April 17 , 10:30 am

R & R for the Soul: Rest & Recalibration in a Restless World ~
with Reverend Wendy von Courter

(Stick around afterwards if you'd like to get serious about reclaiming/building a Sabbath practice in your life/lives. See notice below for the 12:30 gathering and then a special gathering for parents at 5 pm.)

Sunday Seminar

On Sunday April 17thCarolyn Corzine will be presenting a talk about the development of extremism amongst young  Muslims based on the book Radical by Maajid Nawaz. He explains the relationship between Islam and Islamism, and helps understand the appeal of extremist  groups like ISIS.

Every Member Canvass
in Full Swing

When Carolyn Corzine and I agreed to take on the Every Member Canvass, we decided it was important to ask WHY?

Why is it important to contribute to support this church into its fourth century? 

You'll see many reasons in pictures and words around the church and from a variety of people.

In order in be brief, I'll mention a few obvious ones, and then 3 reasons that are important to me.

We need to keep a roof over our heads, and heat in the building, we have a staff that makes running the church look easy, and many programs that affect a great many people in positive ways.

For me personally, this church is important for being caring, we look out for each other in good times and bad. 

We have a great sense of community - sleepovers for the kids, senior meetings, lunch bunch, me&thee, Family Promise and more. 

We can be challenged - to think a little deeper about spirituality, social responsibility, justice, science, service and contribution.

Please think about your WHY, and be as generous as you can with your pledge.

Sheila Cran -Barry  


Serious About Sabbath?  Rev. Wendy is offering an interfaith exploration into the power of Sabbath in an increasingly hectic world. The pressures for us to do more, get more and 'achieve' more are staggering. It may seem emblematic of the problem itself, but we need to schedule time to stop. To stop all the noise from the world we've created, rest, and recalibrate with what is right and true for our spirits. A group will be meeting three times to support each other in sharing strategies and supporting one another on the journey.

The choices we make will be as diverse as the group that meets. For some it may be committing to a new yoga practice, reinvigorating a family meditation each morning or spending time each day in nature taking pictures. It may begin and end with a commitment not to bring electronics to the dinner table and that might be huge! Or some, and I hope I'm one, will grow a commitment into a day-long break from all work and a turn toward more time to tend relationships. And, for many, that may include relationships with their understanding of the divine.
The program kicks off with our Sunday morning service on April 17th
  but participants are welcome to join the conversation from 12:30 to 1:30. Two additional gatherings will be Sunday, May 17 th and Sunday, June 12 th  from 12:30-1:30. Each gathering will include a brief presentation by the minister and time for sharing.  This is open to everyone so please feel free to bring anyone who might be interested. There is no fee. Child Care will be provided upon request (office@uumarblehead.org).

Raising Spiritual Children: A new group is forming that aims to develop the spirituality muscle in our lives and that of our children.  The group is for parents who want to explore different topics facing parents, children and youth. It is free and open to the public so feel free to bring friends. We're taking on the topic of Sabbath practices at our first meeting on Sunday, April 17th at 5 pm. It will build upon the Sunday Sermon on the topic of Sabbath. We'll be looking at what it means to set limits around electronic gadgets and also be intentional about rest and reconnecting with our values.  Each month there will be a brief presentation on a topic and then time for conversation among participants. Child care is available upon request by contacting Christina Aubin at office@uumarblehead.org. Questions may be directed to Rev Wendy at  revwendyvon@gmail.com

Lunch Bunch 
Be sure to join us for Lunch Bunch, April 21st at Noon!

Dates for the upcoming Lunch Bunch gatherings: 

 May 3rd; June 10th                                                
Auction News
Date: May 14th

Save the date for a "A Night on Broadway" on May 14 for UUCM's Annual Auction .  

Starting thinking about donations for both our Silent and Live Auctions! Your donations is what truly makes this event!

Remember the date: May 14th! We want to see you there! More details to follow. 

If you have any questions please contact Sheila Donovan!

TriCentennial Thank You to YOU!

Thank you to each and everyone one of you who were able to join us for this grand celebration! 

P.S. Did you know we still have Tricentennial swag? There's still an opportunity to support the heroic efforts of this committee by buying tote bags ($25), caps ($20), bumper stickers ($5), note cards ($15), Hestia reproduction ($25),  and cookbooks ($25). Purchase at the grand event or better yet, make your purchase online!


Sandi's Celebration of Life will be Saturday, April 30 at 11 am. 

Any cards should be sent to her home address: 30 Gables Circle, Salem, MA 01970.
Massachusetts Bay District Annual Meeting

Massachusetts Bay District Annual Meeting will be held Sat, 04/23/2016 - 9:00am - 1:00pm at the  First Parish in Lexington This could be a historic gathering, and possibly the last annual meeting of the MBD, if the gathered delegates vote to dissolve the district. Let the BOT know if you wish to represent UUCM at this meeting.

Social Dances Workshop:
April 17 at 1 pm

We've changed the title of the dance workshops led by UUCM member and dance teacher, Mr. Eustathios Stratis (aka Stathi!). The new title is Social Dancing for All ! These monthly workshops will include a variety of dances and generally be held on the first Sunday of each month. April's dances will be the Foxtrot, Jitterbug & the Slow American Waltz.  Next month (May 1st) the dances will be the Mambo, Salsa and Meringue.

Please note that children are always welcome to either participate in the class or to watch. High School & Middle School youth may participate with parental permission & grade school children may participate accompanied by their parents.

The classes are free but you are welcome to make a donation to UUCM in support of this program and others (UUCM, 28 Mugford Street or slide an envelope under the office door!) Please do register so Stathi is able to contact you in the event of a change in schedule. To register, call him at 781-631-0232.

Come join in the fun

Ashe Namaste Yoga - Yoga is on the fourth Sunday every month BUT because of our special concert on April 24th at 3 pm yoga will be postponed and will be this Sunday at 1 pm! Register below!
What are daily practices that sustain us? Ashe Namaste Yoga offers yoga and movement which honors the divine in each of us. Yoga cultivates awareness through flexibility, spirituality, breath and brain. This supports a healthy lifestyle, wellness and equanimity. The last half hour of class integrates Umoja, the Dance of Abundance circle dance, integrating strength, flexibility and rhythm that will heighten a sense of wellness, vibrancy and interconnectedness. Share with others who are exploring new levels of awareness of Mind-Body-Spirit and stress reduction. This class is for everyone! Classes are 2:00-3:30 pm and $25 but a sliding scale ($5-$25) registration process is in place to accommodate financial restraints. We encourage anyone who is able to pay $25 to do so as Wyoma travels in from Dorchester and travel costs increase appropriately increase our cost to bring this wonderful program to our community. But our goal is many people attending so please do not let finances stand in the way. Take advantage of the sliding scale!

WYOMA is a certified yoga instructor from the Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre in Montreal, Quebec. She has taught yoga for over 40 years and now blends a variety of classical yoga styles. She is also a holistic coach and creator of the African Healing Dance.

For more information contact Nikki Moore

~Wild Things Youth Group Schedule ~
Fun: Our next fun event is a beach day & sleepover in Annisquam! Details to follow soon to youth group families!
Service: Youth Group cooks at Lifebridge every '2nd Friday' of the month. At least one adult arrives by 4:30 to review the meal plan. Youth arrive by 5 pm and are done by 7:15 pm. This is a chance to provide support to those in need, work together and also meet people who are part of our world community but living in very different circumstances.
Lifebridge Schedule =  May 13 & June 10.
Community: We have a sleepover every month at UUCM. We make individual pizzas, play games, do tattoos and other fun things! This is a chance to make friends you might not otherwise make due to location, grade, etc.
Sleepover Schedule = 
 May 14 and June 18. 

North Shore Pride 2016
Join in and Support North Shore Pride 2016

 Save the date for North Shore Pride 2016! North Shore Pride will happen on June 18th. Join other UUCM members as they march to support North Shore Pride 2016! See Bill Smalley for more information!


On Friday, April 15 we feature Griffin House, a Nashville-based artist whose openly emotional singing, poetic lyrics and spiraling melodies recall Jackson Browne circa his classic album, Late for the Sky. As American Songwriter declares, "If you are looking to be blown away by raw talent, then look no further than Griffin House."  

Boston-area singer-songwriter Britt Connors opens the show. You may remember Britt from last year's Beatles benefit.
Coming UP:
April 22: Loudon Wainwright III (Kat Quinn opens)
April 29: The Suitcase Junket (Wishbone Zoe opens)
May 6:  Bill Staines and David Roth double bill
May 13: Matt Nakoa and Rachael Kilgour double bill
May 21: Eleventh Annual "All You Need is Love" benefit

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