it's our 15th birthday and life is good!

We feel silly.  We messed up last week.


The Life is good Playmaker's Video link we were excited to share with all of you on Friday in our very long email didn't work. Big bummer.


Take 2.


During this month-long Boloco 15th birthday celebration, which includes 15 free burrito days and at least 35,000 free burritos, we have an audacious goal to raise $25,000 for the charitable arm of Life is good, the LIG PlaymakersSeriously, we're only asking for about 75 cents in donations for every free burrito we give out. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could actually do this?! Together, we can!


What are the Playmakers, you ask? At their essence LIG Playmakers is all about play and optimism. We love play and optimism. Who doesn't? But their mission is a serious one.  The Playmakers provide training and support to childcare professionals on the value of play to help children overcome exposure to poverty, violence and illness.  So please, watch this short video with Chief Playmaker, Steve Gross, and one of our Lead Burrito Makers, Matty T!




If the LIG Playmakers/Boloco video gets 5,000 views or more before Tuesday 2/28 at 10pm, Boloco will match your total donations since 2/24 or write a check for $2,000 to Life is good Playmakers, whichever is greater. So spread the love... and remember, in the simple words of Jake and Rocket, "Takers may eat well, but givers sleep well."




Missed last week's email altogether? Well, here's the schedule of Free Burrito Days. Mark your calendars, and bring cash for the Playmakers!  


And click HERE, if you dare, for all of the changes we're making (some challenging, some exciting!) at Boloco as part of becoming a 15-year old globally inspired burrito business.


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