January 3, 2016 - Burning the Chaff  ~ 
Join us to make way for the new year with our annual Burning of the Chaff~

Sunday Seminar

This Sunday, January 3, Sue Kirby will show us why we should all get excited about the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.  We hope that in future weeks, others excited by the political process will present their candidates.

Sunday Seminar meets in the Nichols Library (rear of the building), is open to all and nursery care is available. We gather at 8:45 am, begin at 9 am and are done in time to attend Sunday Service at 10:30 am.  
Newcomers (and recent-comers!) Gatherings
Do you have questions about Unitarian Universalism? Are you curious about our community? Would you like to meet our minister and others who are new today or in recent months? Join Rev. Wendy and other new and recent-comers at one or more of our monthly Newcomers Gatherings. Grab coffee and refreshments first and then head into the Minister's Study by the porch door. The gatherings are informal and you are welcome to attend for a few minutes or stay as long as the conversation continues. Gatherings are 'first Sundays' ~ Jan 3, Feb 7, Mar 3, Apr 3, May 1 & Jun 5th.
Rev. Wendy is now over half way through her doctoral program at Boston University School of Theology. She welcomes your questions and conversation about the Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Leadership program at the first Lunch "Brunch." Lunch brunch will be on Saturday, January 9 at 10 am. Coffee, tea, orange juice and some breakfast goodies will be served. This event will be gluten-free and vegetarian options will be available. RSVPs are helpful so please click here to REGISTER. Friends are welcome!
Ashe Namaste Yoga - Sunday, Jan 10!
What are daily practices that sustain us? Ashe Namaste Yoga offers yoga and movement which honors the divine in each of us. Yoga cultivates awareness through flexibility, spirituality, breath and brain. This supports a healthy lifestyle, wellness and equanimity. The last half hour of class integrates Umoja, the Dance of Abundance circle dance, integrating strength, flexibility and rhythm that will heighten a sense of wellness, vibrancy and interconnectedness. Share with others who are exploring new levels of awareness of Mind-Body-Spirit and stress reduction. This class is for everyone! Classes are 2:00-3:30 pm and $25. Payment is due prior to class to reserve your spot.

WYOMA is a certified yoga instructor from the Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre in Montreal, Quebec. She has taught yoga for over 40 years and now blends a variety of classical yoga styles. She is also a holistic coach and creator of the African Healing Dance.

Spots are limited in this new, monthly offering so don't hesitate to register! ttp://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07ec1y8rvf360dcf41&llr=yowhbbhab

Gratitude ~
Thank you to the many people who made all of our holiday services so special. From the Solstice brownies who made sure the kitchen was clean and the remains of the flaming wreath removed to the keepers of our Wassail tradition to the worship associates at the Christmas Eve service and the many volunteer puppeteers who helped us bring to life the story of The Mitten ...................... and the many in between ... You each made a difference throughout our holiday season. Each of you, a gift to UUCM ~ Thank you!

~Wild Things Youth Group Schedule ~
Fun: Plans are in the works for indoor skydiving, laser quest and white water rafting. On the books right now, however, is a trip in to see Blue Man Group on Sunday, March 20th at 2 pm. RSVPs are ESSENTIAL so please let Rev. Wendy know right away if you are going! We're planning on the 'poncho' seats so we need to do a Valentine's Day fundraiser to help defray costs! This is a chance to go and have some fun together and also be part of the conversation of 'what's next!'
Service: Youth Group cooks at Lifebridge every '2nd Friday' of the month. At least one adult arrives by 4:30 to review the meal plan. Youth arrive by 5 pm and are done by 7:15 pm. This is a chance to provide support to those in need, work together and also meet people who are part of our world community but living in very different circumstances.
Lifebridge Schedule = Jan 8, Feb 12, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13 & June 10.
Community: We have a sleepover every month at UUCM. We make individual pizzas, play games, do tattoos and other fun things! This is a chance to make friends you might not otherwise make due to location, grade, etc.
Sleepover Schedule = Jan 23, Feb 27, Mar 19, Apr 9, May 14 and June 18. 
Family Promise at UUCM: Please sign up
Sign up to help out! 

We're using VolunteerSpot,to organize our upcoming Family Promise host week at Unitarian Universalist Church Marblehead. Please click the link below to learn more and sign up to help. Thanks for all you do!

New Lunch Bunch Dates
Join us for Lunch Bunch!

January 21st; February 23rd; March 18th; April 21st; May 3rd; June 10th

Red Bow Raffle Winners!


Congratulations to Gini Bowen for winning the 25 pounds of lobster from   Marblehead Lobster Company! 

Congratulations to Anya Scheffreen for winning the dollhouse!

Congratulations to Karen Nelson for winning the quilt!

TriCentennial Cookbooks are here!

TriCentennial Cookbooks are here! They are wonderful and will make a perfect holiday gift for everyone! 

They are available for immediate pickup!

UUCM Timeline 

A few weeks ago The Tricentennial Steering Committee sponsored a potluck lunch.  Participants were invited to put Post-its on a timeline mentioning congregation related events that they recall.  We are pleased to report that more than 80 Post-its were put up.

Now we are seeking someone who has time and ability to type all these events into a spreadsheet.  Ultimately, all the timeline events will be enclosed in the time capsule and sent off to the future for our descendants to read.

Opening the Time Capsule from 1991


UUCM TriCentennial merchandise for sale! See Hugh for details!

Coming Soon ~

January 3, 10:30 am: Burning of the Chaff. In this annual ritual we burn something we need to leave behind to make room for new growth in the coming year.

January 10, 10:30 am: Soul Food. What best feeds each of us may differ. The need for continued soul nutrition does not. What's in between you and committing to consistent soul meals & snacks? 

January 17, 10:30 am: Words to Move the Spirit. Come drink in readings, hymns and images to feed your soul.

January 24, 10:30 am: Preventative Measures: How do we best inoculate ourselves against a sometimes harsh world -- without turning our back on justice or recognizing privilege?

January 31, 10:30 am: Soul to Soul. What does it mean to give from the soul?  

In Case You Missed It!
Here are a few recent 'Morning Messages' for those who missed them.

November 8th Message: When is Enough, Enough? 

This was the third Sunday of our month-long clothing donation effort. Our focus was how we determine what is 'enough.'

November 8th Message: Breathing Gratitude: How Embodying A Thankful Attitude Changes EVERYTHING!

This was the second Sunday of our month-long clothing donation effort. Each week of November you are invited to donate clothing that will be distributed to those in need at the end of the month. You are encouraged to start with things that are easy to part with and work towards giving up things you enjoy but could do without because someone is in greater need. The items should be clean and not in need of major repair. Socks, shoes, outerwear and other clothing are all welcome.

November 1st Message: Giving It Up For Gratitude

This Sunday kicked off a month-long exploration of gratitude AND a chance to practice it by bringing in clothing donations. We'll be collecting them in the chancel throughout the month and then distributing them to people in need at the end of the month. It's a terrific way to simplify AND share. Both are worthy spiritual practices. 
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