  By acknowledging, appreciating and writing about the things you value, you will go to sleep with positive, affirming thoughts of gratitude and those thoughts will amplify during the night. The nightly "gratitude sign-off" frames the day, and adds energy and important to each of your living moments.  
Have you thought of what your big life vision is? How you would like to live? Contribute to the world? Establishing your personal vision ensures your days are purposeful and "all in". If you have no compass, or North Star, it is easy to get lost and spend your days drifting as a life "dabbler".
Experiment with this: 
Sit in your comfiest chair and allow yourself to dream. Look 5-10 years down the road. What does your life look like? Feel like? If anything were possible, without limitations, what would be? Write down your stream of consciousness thoughts. Leave your paper for a few days and then revisit it. What jumps out at you as thematic in what you have written? What surprises you? Are you spending your energy in the areas you want to? Once you have your Big Picture Vision, you can put some energy into creating the actual road map for living into your vision. When you are living "on purpose", you will be more passionate about diving deeper and being "all-in".   

Lightbulb of the Month
"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."
                                       - Neale Donald Walsch, author
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