Sicily Rocks The Caribbean

Authentic Sicilian Viticulture in a land shaken by a earthquakes  comes the ingenious idea from Sicily's top winemakers to create a new and innovative cooperative, Cantine Ermes. Sicily's land and the range of micro-climates and soils in which Sicily's vineyards are planted, allow for the full potential of both indigenous and international varieties. EM+P brings you 2 outstanding quality and good   value wines from Cantine Ermes, Vento di Mare Nero d'Avola and Pinot Grigio, both IGT Terre Siciliane. 
In a land that is the crossroads of peoples and cultures and place of meetings, dialogue and exchange between artists, architects, musicians, poets, farmers, artisans, workers, women and young people is celebrated the union between a winery and a cultural institution, “Fermenti Contemporanei”. This is Tenute Orestiadi and EM+P brings you 2 memorable, award winning wines from this innovative wine producer, Ludovico and Zibibbo, both IGT Sicilia. 
This remarkable Wine Spectator Award Winning wine, LUDOVICO, is now available to Caribbean wholesalers through EM+P Brokerage Group. 

Barone di Villagrande estate sets on the very slopes of Mt. Etna at an altitude of 700 metres above sea level. The vineyards, dominated by the estate, slope down towards the sea into a natural amphitheater. These lands, belonging to the family dating back to 1727, produce wines that are always highly praised and coveted on the local and international markets! EM+P introduces you to 3 of the outstanding wines from the Barone Villagrande estate,  Etna Rosso, Bianco and Rosato, all DOC Etna certificated.