This Sunday
June 5, 10:30 am

"Creation is, in many respects, what our species makes of it here on earth."
~ Matthew Fox                   
Finding the Mystic Within ~ Come journey into creation spirituality. Learn about its roots and how a commitment to this earth-based theology can help you lead a more spiritually grounded life.

with Reverend Wendy von Courter

Sunday Seminar

On this Sunday, June 5th Linda Weltner will continue her discussion of using our aging process to decrease our attachment to our thoughts, judgements -our "self"-  as we open to a fuller, more expansive, more loving approach to life and death.

Next Sunday, June 12th,   Jay Morrison will talk about Nihilism We humans often spend a lot of time warring or arguing over "beliefs."  What happens when we think about how life might be without any beliefs.  Would the future be better off with beliefs or would we be better off without them according to the philosophy of Nihilism?  

Gather at 8:45 am, begin at 9:00 am

Annual Meeting June 12 Noon
In the Sanctuary of the church 

The Annual Meeting the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead will take place on June 12, 2016 at noon time in the Sanctuary of the church for the purposes of the election of officers, review of the annual budget, and voting on any other matters that may be properly brought before the congregation. A quorum is required.

The Nominating Committee respectfully submits the following slate of Officers:

Present Officer
Nominated Officer
1 Year
Peter Kent
Paul Travis
Past President
1 year
Mark Wilhelm
Peter Kent
Vice President
1 Year
Paul Travis
Sheila Donovan
2 years
Susie LaBrie
Susie Labrie
2 Years
Mark Klopfer
Alisa Manning
Assistant Treasurer
1 Year
Jean Hamburg
Jean Hamburg
2 Years
Patrice Helmuth
Patrice Helmuth
2 Years
Alisa Manning
Christine Krom
2 years
Nikki Moore
Nikki Moore
1 year
Mark Horrigan
Gordie Corzine
2 Years
Gordie Corzine
Laurie Labrie
Silver Trustee
1 Year
Mike Gery
Mike Gery
Bartlett Fund Trustee
1 Year
Gini Bowen
Gini Bowen
Bartlett Fund Trustee
2 years
Brad Martin
Sheila CranBarry
Bartlett Fund Trustee
3 Years
Sheila CranBarry
Peter Kent
Nominating Committee
1 Year
Ellen Gariepy
Cheryl Wolf Variam
Nominating Committee
2 years
Cherly Wolf Variam
Cindy Moore
Nominating Committee
3 Years
Cindy Moore
Anthony Silva

Motions for Annual Meeting:

Motion One:  Authorization for the transfer of the necessary funds from Bartlett Fund, per terms of the Funds rules to cover needed building update: Furnace, related parts, and related work by Bartlett & Steadman.   
Motion Two*: To change the name of the Unitarian Universalist Church or Marblehead to the UU Congregation of Marblehead.

Replacing Unitarian Universalist with UU preserves a link to our heritage without claiming to be Unitarian or Universalist.  And all UUs will recognize the term.
A precedent for replacing Unitarian Universalist with UU is the renaming of the Radio (an obsolete term) Corporation of America (a deterrent to sales oversees) to RCA Corporation.
'Church' occurs in less than half of the names of UUA congregations.
The full name of UUA is the Unitarian Universalist Association  Congregations (not churches) Inc.
*Hugh Stewart will be suggesting the congregation study this issue in the coming year. For more information about his proposal click here for Hugh's article, Out of the Box and here for a discussion thread Hugh inspired on the UUA Leaders List .
2015-2016 Pledges
End of the Church's Fiscal Year!

As we wind our way to Annual Meeting and the end of the Church Year, we wish to remind everyone that the fiscal year is also coming to a close. All pledges should be  submitted by the end of May so we can have the reports ready for Annual meeting! 

If you have any questions or concerns about your pledge please email Mark Klopfer mark@klopfermartin.com  or Christina at office@uumarblehead.org

" It would be easy to be appreciative of the accolades and to call it a day. And it would be as if we sold our souls. These comments were not offered merely as celebratory remarks about the past. They were alive with appreciation and hope for the future. They were a direct call for continued leadership. And you friends, like the Simorgh are the leaders." [The comments referenced were the accolades from town and government leaders at our 300th celebration. The reference to Simorgh is from the story shared as the Time for All Ages, The Journey of the Birds. Click here for the 2016 stewardship sermon, Keepers of the Dream .
Donations for El Amor de Patricia
Bring this Sunday!

On this Tuesday, June 7 I will be traveling to Guatemala to volunteer for a week at  El Amor de Patricia.

Their most recent wish list includes toddler girls socks, infant size socks, baby wipes, and baby shampoo.

I will be able to bring a limited amount with me, but I would also be happy to accept donations for this amazing  program.  Anyone who would like to contribute either specific items or funds that I will bring with me, feel free to do so this Sunday. There will be additional ways to help these children as I will be sharing my experiences upon my return.

Muchas Gracias!
Jean Hamburg

Home Needed for Hugh's Cats!
Before his trip to Japan!

Two senior cats (ca 15) - The grey one is a female named Truman - small and shy but loves attention.  The black and white boy is Oreo - big and sociable.  Oreo likes to go outside but never far, Truman only if it's warm and nit for long.  Both need a new home, preferably together, by end of July.  Contact Hugh Stewart - 978-595-8522

New Music Fund

We are pleased to announce that a new fund has been set up in honor of our music director, Karen Gahagan. In past years donations have been made in recognition of her work and this year in particular many wished to recognize her in some way. Karen suggested the creation of a fund that would allow her to supplement the UUCM music program.
Anyone is welcome to contribute any amount and at any time. Just make out the check to UUCM and note Special Music Fund on the memo line. We were already blessed to have Karen and offer further appreciation for her generosity of spirit in creating this fund. 

The Art of
Transcription ~ The Magic of an Italian Guitar
Tuesday, June 7, 7:30 pm

Come enjoy music from this classical guitarist from Italy. Vito Nicola Paradiso will offer the "art of transcription in Neapolitan Classic Song" and include the following as a journey through the most beautiful Italian songs:

At the end of the XIX century        'O sole mio - A Marechiare

The early 1900s                                 Reginella - 'O surdato 'nnammurato

The years of World War II              Munasterio's Santa Chiara - Tammurriata near

The Italian dream of the post-war period    Anema e core - Tu vuo fa l'americano

Tribute to Domenico Modugno "Mr. Volare"   Vecchio Frack, Musetto, Lu Pisci spade, La donna riccia, Pasqualino Maraja, 'O CafĂ© and Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare)

The concert is free and open to the public. A donation of $5-$20 is appreciated.

Coffee Hosts
We need coffee hosts for June

Please consider signing your committee up to run Sunday Coffee Social Hour! Email the office at office@uumarblehead.org or sign up on the calendar in the hallway!

Lunch Bunch 
Be sure to join us for Lunch Bunch, June 10th at Noon! This will be our last Lunch Bunch until the Fall! Come let us know your summer plans!

Building Security

Please be sure lights are out and doors are pulled shut! Thank you for your assistance in keeping the building secure!

Dance Workshops
Sunday June 5th starting at 1 pm 

Sunday June 5th 2016 at 1 PM Social Dance Workshop.  Introduction the Argentine Tango and 8l.

Then at 2 PM Greek Folk Dance. 

Free. Donations accepted. To register call Stathi 781 215-1733   or email Stathi at  stathistratis@yahoo.com 

Ashe Namaste Yoga - Yoga is June 5th
What are daily practices that sustain us? Ashe Namaste Yoga offers yoga and movement which honors the divine in each of us. Yoga cultivates awareness through flexibility, spirituality, breath and brain. This supports a healthy lifestyle, wellness and equanimity. The last half hour of class integrates Umoja, the Dance of Abundance circle dance, integrating strength, flexibility and rhythm that will heighten a sense of wellness, vibrancy and interconnectedness. Share with others who are exploring new levels of awareness of Mind-Body-Spirit and stress reduction. This class is for everyone! 

Classes are 2:00-3:30 pm and $25 but a sliding scale ($5-$25) registration process is in place to accommodate financial restraints. We encourage anyone who is able to pay $25 to do so as Wyoma travels in from Dorchester and travel costs increase appropriately increase our cost to bring this wonderful program to our community. But our goal is many people attending so please do not let finances stand in the way. Take advantage of the sliding scale!

WYOMA is a certified yoga instructor from the Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre in Montreal, Quebec. She has taught yoga for over 40 years and now blends a variety of classical yoga styles. She is also a holistic coach and creator of the African Healing Dance.

For more information contact Nikki Moore

Stetson Gallery: "Circle of Friends"
Opening reception Sunday, June 12, from 12-2 p.m.

"Circle of Friends," an exhibit of five local artists whose works focus on love and compassion in honor of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (GLBT) Pride Month, will be on exhibit throughout the month of June in Stetson Gallery in Marblehead. 
Holly Jaynes of Marblehead, who organized the exhibit for Stetson Gallery, said of her artistic process: "My artwork is explorative and a spiritual gift, and brings happiness, fulfillment, challenge, and creativity to my spirit. I reveal the connection of the spirit inherent in my relationship with my art to the viewer, which brings my art closer to the viewer: to ponder, question, wonder, enjoy and perhaps even purchase! " Jaynes was a graphic designer and art director for advertising agencies before returning to school at Mass College of Art & Design, pursuing a dual major in painting and photography. She received her Masters from Lesley University in Expressive Therapy, and uses various art modalities leading groups in the mental health and addictions fields. Holly taught art across the lifespan and has exhibited in the Boston area and on the North Shore for more than 35 years. She is a member of the Marblehead and Salem Arts Associations, as well as a women's art group. She is co-chair of the Crafts Exhibit for the Marblehead Festival of Arts, and has been an exhibitor in several MFoA exhibits for many years. Jaynes has won awards from art associations and the Marblehead Festival of Arts.
Nancy Ferguson, Marblehead: "The works in this exhibit reveal several mediums through which I have celebrated the relationship of people to people, and people to their surroundings. I have been an active participant in the Marblehead Festival of Arts since 1970, both as committee chair and exhibitor, earning several prizes including Best of Show and Outstanding Work in a variety of categories. I am also a life member of the Marblehead Arts Association where I've also served as President in the 80's, and after a six year absence from town, became the second Executive Director from 95-2000. Since then I spent 5 years as an adjunct professor in the Department of Interior Design at Endicott College, teaching rendering, and concurrently to the present, for 14 years as director of the Gallery at Grosvenor Park. In my distant past, I also taught lettering arts for 12 years in Marblehead's Adult Education. My most notable public work is my oil painting on the harpsichord at Old North Church, Marblehead in honor of the 350th anniversary in 1982."
Sandra Winter, Marblehead:  "I make collages and mixed media pieces because I have a desire to express the great tragedy, beauty, and comedy I see in this world. I try to convert these thoughts, impressions, feelings, and concerns into visual images I can share with others. My work falls into three general areas:  social justice and environmental concerns, aging and death, and images of what I perceive the spiritual life to be. I also create for the sheer fun of using found and recycled materials in playful and unique ways. I am primarily a self-taught artist who has taken a few courses here and there."
Pat Chase, Marblehead: "I am a self-taught artist who has explored a large variety of mediums and techniques with several teachers over the years. Widowed in 2012, I shifted my focus from business to more introspective and creative work. Art has opened a world of color, shapes and textures to me, enriching my life. I love to work in layers, as life is so full of them. My intention in creating these pieces has been to show color and diversity - evoking strength, acceptance and most of all Love. I have lived and raised my family in Marblehead for 36 years. I am a very proud parent of two loving daughters and sons-in-laws and recently became a grandmother to a beautiful baby boy. I am a member of the Marblehead and Salem Arts Associations. I have displayed work in the Marblehead Festival of Arts in Crafts and Mixed Media. One of my Encaustic entries won an Honorable Mention in 2015. If a viewer stops, even for a moment to reflect on a piece I have created, I'm satisfied."
Jolene Sabirai, Swampscott: "I am a self-taught artist. I have been a registered nurse for over 30 years. Working as a trauma nurse in Boston and as an oncology nurse, I have experienced many life-changing moments and situations - some happy, but usually sad and devastating. I have always searched for an outlet for my emotions, a way to express my thoughts and beliefs. It wasn't until I experienced cancer myself that I was introduced to mixed media art and photography. Experimenting with inks, paper, acrylics, oils, glazes, watercolor, and my digital camera, I have been able to heal from the cancer journey and continue to express myself. I have exhibited and sold my mixed media art at the Marblehead Festival of Arts. All this has grown my compassion towards all living beings and shown me how vital it is to be there for one another. "We are all just walking each other home." Ram Dass."
North Shore Pride 2016
Join in and Support North Shore Pride 2016

 Save the date for North Shore Pride 2016! North Shore Pride will happen on June 18th. Join other UUCM members as they march to support North Shore Pride 2016! See Bill Smalley for more information!

me&thee coffeehouse night
Crocker Park at 6:00 p.m

On Sunday, July 3 the Marblehead Festival of the Arts is presenting a special me&thee coffeehouse night on the stage at Crocker Park.  

The music that was chosen for this show celebrates the spirit of the celebrated coffeehouse which has been presenting live music since 1970.  

Pesky J. Nixon is a Boston-based folky roots band who know how to have fun on stage and how to delight each and every audience.  Connor Garvey and Sorcha Cribben-Merrill are extraordinarily talented musicians from up yonder in Maine.  They appear as solo artists as well as a duo and they have a few surprises in store for this show. 

The music begins at 6:00 p.m. with Garvey and Cribben-Merrill  and continues with Pesky J. Nixon at 7:30 until 8:30 p.m. Bring a picnic and enjoy the music!

Our Voices Matter #1 -
    Sunday Morning Experience

As part of our commitment to increase participation of members in all ways, your Committee on Ministry, Board of Trustees, Visioning Team, minister and staff are eager to hear your voice on a variety of topics. Each survey promises to be brief and focus on a single theme (i.e. Sunday Morning Experience, Communication, Religious Education, Pastoral Care, Social Action, Facilities, etc.). We will be doing two of these surveys in June and then start back up in September. The Committee on Ministry will review the data, share it with other leaders and share it with you. Consider this a part of our continued dialogue about how we are doing as ,together, we journey toward the vision we cast in 2015.
The first area of focus is the Sunday Morning Experience. Click below to participate by telling us what feeds you best on Sunday mornings, what detracts from that experience and a few other questions! Remember, all of our voices matter in this free religion! We hope you will choose to participate in this and future "Our Voices Matter" surveys.
* For those unable to access this electronically, printed copies will be available on Sundays.
** If you missed a survey you will be able to return to it at a later date to add your voice to this important process.

As always, direct communication about any aspect of UUCM is welcome by any staff member, volunteer leader and minister. Committee on Ministry members for 2016-2017 are Patricia Sullivan, Cindy Moore, Dan Tucker and Hazel Grenham.

Missed it?

"I ask you to return to the epic view once more. Up on the balcony, grounded in the religiosity of the man, Jesus, inspired by this one woman, Ella Baker and her contribution to the epic battle, see your place in the struggle. See our place in the struggle. "

"we must heed Ella's message to teach our young people well. Through sharing the stories of our pieces of the struggle but also by taking their hands as together we fight for justice - and then letting them take ours. Letting them lead as we follow. Recognizing their leadership may feel edgier, riskier as perhaps our leadership felt to the generations who welcomed us in the battle." ~ Rev. Wendy von Courter

Newsletter Guidelines
#UUCMHappenings is published each Thursday and mailed out that same day for our non-computer members and friends. (To get on that list please contact UUCM Admin, Christina Aubin, 781-631-1215 or office@uumarblehead.org)
Submissions are due by Tuesday at noon. There are no exceptions except through the minister or UUCM President.
Special emails are only sent out at the discretion of the minister or UUCM President. They are generally reserved for important events requiring additional attention or emergencies. Please do not rely upon these as overuse may result in a lessening of readership for all UUCM communication.
The 2015-2016 newsletter has a crisp new look and we will be using the following guidelines to ensure we keep it that way! Click here for guidelines & FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
We are delighted to hear so many of you are finding the new newsletter format easier to read on various devices. If you have difficulty or specific feedback you would like us to hear, please email office@uumarblehead.org or call 781-631-1215. Thank you ~