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Dear Madam / Sir,

Welcome to the eye-splitting, election-celebrating June edition of Contender, officially the world's most popular newsletter about recruitment marketing - for the obvious reason that it's the world's only newsletter about recruitment marketing.

As you may have noticed, our logo and branding has changed. It's temporary, until our wonderful brand and logo company submit the final designs. More on that next month perhaps.

As a stopgap, we came up with the logo above, based solely on the colours from a Nike Air Max 95. At the last count, exactly no one likes this branding, including everyone in our office bar the person who 'designed' it - we just haven't had time to redo it!

Each edition of Contender so far has contained three new articles, but this month we've lost the plot and put in five (FIVE) and three old ones. We're not quite sure what happened but rest assured normal service shall resume next month when we're scrabbling around at the last minute for ideas.

Unless you've been living under a recruitment marketing rock, you'll know by now that the title to each Contender is a slightly obscure film quote. The first person to email in with the correct answer gets a pack of pink wafers and party rings delivered to their house by carrier pigeon*. 

Last month's correct answer was of course Mary Poppins, won by Hesketh Emden who is yet to submit his address! Come in from the cold agent Emden! Seriously though, please call, we keep having to re-buy your biscuits as we keep eating them. 

An important aspect of Contender is good office music and our song of the month is below. Great for any time of day and day of the week, we challenge you not to want to have a shindig to it: 

Right, that's it, loads of articles below, we hope you're having a great month!

Lots of love, 

All the team at MMA 

PS. What do you call a Spanish man who's lost his car? Carlos. 

* The pigeon thing is a lie, we're not sure why we said that. 
How Clean is your Database?
Knowledge is power, and the only place where it is centrally held is your database.

Whether it's Bond, Bullhorn, RDB, Profile, Filefinder, Invenias, Firefish, Salesforce, Cardbox or Capsule, these best practice pointers might potentially prove profitable. 

The Coolwalls Company
Turn your office walls into huge, saveable whiteboards

1. Use CoolWalls to turn an entire wall into a whiteboard
2. Write a gazillion notes on said CoolWall
3. Email screenshot of said gazillion notes to yourself
4. Pinch yourself to check you're not dreaming

White Russian Anyone? 
These guys are our buddies, and we reckon you might like them too!

Whether it's a team building day, summer drinks party or client entertainment, your own private cocktail bar for the night is pretty spesh. 

Recruitment App for £299?
Introducing My Recruit App

We couldn't believe it ether, but for £299 plus £85 per month you can get an app for your recruitment business. We're trialling it soon with one of our partners.

Advert of the Month 
Brian Blessed / Warburtons Toastie (radio)

OK so this has NOTHING to do with recruitment. However, national advertising can be painful so it's important to celebrate the good ones

Our First Birthday Party!
Let's get absolutely Babychammered

MMA turns one a little later this year and we want you to celebrate with us. Join us at our office in Oxford for drinks, dad dancing and dubious DJing on Friday 1st September.

May Contender
Missed our last newsletter? We've got you covered 

The awkward second album, we pulled it off with our usual mix of amazingness and humility. 

Practically Perfect In Every Way >>
April Contender
The one that started it all off, rarer than a Batman number 5.

April brought the first issue of Contender. In this issue we introduced the team, shared a copywriting case study and addressed the importance of content.

Yes Master Bruce >>