Hi . Summer is finally here!  Reminder of our new summer hours through August. We will be open Mon-Thurs (8am-5pm) and closed on Fridays! And yes, we are going to enjoy a long weekend for the July 4th holiday and will be closed July 4 th -6 th as well. 

Tax Projections are in full swing and as we have mentioned prior, the withholdings for most are coming up short. If you want/need a Tax Projection completed, please email Chris or give us a call. 

So, some of you may have heard about the possibility of filing your tax returns on a postcard. This is being brought up the Congress in the next few weeks. Could it be a reality? Maybe. However, for most of us there are too many supporting schedules that are needed and that has not changed with the tax law changes for 2018. Either way, it will be interesting and as we hear more about this, we will get that information out. In any event, tax planning remains a strong financial tool to ensure no surprises at filing time. 

And as we start the 2 nd half of 2018 we want to thank everyone for their continued business and friendships. Referrals are always welcome and always appreciated! 
Here’s to a Safe and Happy 4 th of July! 

With gratitude,