This innovative program is an industry difference maker,
setting the national standard for addiction treatment marketers
Los Angeles, October 2, 2017 - T he American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA), the industry leader in delivering compliance resources and best practices to enable recovery industry professionals, owners, and operators to navigate the evolving clinical and regulatory landscape, proudly announces the upcoming launch of its groundbreaking Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing (C-ATM).

In early 2018, stakeholders in the addiction treatment industry will finally have access to the education and training they need to operate ethically and in compliance with marketing best practices. “In recent years, coverage of illegal marketing practices in addiction have sounded an alarm across the country, calling for the industry’s attention,” said Harry Nelson , AATA’s Founding Chair. Through participation in the C-ATM program, individuals and organizations will:
  • Learn best practices and practical tips from renowned legal and industry experts
  • Gain knowledge and experience that differentiates them and improves their practice
  • Earn a widely respected credential that sets them apart from the competition 

The C-ATM is a comprehensive program of study, addressing the most important topics with which new and experienced addiction treatment marketers should be familiar. The program is offered fully online, allowing participants on-demand 24-7 access, so they can learn at their own pace, conveniently from their computers, tablets, or smartphones.

The C-ATM is comprised of eight (8) comprehensive, interactive online courses. Each course includes:
  • High-quality video presentations by legal and industry experts
  • Online resources, including relevant articles and case studies
  • Interactive exercises and activities designed to enhance learning
  • Reflection opportunities to deepen understanding and increase self-awareness
  • Formative quizzes and summative assessments to ensure comprehension

Each course requires approximately five (5) hours to complete, and the entire certificate takes 40 hours. Continuing Education Units (CEU) will be offered for each of the C-ATM courses.

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