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Ever had one of those weeks, months or years when you felt like you were in a "holding pattern"? When you were putting in a lot of effort and yet seemed to not really be completing anything, or worse, standing still?
2016 has felt that way to me so far. Nothing quite landing.  After I stopped my internal self-pity-party, I began thinking in a more generative way about the opportunities this period of "no progress or change" could hold.

Read the feature article below to get some perspective on the considerable benefits that a holding pattern period can provide. You might be pleasantly surprised!
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Feature Article:  The Benefits of Being Stuck in a Holding Pattern 
Anyone who has flown, will have, at one time or another, been in the frustrating position of being stuck in a "holding pattern" - when the plane is forced to circle round and round until given the all-clear for landing. Our lives or businesses also go into a holding pattern at various points. Experiencing those delays when you are itching to land at your destination can be both tedious and tiring.
A holding pattern is described as being a "state or period of no progress or change". Now that sounds pretty negative. What if we reframed a holding pattern as being a necessary and strategic part of our journey?
5 Strategic Benefits a Holding Pattern Gives 
1/ Time for Creative Thought
The air traffic controllers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta - the world's busiest airport - land planes almost every minute. Like those air traffic controllers, if you are constantly "landing your plane" you don't have a second to do anything other than focus on the task at hand. We know that a reflective practice is a powerful mechanism that helps deep learning take place and has a positive effect on our performance. It is pretty much impossible to reflect when you are constantly landing planes. Being in a holding pattern gives you valuable time for creative thought and expanding your thinking beyond the immediate task before you. A holding pattern gives you space and time to dream, grow and learn without the pressure of crashing your plane.
2/ Time to get Clarity
A holding pattern gives you time to get clarity on why you are in that place of stasis. Sometimes a holding pattern can feel uncomfortable because when you stop the physical act of moving, there is time to think. Some of those thoughts may be uncomfortable yet be the very ones that will facilitate your landing. There are lots of good reasons for a plane to be in a holding pattern - traffic congestion, poor weather or runway unavailability. What might be the reasons for your not being able to land right now? A holding pattern gives the opportunity to stop, and reconnect with your life and vision - and where you ultimately want to go. Once you gain clarity, you can move forward with purpose and intention.
3/ Time to Regroup and Re-energize
A holding pattern gives you the opportunity to stop, breathe and let go. You can open up mental space and add energy to get moving again. Take advantage of the downtime - the in-between time - relax, and read a book. Look out the window and enjoy the ride. Letting go of attachment to the result of the landing will allow you to be present in the moment.
4/ Time to Get Present
The landing is the end result of the flight. A future state. The holding pattern is part of the journey. Trust the moment and approach your holding pattern from a learners perspective (what can this period teach me?). By reconnecting with the value of the present moment you begin to really live the journey and can experience the important lessons to be learned right here, right now.
5/ Time to Prep for Landing
Giving you time to prepare for the landing is an obvious benefit of a holding pattern. Are all of the pieces in place to ensure a smooth landing? Are you fully prepared for the landing and for what comes next? What do you need to be or do to ready yourself? Is some clearing of your landing strip needed? Are there other interferences to remove?  Is it the right time to land? The holding pattern gives you the time to slow down and prepare. What will be important to have in place for the landing and the next flight you take?

Lightbulb of the Month
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"No amount of energy will take the place of thought. A strenuous life with its eyes shut is a kind of wild insanity."
~Henry van Dyke, American author (1852-1933) 

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