PROPEL 2016 is only 2 weeks away! 
See just a few  of our program highlights below...
Over 35 Energy Technology Ventures in Attendance! 

Over 35 Active Investors and Oil & Gas Corporate Participants Joining Us!  

Meet the Investors
Put faces to names at the Meet the Investors Panel Session and hear straight from many of the active Canadian and U.S. investors looking intently at the opportunity landscape, as they share exactly what they are looking for.

Shantanu Agarwal
Energy Ventures
Kirk Coburn
Founder & Managing Director 

Jarett Carson
Managing Director
Scott MacDonald
Co-founder & Managing Director
Hull McKinnon
Monica Rovers
Head, Business Development Global Energy
Michelle Scarborough
Senior Vice-President 
Johanna Schmidtke
Investment Director
James Wells
Director of Investments and Venture Creation

Tech Talks - Digital Oilfield
Through a series of mini-talks, join us as we explore the digital revolution that is rattling the very foundation of the Energy industry! Listen in as experts dissect the new applications of internet and computing technology as it relates to the energy sector, and discover how digital oilfield implementation is already separating the winners from the losers.

Kirk Coburn
Founder & Managing Director
Robert Williams

Tech Talks - Resource Recovery and Management
Through a series of mini-talks, delve into the minds of industry experts as they unveil the "ground-breaking" technology shifts that are taking place in the physical recovery, upgrading and transportation of hydrocarbon fuels.

Alex Rozenfeld
Venture Principal
Harbir S. Chhina
Executive Vice, Oil Sands Development
Doug Pipchuk
Global Product Development Manager
Uday Turaga

Tech Talks - Environmental Stewardship and Advanced Materials
Through a series of mini-talks, submerge yourself in the world of energy waste, water, greenhouse gases and the role that materials science plays in the Oil and Gas technology ecosystem. Listen in to a diverse group of experts as they navigate the cleantech landscape and innovations in advanced materials and nanotechnology.

Richard Adamson
Marty Reed
Drue Anne Whittecar
Director Environmental & Sustainability Engineering
Yvan Champagne
Canadian Co-Chair  

Corporate Dealmakers
Major energy businesses share elements of their strategic agendas for partnering with and acquiring emerging technology companies, and the integration process.

Ricardo Angel
Managing Director 
Bryan Helfenbaum
Manager, Technology 
& New Ventures
MJ Maloof
Investment Director

Trey Mebane
VP of Innovation
Doug Pipchuk
Global Product 
Development Manager 
John Wei
Senior Investment Manager

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Venue and Accommodation
PROPEL will take place at the Westin Calgary Hotel. The Westin is situated in the heart of one of Canada's most exciting cities, where major business centre meets the city's extraordinary outdoor activities and first-class dining and arts.


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