A MONTH of Radical Hospitality! 
Dec 6 ~ Radical  Hospitality


Clothing Donation Update:

Most of the clothes have been donated, and we really thank you, BUT we do not need any more at all please. Yes, there are a few left and out of sight... they will be worked on after the RBF. 

Thanks again! 
Trish Sullivan
and helpers!
Sunday Seminar

This Sunday, December 6th,  Nikki Moore will be talking about how Black Lives Matter and how the racial justice task force is faring in Marblehead

Sunday Seminar meets in the Nichols Library (rear of the building), is open to all and nursery care is available. We gather at 8:45 am, begin at 9 am and are done in time to attend Sunday Service at 10:30 am.  

Wheel of Life

As many of you know, Rev. von Courter's mother, Hazel, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She is currently being evaluated for a surgery this month. Rev. von Courter is available via phone and email and will be in the pulpit this month but has postponed Spirit Circle meetings. She thanks everyone for their continued good thoughts and prayers and said Hazel has enjoyed the cards and communications. Anyone needing to be in touch with Rev. von Courter should not hesitate to do so but matters that can wait until after the holidays will receive more thorough attention at that time! She will be in evenings this week for Red Bow preparation and she and Gini are looking forward to the Red Bow Fair on Saturday!
For those who have asked, Hazel's address is: Hazel von Rosenvinge, 65 Norwood Heights,  Gloucester, MA 01930. Her email is hvonr3@gmail.com

Red Bow Fair This Saturday : December 5th, 9am - 3pm
Gift Baskets, Holiday Greens, Gifts, Sweets & Treats, White Elephant Sale, Children's Activities including face painting, and a raffle for a handmade doll house, quilt and  25 lbs of lobster. 

Start your day at the Red Bow Fair with bagels and cream cheese, coffee and hot chocolate between 9 & 11:30 & then come back for lunch between 11:30 & 2 pm!

Breakfast by   
Sue Levine and  
her grandchildren, Sam, Marley and Jordie.

The Red Bow Café for Lunch!

Like Brigadoon, the Red Bow Café appears magically each December, catch it before it disappears!

Stop by to Pickup Your Wreath!

The Red Bow Fair Gift Table offer wonderful finds for holiday gift giving! 

Pick up some Sweets and Treats!!

In Chocolate I Trust!

Face Painting and Ornament Making for Children in the Children's Room!


Stop by the White Elephant for Gently Used Treasures! 


The Red Bow Fair Treasurer, Anthony Silva and Credit/Debit Chair, Gordie Corzine, encourage you to come shop, shop, shop at the Fair!
December 5th from 9 am to 3 pm! They look forward to seeing you!

 And remember....  


  Raffle chances are available for purchase all month. 

Here's hoping we see everyone there and please bring along friends and family!

TriCentennial Cookbooks will be here in a week!
Last chance to pre-order at $20.00

TriCentennial Cookbooks are on their way! They look wonderful and will make a perfect holiday gift for everyone! Pre-order for $20.00; after they arrive the price will be $25.00.

What a wonderful Tricentennial potluck!!! 


What a great way to finish a Sunday about gratitude! Sharing food and stories with fellow congregants! Thank you to everyone who was able to join us! 
UUCM TriCentennial merchandise for sale! See Hugh for details!

Wild Things ! Youth Sleepover (6th-12th grade)

Saturday night, was awesome! Thank you to all who came! 

Rev. Wendy testifies for Death With Dignity


We are shouting out to our Sheila Donovan and Holly Aloha Jaynes for offering an amazing Thanksgiving Arrangement Workshop. From all reports it was instructive, entertaining and everyone had a wonderful arrangement to bring home!

A humongous thank you to our Red Bow Elves! Getting the us ready for the fair!


Further Thanks to everyone who donated, set-up, schlepped, wheeled, sorted, created, cheered, fed, organized, cleaned, cleared, carried,  made,  jumped in, embraced and helped in the so many ways it takes by so many to make the Red Bow Fair happen! 

To all you THANK YOU you are the backbone of this wonderful, glorious community!
Coming Soon ~

In December we'll step into Radical Hospitality and also take time to treat our bodies, minds and spirits to meditation.


In Case You Missed It!
Last Sunday's Message:   

We all know the saying, "far better to give than receive"

Study after study show that if you give people some money and half of them spend it on themselves and half give it as a gift to someone else, the givers are more happy.
BUT These studies only show how the giver feels.
How about the poor soul who has to receive??

Hunger Banquet: Our 'Place' At The Table

This was the fourth Sunday of our month-long clothing donation effort and what an effort it has been! The amount of clothing that has been donated more than filled the pews in the chancel and more keeps arriving. Tricia Sullivan has already liberated some of the items to those in need and will continue to do so until all of it has found a home. Testimonies have been offered each week and ranged from people parting with things that are easy to part with to people parting with favorite items, knowing they had 'enough' and someone could use them more. Your donations may continue for three more services: this Sunday, Tuesday's interfaith service and Sunday, November 29th. THANK YOU, EVERYBODY for making your faith visible!

November 8th Message: When is Enough, Enough? 

This was the third Sunday of our month-long clothing donation effort. Our focus was how we determine what is 'enough.'

November 8th Message: Breathing Gratitude: How Embodying A Thankful Attitude Changes EVERYTHING!

This was the second Sunday of our month-long clothing donation effort. Each week of November you are invited to donate clothing that will be distributed to those in need at the end of the month. You are encouraged to start with things that are easy to part with and work towards giving up things you enjoy but could do without because someone is in greater need. The items should be clean and not in need of major repair. Socks, shoes, outerwear and other clothing are all welcome.

November 1st Message: Giving It Up For Gratitude

This Sunday kicked off a month-long exploration of gratitude AND a chance to practice it by bringing in clothing donations. We'll be collecting them in the chancel throughout the month and then distributing them to people in need at the end of the month. It's a terrific way to simplify AND share. Both are worthy spiritual practices. 
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