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Summer 2017 Program is Underway 

27 F degrees in March...brrr! Don't believe the frigid Boston temperatures....  summer is getting closer and we are eager to meet  our newest students in person: Letitia Untaru, Raluca Arnautu, Maria Moisuc, Radu Tudorin, Sebastian Stroie, and Alexia Popescu. They will spend  some  unforgettable weeks at the Charles River Creative Arts and Frank A. Day camps, making new friends, mastering the English language, learning new sports and skills, and discovering their artistic side while having lots of fun. We are grateful to the  Springer,  Balsamo, Dixon, and Linder families for welcoming our students in their homes. 

US Ambassador Visits Vilcea 

This March our alumni met the US ambassador, Mr. Hans Klemm, during the  "American Shelf" event, organized by the region al library  Antim Ivireanul. EERC alumni had the chance to present our program to all participants. Thank you to all who showcased our work:  Andi Arnautu Andreea Barbu Andreea Stroie Ioana Marinescu ┼×tefania Cebuc Hristina Sararu Gabriel Nedelcu Radu Nita Florena Ioana Buse Raluca Arnautu Alexia Maria Popescu Radu Tudorin Letitia Cristiana Untaru , Mrs.  Monica Gheorghiu , Mrs.  Marina Sacerdoteanu , Mrs. Florina Soare, and Mrs. Petruta Radulescu.

Alumni Corner 
George Refec-  Loughborough University, UK

Hi, I am George, born in Sebes and presently living in UK where I am enrolled in International Business studies at Loughborough University, a Top 10 UK college. I am looking at the future planning to pursue a career in business consulting, maybe eventually run my own business. I must say that I feel I got to a good start this first year of college! I made a point in meeting people and taking part in the most exciting competitions and projects. As such together with three other Romanian students we won the Loughborough Apprentice competition, where we organized an event for the Students' Union and to run a profitable market stall. Another exciting project is being part of a team formed of representatives from other international universities aiming to create a social enterprise which would tackle the global issue of food waste. We have to think big!  I feel the present academic environment offers a wide range of opportunities which will allow me to capitalize on my strengths; I met with representatives of companies such as Goldman Sachs, Mercedes, Tesla or even Formula One teams and Disney. I even met the Romanian Ambassador in the UK and got in touch with business people from around England as part of a networking event. These are just some of the things that come up in my mind when describing my experience here and I could go on ... (and I'm just in my first year). However, I feel the most important aspect is that I made a lot of great friends and we have lots of fun's not all just serious stuff. In spite of so much great stuff I must say one thing I do miss being away  is my family and my old group of friends... and of course grandma's food. I am grateful for their support  as they know that for me, this is the best route towards achieving my objectives.

In retrospect the experience I had through EERC opened my eyes for the first time towards new opportunities and so I am able to set much higher life goals for myself. It made me more...more confident, more sociable and more determined. I advise the new students to take advantage of this opportunity at maximum by interacting with everyone and taking every chance to make new friends. They should try to understand America beyond what it is known from watching movies, to try and capture the positive aspects of the  culture and apply it to their own advantage. The final thing I would like to tell the new students is: Welcome to the EERC family!

Upcoming Events 

APRIL SONGS - an evening with friends and great voices.
The spring fundraising event will take place on Saturday, April 1st, in Andover; special guests Adriana Ausch, Dana Pentia and  Adrian Sahlean. If you wish to participate, please  send us an email.

This year the Student Welcoming Party will coincide with the annual fundraiser. The event will take place Sunday, July 9 at The Barn in Holliston, MA. Put on your best hoedown attire- there will line dancing, barbecue and more! If you wish to become a sponsor or help contact us.

Romanian Corner