Shabbat Matot-Masai מטות or מסעי
Matot = Tribes; Masei = Journeys
Gematria: Matot=456=Hod Spelled Out הה וו דלת
ֱGematria: Masei=180=18x10=Life's Face - Partzuf
Consciousness Builder
Today Did You Give Charity -
Tzedakah - Terumah?
Give and get back.

The Shelah writes that when a woman enters her ninth month of pregnancy she and her husband should, among other things, give tzeddakah.
This is because it is brought down that HaShem takes care of certain things himself, (without Angels or other agents). One of these things is opening a mother's womb at childbirth.

Those who care for HaShem's poor people are considered as if they did HaShem a personal favor.

Therefore by giving tzeddakah or Terumah before birth, the pregnant woman ensures that Hashem will have rachmonus - mercy on her and return the favor.
What's interesting to note is that this seems to be an easy way to assure that things go smoothly for us, so to speak. All it takes is a little effort on our part and HaShem will make it go a very long way.
It is also told that Rabb Chaim Vital was sad because he let a day go by without doing an act of kindness. It would seem that the easiest thing to do to insure that this never happens to us is to give a little bit of tzeddakah every day and allow for HaShem to return the favor when he sees fit.


Are you looking for an easy out?

Do you think HaShem is fooled when you give Tzedakah or Terumah to a poor person while you are abusing a friend or family member emotionally? Or allow a government to abuse poor people?

Birth is a time of judgement for a women. She is asking for relief of her pain, as well as a healthy child, and many other things. Rachel Emanu died in child birth. Do you think that HaShem takes in account merciful actions during a time of judgement for a soul?

Story Section:
"City of Refuge"

The Mitzvah of the City of Refuge is in this week's double Parasha. This Mitzvah is the equivalent of our modern societies' jails - with a difference.

The differences are:

A person needs to run to the city of refuge to avoid a "blood avenger" - someone authorized to kill the accused if the the accused leaves the city of refuge.

While in the city of refuge the person is surrounded and inundated with Torah Learning.

Both of these differences do not exist in our modern jails.
The scene of our story is Czarist Russia in the early eighteen-hundreds:
Rabbi Menachem Mendel, nicknamed The Tzemach Tzedik (third Lubavitcher Rebbe (1789 - 1866) was famous throughout Russia for his holiness, wisdom, all-encompassing knowledge and the many open miracles that he performed, especially regarding deserted wives (Agunot).
Agunot are estranged wives who according to Jewish law cannot remarry unless they have proof of either divorce or the death of their husband.

Such a woman once appeared in Lubavitch (the place of the Chabad Chassidim and their leader, the Tzemach Tzedik) with three small children. For several years she tried in vain to locate her missing husband until finally her wanderings brought her to the door of the Tzemach Tzedik as her last hope. With no home to call her own she asked if she could receive his blessing, advice or some thread of hope.
But the Rebbe did not give private audiences to women and for some reason also did not respond to the urgent letters and notes she sent to him.

But she didn’t go unnoticed. The Chassidim had mercy on her, found a place for her and her children to live and even found her a job in the communal kitchen hoping that eventually the Rebbe would notice her. But he didn’t. The Rebbe was a very occupied man, every second of his day was precious, he rarely left his room, never entered the kitchen and seemingly didn't even know she existed.

Months passed with no breakthrough until one of the Chassidim had an idea and put it into action.

The Rebbe had many young grandchildren. This Chassid befriended one of them and convinced him to go to his Grandfather, the Rebbe, and ask "What will be with the kitchen-lady?"

It worked; the child entered, entered the Rebbe’s study, innocently asked the question and the next day received a written reply: The Rebbe said to, "Let her wait."

Now there was hope! The Rebbe answered! He said she should wait. So they waited. But nothing happened.
Meanwhile hundreds of Jews and occasionally non-Jews were constantly pouring in from all corners of Russia and Europe with all sorts of requests and problems for the Rebbe. About a month later one of them was a well-dressed, for all appearances, wealthy non-Jew, who asked to see the Rebbe privately and was told to wait a moment.

The secretary entered the Rebbe's room, informed him of the new visitor and the Rebbe said to let him in.
When the visitor heard that he could enter he took his place before the Rebbe's door and prepared himself; fixed his tie, straightened his suit, smoothed his hair back, stood straight, chest out, turned the door knob and stepped in.

But as soon as he saw the Rebbe his eyes widened, he put his hand to his open mouth, let out a moan, fell to his knees, and toppled over unconscious on the floor!!

The Rebbe’s secretary heard the noise and when he entered, the Rebbe told him to bring the kitchen-woman, two witnesses and a scribe. A few moments later the stranger regained consciousness. His wife and the others arrived moments later and she took one look and identified him! It was her husband! He confessed, admitted that it was true and that he would do whatever he was told whereupon the Rebbe gave orders that he should immediately give her a bill of divorce. A half hour later the story was over.
But the visitor did not leave Lubavitch. That evening he again went in to the Rebbe and the next morning he appeared in the Synagogue with a suitcase, asked the Chassidim if they would remind him how to put on Tefillin and when he finished told them the full story.

Ten years ago things weren’t going well for him in business and he decided he deserved more. So without telling his wife or anyone else he simply left home, took a train to a faraway part of Russia where there were no Jews, married a gentile woman and even went so far as to go to the local priest and change his religion.
He went into business and in a short time became a very rich man. He built himself a mansion, had many servants. The simple townspeople there treated him like a king and he felt he finally was living the life he wanted.
The man spoke: “Then just a few weeks ago, as I was returning from my business a shocking thing happened. With no warning a bearded, old Jewish man with a large staff appeared in the distance. He came toward me until we were face to face, looked at me menacingly and said in Yiddish ‘You left a wife and children. It's time you returned and gave a 'get' (bill of divorce)!!’. And then turned and walked away.

“At first I couldn't believe my eyes and was really shaken. But I returned home and an hour and a few shots of brandy later I calmed down and convinced myself that it must have been an illusion. Perhaps I’d been working too hard. And I put it out of my mind.
“Until two days later it happened again.

“This time in a different place. I was walking from the market when he again appeared. I wanted to turn and run but for some reason I couldn’t. I just stood there frozen until the old Jew stood before me, shook his staff and said, but this time in an angrier tone. 'You left a wife and children. Go back and gave a 'get!!!'. and again turned and walked away.

“Now I was really shaken. I wanted to tell someone about it, to talk to someone but there was no one to tell, I had no friends there. And this time the brandy didn’t help; it was too real to dismiss.
“I was scared. I couldn’t think of anything else. I was both afraid it would happen again and strangely hoped it would. Suddenly I realized that I was a sinner. I had abandoned my family and in fact it wasn’t right. I was so confused I didn’t know what to do. So I decided that if the old man returned I would try to talk to him. That way I would know if it was just an illusion and if not…. what he wanted me to do? How could I divorce my wife? After all it had been years and I had no idea where she was.
“Sure enough a few days later, just when I wasn’t expecting it, the old man again approached me but this time with fire in his eyes. He lifted his staff and said, "If you don't give her the 'get' I am going to split your head!"

“Trembling and almost paralyzed in fear I screamed out "Don't hit me! Please! I’ll do what you want! Anything!!! Just tell me where to go! Where is she? And the old man answered 'Go to Lubavitch.' And disappeared.
“The whole thing shook me so much that, although I had never heard of such a town, I just ran home, threw some clothes in a small suitcase, stuffed a wad of money in my pocket, told my wife I was going on a business trip and left.

"After several weeks of wandering I finally met some Jews, they told me where Lubavitch is and after another week I arrived here, asked some of the townspeople if there were any Jews in the town and they, assuming that I came to see the Rebbe, directed me there.

"Well, that's what happened," he concluded.
"But that wasn't all", he continued, wiping the sweat from his forehead, "After I gave the divorce and left the Rebbe’s room I began to realize the terrible mistake I had made. So I went back to the Rebbe’s secretary and a few hours later I was given permission to see the Rebbe again. I told him what I had done, broke down crying and begged for help. "Rebbe, what will become of me? How can I fix the mistake I made?’ And he answered. 'Wander from door to door and beg. That is your cure.’"

“But why did you pass out in there?” one of the Chassidim asked. “We heard that you fainted when you saw the Rebbe.”
"Why did I faint? I’ll tell you why!” he replied, “because...... that old man with the staff that I saw a thousand miles from here …… was him! It was your Rebbe!!! I never have been so scared in my life!!”

They say he spent the rest of his life wandering from town to town telling his story, and wherever he went the Chassidim befriended him.
Why does the Torah have no jail except a City of Refuge?

Could a modern Society use this kind of tool to help rehabilitate its criminals?

How doe the city of refuge work in our modern societies? Here is one answer:
Until Moshiach returns and brings all the Jews to Israel where they can do all Mitzvot, the law of Cities of Refuge exist only in their ‘spiritual’ sense.

Spiritually today the accidental murderer is selfishness and the murder weapons are negative ideas, feelings, thoughts, speech, actions and destructive attitudes such as fear, lust, jealousy and hatred.

The victim is our soul, namely the awareness that we are G-d’s chosen creations with responsibility and ability to improve the creation.

This is called unintentional murder.... Murder because it makes us dead to who we really are but accidental because no one, especially no Jew wants to intentionally be separated from G-d. As we saw from our story.

But there is no easy cure. This false ego makes us feel that it is impossible to change! So it takes a 'revenger' like the Tzadik with the staff in our story, to chase us to the truth of our real selves.
The Cities of Refuge are the Torah, its commandments and the teachings and directives of the "Tzadikim".

They are a refuge from the confusion and emptiness of the world designed to inspire us to move and change to a new level of truth.

This is the work of Moshiach. Helping us to achieve Mashiach consciousness.

Soon the entire world will be a one huge City of refuge; filled with the Oneness of the Creator with all mankind living their true identities, in a Joyous and happy way.

It all depends on us…

Go to this link as it is about the

Shabbat Matot-Masei:

The story of Matot is related to the issue of vows.

There is an important spiritual law in this parasha Matot, which is little understood.
A vow only relates to the level of Malchut. There are no vows in any spiritual level. Yet more important is to realize the purpose of a vow is to reinforce your creative consciousness or mind over matter as it relates to the physical world.

When our connection to "certainty" is too weak to manifest properly we can make a vow to change the manner it manifests. Yet this can only be done on the day we realize that the manifestation is going awry.

There are 112 verses in Parasha Matot indicating that the Parasha has the energy of HaShem Hu HaElohim - the unity of Zeir Anpin with Malchut. This is confirming the above discussion regarding vows and certainty.

The Parasha Masei consists of the 42 journeys the Children of Israel did while in the 40 years of wandering in the desert. In order to understand how these journeys relate to our lives it is necessary to learn all we can learn about the Hebrew spellings of these place names.

Here are some of them:
Ramses - מרעמסס
This word can be parsed in many ways. The gematria is 410 = Kadosh. Ramses has the Hebrew word for evil within it. Also the word for moth and thunderclap. For me the meaning is "one must leave evil in order to hear the thunderclap of the mith searching for the Light. What do you think its meaning is for you?

Sukoth = בסכת
This word can be parsed in many ways also. The overall word is cognate to the word that translates as the holiday of Sukkot - a temporary dwelling. The gematria is 480 + Beit - house. 480 is the gematria of the Hebrew phrase "Kol Nefesh" = "all living consciousness". 480 is the gematria of talmud and teaching. One partial root of this word is caf tav which means things like cult -sect - or faction.
This word is a code word for the physical world and with the unity of all living consciousness after leaving evil. This is my opinion.

Etam = באתם
This word can be parsed into 2 words את + מב. This can be translated as you are 42. The number 42 represents the Ana Bekoach which is a tool of the Creator. In my opinion, the word Etam has the meaning of You are a Creator.

For Parasha - Numbers Chapter 30 Verse 2:
  וַיְדַבֵּר מֹשֶׁה אֶל-רָאשֵׁי הַמַּטּוֹת, לִבְנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל לֵאמֹר: זֶה הַדָּבָר, אֲשֶׁר צִוָּה יְהוָה.

And Moses spoke unto the heads of the tribes of the children of Israel, saying: This is the thing which the LORD hath commanded.

Vaydaber Moshe El Rashai HaMatot, Livnai Yisrael Laymor: Zeh Hadaber, Asher Tzivah Hahem.
Numbers from the Verse:
Number of words:
13 words - connects to the unity of the spiritual and physical worlds.

Number of Letters:
48 letters - The gematria for the Hebrew word Gedulah which translates as greatness. Gedulah is the older name for the sephirah of Chesed - loving kindness.
Shiluv - First Letters:
This is my intuitive connection. You need to do this for yourself as well

Regular Gematria:
435 is the regular gematria.
In Psalm 25:4 there is a phrase דרכיך יהוה הודיעני with a translation of "show me your ways HaShem"; that has a gematria of 435. In my opinion a more literal translation is "HaShem your path of my poor active appreciation" .

Small Gematria:
48 is the small gematria. 48 is the gematria of the Name Gedulah which the older Name for the Sefira of Chesed - Loving Kindness. It is also the gematria of Cohav which translates as star or the planet mercury. actually is the energy of unity of Light and Vessel.
Normal gematria
Normal gematria is when the position of a letter within the order of the Alef Bet is recognized:
6+13+1+20+5+12+10+12+7+5+1+18+10 = 120.120 = 12 x 10. This connects to a complete structure of the 12 Tribes of Israel. 120 is also the gematria of the Hebrew word Yimini which translates as "My Right Hand". This is a phrase connecting to Loving Kindness.
Shiluv - Final Letters
This is my intuitive connection. You need to do this for yourself as well.
Regular Gematria:
1300 is the regular gematria. 1300 is 13 x 10 x 10. This is a completed form of unity.
Final Letter Gematria
1300 is the final letter gematria. 1300 is the gematria of the Hebrew word Seraph. This is an individual member of the race of Angels know as Seraphim.
Small Gematria:
40 is the small gematria. 40 is the gematria of the Name "Yad HaShem" - Hand of God. This represents God as a Creator, in my opinion.
Normal gematria:
Normal gematria is when the position of a letter within the order of the Alef Bet is recognized.

20+5+12+10+22+10+12+20+5+20+20+5+5 = 166. 166 is the gematria of the Hebrew word Elyon. Elyon is translated as "elevated". Many people perceive this as a Name of God - The Most High.
For Parasha - Numbers Chapter 33 Verse 1:
א   אֵלֶּה מַסְעֵי בְנֵי-יִשְׂרָאֵל, אֲשֶׁר יָצְאוּ מֵאֶרֶץ מִצְרַיִם--צִבְאֹתָם: בְּיַד-מֹשֶׁה, וְאַהֲרֹן.

These are the stages of the children of Israel, by which they went forth out of the land of Egypt by their hosts under the hand of Moses and Aaron.

Aileh Masai Benai Yisrael, Asher Yatzu Mayeretz Mitzrayim Tzevotam: BeYad Moshe, WeAharon.

Number of words:
12 words connects to the 12 Tribes of Israel.

Number of Letters:
47 letters connects to the phrase "BeYad El" - with Hand of God - El.
Shiluv - First Letters:
This is my intuitive connection. You need to do this for yourself as well

The Regular Gematria:
222 is the regular gematria. The root - shoresh to the Hebrew word Baruch - Blessing is 222. Also the Name Oryah which is a combination of Ohr - Light with the Name of Hahem Yah - Yood Hai.

The small Gematria:
33 is the small gematria. 33 relates to the efirah of Hod Shebe Hod, which has the energy of Manifestation in the spiritual frame of reference.

The Regular Gematria:
1+13+2+10+1+10+13+13+12+2+13+6 = 86. 86 is the gematria of the Name of God Elohim. Elohim is the Name relating to judgment.
Shiluv - Final Letters
This is my intuitive connection. You need to do this for yourself as well.
The Regular Gematria:
630 is the regular gematria. 630 is the gematria of the race of Angels called Seraphim. It is also the gematria of a phrase from Isaiah 50:10 that translates as "listen to the voice of His servants". 630 = 63 x 10 which is a connection to the Partzuf of "Mother" or Binah.

The small Gematria:
49 is the small gematria. 49 relates to the 49 days of the Omer.

The Final Letter Gematria:
3069 is the final letter gematria. 3069 = 2436 + 633.
633 is the gematria of a phrase from Deuteronomy 5:15 which translates as "and you shall remember".
2436 is the gematria of a phrase in Proverbs 3:20 that translates as "By knowledge the depths were divided, and the clouds let go the dew".

The Normal Gematria:
5+10+10+12+20+6+18+13+13+4+5+14 = 130. 130 is the Hebrew word Sinai and also ulam - ladder.
Please email with your own meanings to these letters as acronyms. Your meanings will be added to the parasha page along with the attribution unless you request that there not be an attribution posted.

It is important that the above is not misinterpreted. There is only one God and He/She/It is the God of the Children of Israel. Always feel and show respect -  fear, awe for God whose Name is
Included in this name are all of the attributes that a human being perceives as belonging to HaShem, including Elohim - Shadai - myriads of other Names.

In this section we offer a few Kabbalistic tools and links to more on their Explanations:
Yeshshem teaches about a spiritual tool named Shiluv - intertwining Hebrew Letters.This tool represents HaShem's mercy, yet only if you know how to utilize it.

Here is a link to learn more about the Shiluv too l and how to achieve it, in time. 
The DNA Tool: 
There is still an opportunity to change the DNA of the year until Tevet according to the Kabbalists. From Tevet until Tishrai it is more difficult yet still possible. 

Yes it is more difficult than doing this on Yom Kippur yet it still can be done. To do this requires us to continue our Teshuvah  

Link to Teshuvah

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Please Note NEW Number

The 72 Names come from 3 verses - Exodus Chapter 14 Verses 19 - 21. The Zohar tells how to form these 3 verses into 2 sets of 3 letter sequences. These Names are utilized as meditative tools and Kavenah when saying the Shema Israel Prayer.

If you can not find your Name send an email to requesting your Personal Name and Chart.
As we enter the new year and Month of Nissan we recognize that there are many ways to allocate these Names.

Hebrew Astrology
Rosh Chodesh Av Event
7PM July 12th 2018

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz was on
June 13 and 14. Our Rosh Chodesh Tammuz Event was on Wednesday Evening on June 13 2018 at 7 PM Pacific Time.
Here is the link to the recording of that event which explains the potential energies of the month.
Sidereal Hebrew Astrology
T he moon starts the week in Aries. This will be a week of action independence leanings and tendencies to take initiative. It is recommended to realize that the three weeks is not the best time to implement any one these tendencies.
Sun is trine Neptune. This will impact the Children of Israel not yet converted. The impact will be upon the creative tendencies and the use of imagination.

Mercury is square to Jupiter. This will influence people to concretize the idea of potential that were being considered last week.

This week is the fourth week of the month. This is a good time to complete the plans you made last in the first week of Tammuz. The energy of Tammuz will be beginning to decline this week. It is recommended that you continue to allow your binding by striking tool to be very much in evidence this week.
Mars continues in retrograde in Capricorn which will bring up previous battles that have not been settled completely. The influence will be to reflect on needs and wants - pursuing goals while recognizing the issue that sometimes it takes time to manifest.
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