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Please note that due to a speaking arrangement, I will not be holding groups on Saturday, May 17.  The next meetings of the Men's Group and the Dating and Relationship Group will be on Saturday, June 7.  Issues to be addressed in those groups will be announced later in May. In the meantime ... 


How Relationships Evolve and Devolve 

The Dating and Relationship Group 

Although a bit cheesy in his delivery, this presenter actually says some interesting things that reflect my own thinking about the transition from the honeymoon period to conflict and power struggles. His antidote, "learning to love consciously," parallels the ideas from Harville Hendrix that we have reviewed. 



"Sex at Dawn"

The Men's Group 

In this interesting new book, the authors argue that a careful examination of the role of sexuality in our evolution may challenge certain contemporary notions of romantic relationships and cultural assumptions about love.  You may enjoy this youtube video by one of the co-authors.  



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