PeeJay's Fresh Fruit - The Healthy Choice in Fundraising


If you're looking to raise the most amount of money possible during your next fundraiser, there is no better choice than a fruit sale with Pee Jay's Fresh Fruit.

#1 In Fruit Variety: There's more to a successful fruit sale than just selling oranges and grapefruit! No one can match Pee Jay's large selection of fresh fruit options. We offer the finest citrus varieties, Anjou Pears, Red Delicious Apples, Sweet Golden Pineapples, Mix Boxes and much more.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  Since 1982 we've helped thousands of organizations like yours run high-profit fruit sale fundraisers. You can feel safe knowing that we stand behind our products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Online Ordering:  Expand your sales and customer base by supplementing your brochure sales with our eCommerce program.  You will have access to your own customizable eCommerce website that allows your customers to easily purchase fruit with a credit card.
  • Loyalty Program:  As an incentive to use Pee Jay's, we are extending our "Sell More, Earn More" Loyalty Program to new customers.  You will receive a rebate of $1 per box over your 2016 fruit sale total if you sign up for your fruit sale before September 25.  Contact us for more details!
The outlook for the coming year is healthy and profitable!  We hope you will consider Pee Jays for your 2017 fruit sale.  If you would like further information, please visit  our website at or contact us at (800) 847-6141.
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