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Last month's newsletter was all about how to flip our mental focus from "stuck" to "possibility". The 2 little words "FLIP IT" have started to mobilize the world. 

"Your amazing FLIP IT concept has proven to be SUCH a wonderful tool. I can't believe how useful it is and how often I am able to use it - not just for me but for people I mentor and students I'm working with." - Dr. Debbie Scott, RN MPH DhlthSci, Monash University, Melbourne AU
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The feature article this month builds on the FLIP IT! concept and gives us easy steps to fully incorporate a Generative Approach to life by keeping our brains and language in the forward-moving, energy-filled state. Perhaps we can start a "Generative" revolution?     

To your possibilities,
  Jan Carley BA, CEC, PCC  
  Professional Certified Executive Coach     
  Creative Coaching Group    e:jan@creativecoachinggroup.com     
I have espoused the value of positivity in all of my coaching programs for years. In particular, with the high-performance a cappella performance groups I coach worldwide, we have discovered how positivity creates a more joyful environment that fosters excellence, unity, team effectiveness and individual happiness. Nurturing a positive mental state has proven critical to achieving performance results. 

In world-renowned researcher Dr. Barbara Frederickson's seminal work on positivity, she outlines the role of positive emotions in the development and maintenance of human flourishing.  She says that "to flourish means to live within an optimal range of human functioning, one that connotes goodness, generativity, growth and resilience."
Being positive, it seems, is a very good thing...and a positive mental state is only the beginning!

For immediate shifts and powerful forward momentum we must shift our thinking beyond  positive and embrace a dynamic and creative GENERATIVE approach. A generative approach moves thought to action. The generative approach generates new life and energy by focusing the brain on opportunities for change or growth instead of focusing on problems and weaknesses.  By doing so, there is more capacity for learning and insight and we open possibilities to then take action to move toward that desired outcome.
5 KEY STEPS to Support a Generative Focus 
1/ Identify and Acknowledge Reality   
In order to think generatively and create new life, ideas and possibilities we have to be aware of and acknowledge (without judgment) the current reality or situation.  Be real and be aware of the facts. Once the awareness is there, shift your focus. Rather than remaining focused on the lack, or the problem, move to Step 2 and begin to think generatively toward the future or conditions you want. Then watch the possibilities open up.  
2/Think Generatively    
The one question you must always ask yourself "Is this thought generative?"(Does it open possibilities and move me or the situation forward?)  If not, reframe and ask yourself some generative mindset questions.  e.g. / How could I shift my thinking about the current situation?  What is the opportunity in this situation (vs. a focus on "lack", the "weakness" or problem).  How could I change my perspective? Where could we grow? What could we change for a better result? Notice the mental space that opens up when you begin to think generatively.  
3/ Focus Toward
Continue to focus and refocus your energy on the result or conditions you want, instead of focusing on what you don't want. Where thought goes, energy flows. Acting generatively will inspire you to move toward a solution instead of moving away from a problem. When examining a situation, or working to better it - approach your planning from a generative perspective.  Feel the momentum that surges as a result.

4/ Speak Generatively (including your self-talk)
Communicating with language is a big responsibility - we speak an average of 15,000 words per day.  Even a single word in a sentence has the power to shift our intended meaning from generative and forward-moving to stalling or damaging. When you speak, listen to your words - are they generative? What about your self-talk?  Does your self-talk open up possibilities or do they shut them down? Use language that keeps the brain moving toward your desired state.  
5/  Listen Generatively
Most often in conversation we listen with the intent of formulating a response. With a slight shift in focus, generative listening would have us listen with the intent to understand.  Global consultant and MIT lecturer, C. Otto Scharmer, goes further and says that generative listening actually connects us to something larger than ourselves, and in essence we then start listening from "the emerging field of future possibility."  Stay curious as you listen and feel the conversation open up.

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Lightbulb of the Month
  "Once I started working with generative music in the 1970s, I was flirting with ideas of making a kind of endless music - not like a record that you'd put on, which would play for a while and finish."
                                                 - Brian Eno, British producer and musician

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