Dear RCMC Family and Friends
With a full month of mission work under their belts, our men and women are  running their Apostolates in cities all over the country and the Philippines.We love sharing this Mission Journey with you!
Ashlyn Brundy, Fiona Keller, and Mafer Palacios are our three women in Manila. They are pictured together on the top right. 

"Ashlyn has been leading and organizing the high school retreats, working with the Regnum Christi young adults at various universities in Manila, and organizing our first Mission Youth mission in Cabuyao with the Everest Academy high school students.We love the new mentoring relationships that we have formed with the students at Everest, as well as the meaningful friendships we have built with the RC Young Adult section of Manila. Our past month of living with the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi has been such a beautiful gift! We love the constant growth and learning environment that comes with living in community. Whether it is through chores and house responsibilities, enriching meal conversations, community day family bonding, or the excitement of sitting in Manila traffic (for hours), the time and lessons involved are treasured dearly by each of us" - Manila Team
23 young people attend the retreat at Life Teen Camp Hidden Lake
Marissa Rogers, (below) gives a talk at Light House, a high school youth program. 
  "The community of Regnum Christi members in Atlanta always welcome the missionaries with open arms. I love being able to see familiar faces and see how the new missionaries receive that same embrace. I'm excited to see what this new year brings What Christ will ask of me."
- Rosana Mendoza, 2nd year Missionary in Atlanta
"With daily mass, Conquest Clubs, High school retreats, and the exhilarated teens at Youth Group  on Sunday, the first  month as a missionary has definitely started up strong and I could not be more excited for the year! I work with a variety of clubs throughout the week both in Maryland and Virginia. I've been doing the majority of work in  the Virginia Diocese with weekly Conquest Clubs, and I lead a small group of High School students at  Sunday  Youth Group at St. Timothy Parish. Our youth team had our first retreat which was an outdoor camp experience and the guys could really connect with Christ outside of a Church. The theme of the retreat was "Take a Risk and Follow Christ", reminding the guys that Christ is worth fighting for and to not being afraid to give Him everything.
I'm truly excited for what Christ has in store this year and know that this first month, although challenging, is merely a glimpse of the many fruits that are to come."
~Fernando Saucedo, DC Missionary

  "The best part of all of my Apostolates is getting to see the smiles of the people I serve especially at Everest School. There is something about walking down the hall or sitting in the gym and having all of the kids that walk by you say hi. By just being there at Everest I already feel like I am touching the lives of those around me. "
~Mackenzie Kathman, Chicago Missionary 
  Please read Michael Quinn's Relfection on his Mission Experience in Chicago HERE
"We have been meeting many awesome families. The priests here are great!   One of the Projects we are engaged in are International Missions. We work with Fr. Justin Kielhorn who is in charge of those Missions. It is very exciting, because we have 13 missions planned this year that locate in Nicaragua, Haiti, Cancun, and Puebla!"
- Cole Scherber, Philadelphia Missionary
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