THE NEWSLETTER     Vol 50, No. 23                                           June 14, 2017
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Elders to be Ordained this Sunday
In May, the congregation elected Kellie Jarvis, Greg Graves, Marilyn Larsen, John Williamson, and Pat Wolter to the office of Elder.  This Sunday during morning worship we will ordain and install them as Ruling Elders.
There are three basic forms of church governance: Episcopal, Congregational, and Presbyterian.  Episcopal polity rests authority in an individual (a Bishop) who supervises and directs the various ministries under his or her oversight.  The most obvious example of Episcopal polity is the Roman Catholic Church.  The Episcopal Church, the United Methodist Church, the Amish, and many Pentecostal Churches also use an Episcopal system.
Congregational polity rests authority in the entire group.  For example, the Southern Baptist Convention holds an annual meeting.  Every member of the SBC can attend and vote.  Obviously, this form of governance works best with smaller groups.  Also, many churches that officially have a Congregational polity also have some smaller governing group for the day-to-day issues that are of lesser importance.
Presbyterian polity gives authority to a group of representatives from the church.  In training these newly elected elders, one class is about their responsibilities.  In the PC (USA) the congregation votes on two matters: electing its Elders (both Teaching and Ruling) and any action that buys, sells, or encumbers church property.  The responsibility of the Teaching Elder is to preach the gospel, administer the sacraments, provide pastoral care, and moderate meetings of the Session and congregation.  Everything else is the responsibility of the Session.  That can be as practical as choosing an electricity provider to the more spiritual decision of choosing a hymnal for worship.  The time of worship, the teachers for Sunday school, setting a budget, approving a mission project and everything else that is not the responsibility of the congregation or pastor is the responsibility of the Session. 
One of the great joys of a service of ordination is that moment when others who have been ordained come forward for the "laying on of hands," which is symbolic of passing along the office and offering a blessing to those being ordained.  Please join us in worship this Sunday to offer your support for Kellie, Greg, Marilyn, John, and Pat.

Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services
The Success of David and Jamie
When David was twelve years old, he and his eight-year-old sister, Jamie, were removed from their home by Child Protective Services and placed in a temporary shelter.  Wise beyond their years, David and Jamie knew deep-down that the shelter was a safer place to live than with their parents, who were dealing drugs out of their hone.  They stayed at the shelter three long months before they were moved to a PCHAS Group Home.
It took a while for them to adjust to life at PCHAS, but their Home Parents were loving and supportive, so eventually they began to feel at home.  However, it was difficult for David and Jamie to concentrate at school, and they fell behind their peers.  Their Home Parents worked with the PCHAS education team to arrange tutoring for David and Jamie.  Soon they were working with PCHAS tutors four days a week, every week, after school.  After three years of intense tutoring and a lot of hard work.  David and Jamie's grades have improved a great deal.  Jamie still struggles in some subjects, especially math, but David is a gifted mathematician and is on the honor roll.
David's life was a living nightmare before he came to PCHAS, but with years of practice, he's become good at blocking out scary thoughts.  Instead he focuses on things he hopes to be doing in the future-such as becoming an engineer.  He is a hard worker and well-known on the PCHAS campus for his dedication to academics and friendships.  His teachers, his PCHAS tutors, and his Home Parents are very proud of him.  Jamie is especially proud of her big brother.  She, more than anyone else, knows how far he has come.
On Father's Day, Sunday, June 18 th, an offering will be taken up for PCHAS to support the work they do through their group homes, single parent family residences, child and family services, foster care programs, adoption services, transitional living programs, and education services.
One More Week
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the  Guatemala Shoe Fund.  We raised $1383 to buy shoes for the children in the home our mission team is visiting this summer.  We are hoping to raise $2,000 so there will have enough for every child.  Since they are leaving soon, this is the last Sunday we will be able to take donations.  Please put money marked for "Guatemala shoes" in the collection plate to help us reach our goal.  Thank you for your generosity.

Please help our friends in Guatemala have new shoes! 
Dorothy Raine Book Club
Here  are the books for the fall meetings of our club. 
Read, enjoy, and join us.


by Sinclair Lewis


by Heather Young


by Fredrik Backman

A Note from the Wassons
"Let brotherly love continue." Hebrews 13:1
 The Wasson family has been showered with God's love and grace through His people and we are grateful. Thank you all for the love, prayers, kind words, cards, flowers and food. All have helped to soothe the pain of losing our precious John.

Our love to all,

Emily, Louise and Karen
Memorial Plaque Installed
Greg Graves completed a second Memorial Plaque and it is now hung in the sanctuary. The Memorial Plaques list the names of the members of the church who have died. Each plaque has space for 60 names. It took 25 years (1953-1978) to fill the first plaque. However, we are getting older and the current plaque will be filled in a span of about eight years.
You may remember, the original plaques used lead as part of the design. Greg has been able to recreate the look without having to use lead, instead fabricating the design entirely out of wood.
Thanks, Greg, for your skills in woodworking which enable us to continue to honor the members of Parkway who are now part of the church triumphant.
Fourth of July Food Basket Time!
Parkway will again be gathering groceries to give to the families at the Women's Shelter for the July 4 holiday.  If you would like to help with this worthwhile project, please pick up a list in the narthex this Sunday.  Cash donations will also be accepted to buy fresh produce and meat.  Thank you for making the holiday more joyful for families going through a difficult time.  Please have all donations in by June 25.


Vacation Bible School SAVE THE DATE
August 2-4, 2017

 June 18  -  June 24

  9:30 Sunday School
10:55 Worship 
  9:30 Staff Meeting
12:00 Emmaus Reunion Group
12:00 Sweet Surrender Sisters
              Reunion Group
  5:30 Finance Committee Meeting

  9:30 PW Dodson Moorman Circle
  6:30 Darn Yarn Group
  6:30 Sweet Adelines/ Sparkling
              City Chorus

  4:00 Turquoise Table
  1:00 Bridge
  4:45 Loaves and Fishes
** Guatemala Mission Team departs **


Loaves and Fishes (Metro Ministries)
Loaves & Fishes is a free cafeteria that serves nutritious dine-in meals for the homeless, poor, working poor, disabled, and elderly. This program provides lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. Parkway has committed to serving in the soup kitchen every Friday, from 4:45 to 6 pm. A food handler's permit is required and quite easy to obtain. If you would like to participate in this ministry, contact Irene Jones at 993-9106.

June 16
Mike Fryer
Ann Bolton-Brownlee


June 23
Ann Dooley
Ann Veech

Prayer Concerns
If you would like to be a part of the prayer chain to lift up concerns of the congregation, contact Karen Wesson at 815-2099 to be added to the distribution list. You can also go to  www.parkwaypc.org .
Bob Forbes
Helen Wilcox
Evie Weatherbie
Barbara Kanipe
Marilyn Munroe
Carol Nolan (sister of Pat Clements)