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@bizcommunicatorAugust 2012 Social Media Tips Newsletter
for Small Business & Non-Profit
In This Issue
Hot New Find!
WARNING to New Bloggers!
Risky Business?
Is Social Media really marketing?
Keep the look professional
sidebarLatest Find:

BOTTLENOSE - check out the coolest social media engine ever!!!
Bottlenose -- The Now Engine
Bottlenose -- The Now Engine

Featured Social Media Page!

They joined Facebook in March 2010 and the owner is so passionate about his business he forgets to be "social" sometimes!
We updated his Facebook timeline cover photo, Twitter background and Constant Contact
newsletter template.
"We get flooded with emails and phone calls every time I send out a newsletter. It definitely  works!"

He admits he has a hard time not talking about his business all the time!
But he's getting a little more social lately and it is making a difference.

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Is your business suited for Pinterest?
  1. Is your product visually attractive
  2. Are you an active blogger?
  3. Can you sell your product online?

Click here for help to get started on their site. 

Social Media & Email Marketing 
"Because word of mouth marketing works...!" 
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Hello, Small Business Owners & Non Profit Leaders!

Ready for some more hands-on how-tos?!
Guest contributor Carolyn Frith of Carolyn Frith Marketing, LLC gives you practical advice on how to write a blog that will boost search engine rankings.

New guest contributor Jenna Spangler, SpruceRisk Insurance,  gives you sage advice on how to choose an insurance agent to protect your small business or non-profit. 

Hania Whitfield, Whitfield Consulting, asks whether you need to think in a new way about marketing in Social Media...  

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 Carolyn FrithCarolynWARNING: Before You Start a Blog,  READ THIS
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Agropro You're on the starting blocks ready to power forward into blog creation.  


You're all fired up about a blog's ability to attract prospects to your website and convert them into clients.   


You understand that a blog can help your website to scale the search engine rankings, and also provide a forum to show what you know and build credibility.


Hold On:  It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint ... read more 

 JennaIs your Insurance Jenna SpanglerAgent putting your business at risk?
Jenna Spangler  Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter 
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Taking Risks? Consumers often ask what qualities they should look for in an Insurance Agent.


Some people say that it just doesn't matter who you choose as long as the price is right.    


However, if you have a claim, you'll be really happy you spent some time selecting the right person to take care of your family or business.


Here's a handy list of questions to ask and things to consider: ...read more  

Hania2Maybe the problem Hania Whitfield polaroid  with understanding Social Media is in calling it "marketing"?
Taking Risks? I got hit between the eyes today. A friend who is a Small Business Owner said something that really made me realize what the biggest misconception of social media is. He is in the business of helping customers with foot pain through healthy, supportive shoes,  and arch supports and other remedies. He told [...]...�

Email Marketing professionalism
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That's it for August - see you back again in September
 when we'll talk more about branding!

And we do take suggestions for content...

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