May 1 , 10:30 am

Judge Not ~
with Rev. Wendy von Courter

Sunday Seminar

On Sunday May 1stJack Weltner will present a rant about our culture and how it makes decent living impossible for us all.  Come hear him rant! gather at 8:45 am, begin at 9:00 am

This is the moment.....  
Pledge Now

To Register Your Pledge Click Here

You are all invited to the Celebratory Brunch,
Sunday May 1st right after church!

This Sunday we will formally conclude the Every Member
Canvass for this year.  

If you have been thinking
about your commitment to the church and putting
 off actually making that pledge,  waiting to be clear,
please wait no longer....

and after you read Mark Wilhelm's message about the costs
of maintaining our building you might even want to update
the pledge you have already made. 

 Last Sunday Mark said:

I want to talk briefly about our building, and what it asks of us.  Many of you remember that in the early 1990s we had to install new supports under these trusses to keep the roof from falling in.  As part of that project we also repainted the sanctuary, refinished the floors in the sanctuay and the Stetson gallery, and replaced the outside front doors.  That cost us somewhere around $30,000 dollars.  A big hit at the time, but we raised the money.
In terms just of inflation, $30,000 in 1990 would be around $52,500 today, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This past summer we spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $55,000 (anyone is welcome to correct that figure) to paint the exterior of the building and the interior of the Sanctuary - the interior painting was about half of that.  My point is that the cost of maintenance - not to mention improvements, of which I will speak another time - has risen dramatically.  Probably most of you are aware of that, in your own homes. 
A few years ago, we agreed at our annual meeting to set aside a percentage of our income - was it 5%, I don't remember - to establish a maintenance fund.  You all understand the logic of that, of course.  Well, our income has only just barely covered our expenses, and we have not met our commitment to build up that fund. 
Many of you will remember the Sunday a few weeks ago, when it was really cold in here.  The ancient furnace in the basement was patched up enough to work for a short time, but its service life is over.  We will need to replace it this summer, if we want to have heat in here next winter.  Our service company has given us a proposal for about $5,200.  So it goes.
Something to bear in mind as you make your pledge this year.

~ New Program for Parents ~


Raising Spiritual Children: A new group is forming that aims to develop the spirituality muscle in our lives and that of our children.  The group is for parents who want to explore different topics facing parents, children and youth. A major focus will be on how to best support parents and their own spiritual grounding. It is free and open to the public so feel free to bring friends. the next meeting of this group is on Saturday, May 21st at 5 pm .  Each month there will be a brief presentation on a topic and then time for conversation among participants. Child care is available upon request by contacting Christina Aubin at office@uumarblehead.org. Questions may be directed to Rev. Wendy at  revwendyvon@gmail.com.
FLOW: Watercolors by Mary Remillong,
on exhibit in Stetson Gallery throughout May

"FLOW," an exhibit featuring scenes from the sea, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water by award-winningTewksbury watercolorist Mary Gilbert Remillong, will be on exhibit in Stetson Gallery in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead throughout the month of May. An opening reception for the exhibit will be held on Sunday, May 1, from 12-2 p.m.

"I have always loved water in all its forms, even rain, snow, and ice," Mary Remillong explains. "The flow, movement and freedom that the fluidity of water embodies speak to both my body and soul. From the rivers and beaches of my childhood in New Jersey, and the banks of the Mississippi where we lived for many years, to the seaside villages of the North Shore, the Cape and Maine, I always feel most alive and happiest when I come home to the water. Invariably then, my fingers itch for the brush!"

Mary Gilbert Remillong has been painting since she was a child, but her artistry has evolved and matured over the decades that she has dedicated to art.

"As I grow older, the effort to "go with the flow" in watercolor and life is an ongoing lesson. I believe the fluidity of watercolor as a medium should direct its expression. It often takes a great deal of time and practice to make a work appear loose and free, even effortless, but that is my goal. If the work leaves some mystery for viewers to think about and interpret in their own way , it becomes a conversation that flows between my mind and the viewer's." 

From Our Music Director  ~

Thank you to the UUCM choir and guests for a spectacular concert on Sunday afternoon! What a way to celebrate our 300th anniversary through music. Bravo!! 
TO Our Music Director ~
WOW, WOW, WOW! Thank you, Karen Gahagan for your leadership, talent, dedication and heart! UUCM is so blessed and your efforts are deeply appreciation. You and the choir make our souls soar! THANK YOU!!!!!

Lunch Bunch 
Be sure to join us for Lunch Bunch, May 10th at Noon!


Dates for the upcoming Lunch Bunch gatherings: 

 May 10th; June 10th                                                
Auction News
Date: May 14th

Save the date for a "A Night on Broadway" on May 14 for UUCM's Annual Auction .  

Starting thinking about donations for both our Silent and Live Auctions! Your donations is what truly makes this event!

Remember the date: May 14th! We want to see you there! More details to follow. 

If you have any questions please contact Sheila Donovan!

Coffee Hosts
We need coffee hosts for May and June

Please consider signing your committee up to run Sunday Coffee Social Hour! Email the office at office@uumarblehead.org or sign up on the calendar in the hallway!

Building Security

Please be sure lights are out and doors are pulled shut! Thank you for your assistance in keeping the building secure!

Sandi's Celebration of Life will be this  Saturday, April 30 at 11 am. 

Any cards should be sent to her home address: 30 Gables Circle, Salem, MA 01970.

Social Dances Workshop:

On the 1st Sunday of the month at 1 pm: Social Dance Lessons. Because Sunday May 1st is Greek Easter, the lesson will be rescheduled to Sunday May 15th 1 pm and will run to 1:50 then we will have Greek Folk Dancing. We'll be doing Rumba, Mambo & Salsa.

The classes are free but you are welcome to make a donation to UUCM in support of this program and others (UUCM, 28 Mugford Street or slide an envelope under the office door!) Please do register so Stathi is able to contact you in the event of a change in schedule. To register, call him at 781-631-0232.

Come join in the fun

Greek Folk Dancing
May 15th at 2 pm 

This month Greek Folk dancing will be at 2 pm on May 15th directly after Social Dances that begins at 1 pm. due to events this month at UUCM.

Greek Folk dances id typically held on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 1pm: Greek Folk Dance Lessons. Classes are held at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 28 Mugford St. Marblehead free of charge but donations are welcome.

Ashe Namaste Yoga - Yoga is on the 8th of May this month due to events at UUCM
What are daily practices that sustain us? Ashe Namaste Yoga offers yoga and movement which honors the divine in each of us. Yoga cultivates awareness through flexibility, spirituality, breath and brain. This supports a healthy lifestyle, wellness and equanimity. The last half hour of class integrates Umoja, the Dance of Abundance circle dance, integrating strength, flexibility and rhythm that will heighten a sense of wellness, vibrancy and interconnectedness. Share with others who are exploring new levels of awareness of Mind-Body-Spirit and stress reduction. This class is for everyone! 

Classes are 2:00-3:30 pm and $25 but a sliding scale ($5-$25) registration process is in place to accommodate financial restraints. We encourage anyone who is able to pay $25 to do so as Wyoma travels in from Dorchester and travel costs increase appropriately increase our cost to bring this wonderful program to our community. But our goal is many people attending so please do not let finances stand in the way. Take advantage of the sliding scale!

WYOMA is a certified yoga instructor from the Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre in Montreal, Quebec. She has taught yoga for over 40 years and now blends a variety of classical yoga styles. She is also a holistic coach and creator of the African Healing Dance.

For more information contact Nikki Moore

~Wild Things Youth Group Schedule ~
Fun: Our next fun event is a beach day & sleepover in Annisquam! Details to follow soon to youth group families!
Service: Youth Group cooks at Lifebridge every '2nd Friday' of the month. At least one adult arrives by 4:30 to review the meal plan. Youth arrive by 5 pm and are done by 7:15 pm. This is a chance to provide support to those in need, work together and also meet people who are part of our world community but living in very different circumstances.
Lifebridge Schedule =  May 13 & June 10.
Community: We have a sleepover every month at UUCM. We make individual pizzas, play games, do tattoos and other fun things! This is a chance to make friends you might not otherwise make due to location, grade, etc.
Sleepover Schedule = 
 May 14 and June 18. 

April 29

Artist, tinkerer, tunesmith, swamp Yankee, Matt Lorenz aka The Suitcase Junket is a one man salvage specialist singing into the hollow of a Dumpster guitar, slipping a broken bottleneck onto the slide finger, railing on a box of twisted forks and bones, rocking till every sound is ragged at its edges, till the house is singing back. Then, unplugging all the amps and letting one mountain ballad soar over the raw strings on that guitar.  Wishbone Zoe, the auditory/visual avant-indie project of Saera K based out of western Massachusetts, opens the show.
Coming UP:
May 6: Bill Staines and David Roth
May 13: Rachael Kilgour and Matt Nakoa
May 21: Eleventh Annual All You Need is Love Beatles benefit

Eleventh Annual  Beatles Benefit at the me&thee

Fans of British Invasion era pop music, young and old alike, will be thrilled that the me&thee coffeehouse is once again hosting a benefit concert that will include Beatles music galore.  "All You Need is Love" features a variety of different acts in various configurations all playing their own unique takes on Beatles songs. This year's show is on Saturday, May 21 at the me&thee on 28 Mugford Street, Marblehead, MA.  Part of the proceeds from this concert will go directly to a special fund to send musicians into local schools for workshops and concerts. The show begins at 7:30 p.m.
Patrick Coman merges bluesy shuffles with the red dirt of his native Oklahoma with an upbeat and contemporary take on traditional American music. In addition to performing, Coman hosts the popular "For the Sake of the Song" concert series which brings together top songwriters to collaborate in performing songs from their biggest influences alongside their original work. He is also the host of "Local Folk" on WUMB.
Raised in rural upstate New York, Eric Lee began studying classical violin and traditional Irish fiddle at the age of nine and was soon performing and recording with local artists. As a teenager, he attended the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and was asked to join The Strangelings after an informal campground performance. Since then he has gone on to become a member of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival House Band and now performs solo as well as in two bands, The Gather Rounders and The Morning Bugle. This will be his second appearance at a Beatles Benefit.
T Max, is the publisher/ editor of New England's longest running music magazine-The Noise.  He's also a performer of the one-man folk-rock opera called Why Do We Go to War? His newest recording is The Portal's Rhyme: Undoing the Secret of Time.  He can often be seen in the audience at the me&thee in his capacity as music reviewer and he's looking forward to giving back to the community and singing some Beatles songs for us.
Sean McKenna began a musical collaboration called Lay Low Moon and it has since grown to become a full-fledged four piece unit that regularly plays in the greater Boston and Cambridge scene.  Sean's solo work is a creative blend of acoustic and folk instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics. He's excited about reinterpreting some of his favorite Beatles songs for this benefit.
Jody Moore has been a regular contributor to the Boston and Cape Cod music scene for some time. She heads the Jody Moore Band and covers a wide variety of songs from all decades and has a special affinity for the Beatles.
Emily Mure is a native of New York City and attended the LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts where she became an accomplished oboe player and went on to major in Oboe Performance (and Psychology) in college. Eventually she turned to guitar and writing her own songs and has played in many key listening rooms and festivals. Her latest album, Odyssey, integrates her classical roots and composition techniques with her folk and Irish inspired singing and songwriting.
The duo of Tim Rowell and Erik Ringstad are both instructors at the Real School of Music in Burlington, MA.  Tim, from Marblehead, is an award winning clawhammer banjo player. He's been playing banjo for more than 30 years and was greatly influenced by Pete Seeger. Tim has played at the me&thee with his old-time string band Jubilee Mule and with a children's music trio called The Chicken Pluckers. Erik Ringstad is a Berklee School of Music grad where he excelled in jazz composition and guitar performance. He's been active with many bands throughout his career, most notably Acousticity. Both musicians are excited about adding their distinctive takes on some popular Beatles songs.
Scrambled Eggs (Mike Birch, Grady Moates, Lin Sprague, and Kevin Wall) have perfected their well-crafted harmonies and spot-on interpretations of Beatles songs. They have pretty much become the Beatles Benefit house band.  Their enthusiasm and spirit are infectious. This year they plan to play some of the songs that the Beatles performed in their last live performance.
Marblehead's own Jim Trick returns to the "All You Need is Love" benefit this year.  Trick is known for his warm and engaging performances and his interpretations of Beatles songs are unlike no others. Jim has become a regular headliner at the me&thee and has recently had a string of stellar shows at various venues in New England and beyond. He's also a frequent lecturer at Berklee College of Music where he advises students about the heart and soul that is needed to pursue a career in music.
Everyone is welcome to come out on Saturday, May 21 to support the me&thee and all of of these wonderful musicians who have donated their talent and their valuable time on a "gig night" to help with this benefit. Tickets are available at  www.meandthee.org, at Spirit of 76 Bookstore, Arnould's Gallery or at the door.  Adults: $20, Seniors $15, Children/Students $5 or Family package: $45.  The show begins at 7:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served throughout the evening.

Coming UP:
May 6:  Bill Staines and David Roth double bill
May 13: Matt Nakoa and Rachael Kilgour double bill
May 21: Eleventh Annual "All You Need is Love" benefit

North Shore Pride 2016
Join in and Support North Shore Pride 2016

 Save the date for North Shore Pride 2016! North Shore Pride will happen on June 18th. Join other UUCM members as they march to support North Shore Pride 2016! See Bill Smalley for more information!

TriCentennial Thank You to YOU!

Thank you to each and everyone one of you who were able to join us for this grand celebration! 

P.S. Did you know we still have Tricentennial swag? There's still an opportunity to support the heroic efforts of this committee by buying tote bags ($25), caps ($20), bumper stickers ($5), note cards ($15), Hestia reproduction ($25),  and cookbooks ($25). Purchase at the grand event or better yet, make your purchase online!


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