A MONTH of gratitude! 
Nov 22 ~ Hunger Banquet: Our 'Place' At The Table
This is the fourth Sunday of our month-long clothing donation effort and what an effort it has been! The amount of clothing that has been donated more than filled the pews in the chancel and more keeps arriving. Tricia Sullivan has already liberated some of the items to those in need and will continue to do so until all of it has found a home. Testimonies have been offered each week and ranged from people parting with things that are easy to part with to people parting with favorite items, knowing they had 'enough' and someone could use them more. Your donations may continue for three more services: this Sunday, Tuesday's interfaith service and Sunday, November 29th. THANK YOU, EVERYBODY for making your faith visible!
Charlotte Travis gives up a favorite red ski jacket!

Sunday Seminar

This Sunday, November 22, Tom Gale will be updating us on climate change and showing us a video called Cowspiracy.

Sunday Seminar meets in the Nichols Library (rear of the building), is open to all and nursery care is available. We gather at 8:45 am, begin at 9 am and are done in time to attend Sunday Service at 10:30 am.  



Join us November 22nd for the Tricentennial Potluck:
Celebrating Our Recent History

 On Sunday, November 22, we will gather after the service to break bread together and share stories of our experiences at UUCM. There will be a timeline chart for us to write a short descriptio n of  historical moments of UUCM as we remember them.  The stories will become part of our recorded history as a congregation. Please bring a dish to share and a remembrance to tell.
UUCM TriCentennial merchandise for sale! See Hugh for details!

Wild Things ! Youth Sleepover (6th-12th grade)

Saturday night, November 21st 6 pm drop off! Henna Tattoos, Games, Pizza Making and More!

A Message from the Treasurer 
Pledge Reminder

Happy November! By the end of November we will already be half way through the church year! We wanted to remind everyone that at this juncture of the year it's helpful for everyone to have remitted at least one-half of their pledge balance. 

The winter months sees an increase in all our operating expenses and pledge income is very important to the continued operation of this, our spiritual home. We thank you for your continued support of UUCM!

You can also login to your ICON account and check your pledge amounts there as well!
If you have any questions or concerns about your pledge please call or email Mark Klopfer or the office.
Rev. Wendy testifies for Death With Dignity


A Big THANK YOU goes out to Steve Krom, Mark Wilhelm and all the members of the Board and the Building and Grounds Committee for the purchase of our new refrigerator! The kitchen also benefitted from some recent tidying up from some kitchen elves. Thank you to everyone!

AND to the members of the Religious Education Committee who are working hard to move us along on how to best meet the needs of our young people! (And to their young people for giving them the time to meet!) Committee members are Betsy Albee, Susie LaBrie, Dana McKinnon-Tucker, Loretta Bogosian & Marlaine Mahady-Potter. Seen below are Everest and Remington Albee checking to see if the RE Committee is wrapping up so they can go home!

Further Thanks to the following group of veteran, stalwart workers who showed up on Nov. 7 to help improve the church: P aul and Charlotte Travis, Hazel Grenham , Christine Krom , Hilary Doliber, and Bill Smalley. We hear from the Building & Grounds Committee chair, Steve Krom, the group raked leaves, cleaned out gutters and downspouts, pruned trees and overgrown plants, and tightened and closed windows for the winter. They also yearned for some younger backs and limbs in the mix so they may be on the prowl with targeted invitations to the next event! It's such a terrific way to get to know fellow UUCMers and friends are always welcome so please say YES if you're approached and available! The next workday is Sunday, Nov. 29th in preparation for our annual Red Bow Fair. More details to follow as we near that date.
Also from Steve: Please note the windows on the RE wing have been hooked and closed as tightly as possible. Please leave them alone no matter how "mild" it becomes as we do not want to heat the outdoors.

Stetson features Nedret Andre's SEAGRASS 
in November exhibit
Nedret Andre, an award winning Boston based artist who is well known on the North Shore, will unveil a 50-piece project of new work at Stetson Gallery throughout the month of November. 

Nedret Andre's seagrass project began several years ago as an outgrowth of her passion for all aspects of the environment and nature. "My fascination with seagrass habitats began last year when I stumbled on a book by Fred Short called Seagrass. I discovered that seventy percent of marine life depend on seagrass, that it is vital to the survival of endangered marine life. The interconnectedness of a vast number of species sheltered, fed and protected by seagrass habitats is an inspiration for my abstract landscapes. My work suggest clues to seagrass habitats. Color, mark making and patterns play an important roles in my paintings. I use saturated and soft colors to evoke sensations of something familiar, of home, nature, and water. I intend to bring viewers' attention to the importance of sea grass globally in the survival of endangered marine sea life.

Red Bow Fair News : December 5th, 9am - 3pm
Gift Baskets, Holiday Greens, Gifts, Sweets & Treats, White Elephant Sale, Children's Activities including face painting, and a raffle for a handmade doll house, quilt and  25 lbs of lobster. 

Start your day at the Red Bow Fair with bagels and cream cheese, coffee and hot chocolate between 9 & 11:30 & then come back for lunch between 11:30 & 2 pm!


Breakfast by   
Sue Levine and  
her grandchildren, Sam, Marley and Jordie.  

Bakers and Friends of Bakers!

In Chocolate I Trust!

Calling all bakers! Kathy Sands-Boehmer would love you to volunteer to bake something/anything!  Cookies, cupcakes and small breads tend to sell well and she also welcomes masterpiece pies or cakes.
If you're able to contribute please let her know SOON at ksbeditor@gmail.com or 508 517 7681 so she'll know she won't have to cook all night the Friday before the fair!  If you need to borrow little loaf pans for breads, look for Kathy or Marlaine Mahady-Potter on Sunday. 
Thank you and remember, the Red Bow Fair is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year and we everyone to pitch in!
Speaking of pitching in ...
The Red Bow Fair gift table needs your contributions! 

These are new or almost new items - those extra wine glasses you never use, the candles you got for Christmas last year and haven't used, cloth napkins and tablecloths, placemats and other "giftware."  Also welcome, are hand-knit items, costume jewelry, and stationery and note cards.  Please see  Christine Krom with your donations or take things to the upstairs room above Stetson stage.
Pre-Order Your Wreaths Today!

Pre-orders give us an idea of the style of wreaths we should be concentrating on and  makes our task much easier.  If you would like to pre-order please complete the attached form.  For your convenience there is a folder set up on the bulletin board outside Christina's door marked Wreaths for you to deposit your completed form.

Click here for the:  Wreath Pre-Order Form 2015


  Raffle chances are available for purchase all month. 

Here's hoping we see everyone there and please bring along friends and family!

Red Bow Raffle Tickets
Don't forget to pick up your envelope!!

We have raffle envelopes for everyone. Please pick yours up this weekend! 

Don't forget to enter the raffle! We have lobster, a handmade quilt and a hand crafted furnished dollhouse!

Any questions please contact Robin Ronchi

Gift Baskets are Being Assembled Now!

WOW! WOW! WOW! As always, the baskets assembled by Linda Beattie and Jo Ann Silva are AMAZING works of art! Please thank them when you see them AND please encourage friends, family and strangers to stop by and shop in the sanctuary on Red Bow Fair Day! Also, if you have monetary donations to contribute to the basket effort, please send them along to UUCM or give them to Linda or Jo Ann. Each donation helps offset the purchases they needed to make to complete these fabulous creations.

me&thee news!
November 20 Heather Maloney The Sea The Sea open

On Friday, November 20 we roll out the red carpet for Northampton's Heather Maloney , a dazzlingly talented indie folk singer-songwriter whose voice and presence has drawn comparisons to early Joni Mitchell with the weathered soulfulness of Lucinda Williams.

Opening duo The Sea, The Sea  will leave lucky listeners swooning and sighing with their hushed, close harmonies and intelligent songcraft. Heather Maloney and The Sea, The Sea are acoustic talents whose stars are on the rise and have made every writer's Artists to Watch lists of late. Experience their music now in this intimate and up close room with its impeccable acoustics before the rest of the world catches on.

Coming Soon ~

In December we'll step into Radical Hospitality and also take time to treat our bodies, minds and spirits to meditation.
Please join us for a special service on Tuesday, November 24th at 7 pm for an interfaith Thanksgiving Service.  Each year the Marblehead clergy gather and lead this service.  This year we are hosting.  A collection is taken at this service to benefit the Marblehead Food Pantry and you are invited to bring in goodies to share for the reception that follows. This is our chance to share our interfaith relationships with gratitude by being gracious and welcoming hosts.

In Case You Missed It!
Last Sunday's Message:

When is Enough, Enough?

This was the third Sunday of our month-long clothing donation effort. Our focus was how we determine what is 'enough.' Click here for Enough!

November 8th Message: Breathing Gratitude: How Embodying A Thankful Attitude Changes EVERYTHING!

This was the second Sunday of our month-long clothing donation effort. Each week of November you are invited to donate clothing that will be distributed to those in need at the end of the month. You are encouraged to start with things that are easy to part with and work towards giving up things you enjoy but could do without because someone is in greater need. The items should be clean and not in need of major repair. Socks, shoes, outerwear and other clothing are all welcome.

November 1st Message: Giving It Up For Gratitude

This Sunday kicked off a month-long exploration of gratitude AND a chance to practice it by bringing in clothing donations. We'll be collecting them in the chancel throughout the month and then distributing them to people in need at the end of the month. It's a terrific way to simplify AND share. Both are worthy spiritual practices. 

October 25th Message: A Blast from the Past!

Peter Kent has stumbled upon an old sermon by former minister, The Rev. Robert L. Hill. it begins "I have had some surprises in my life, but I guess I've never been much more surprised than I was the day the Women's Liberation Movement threw me out of my own church." Peter shared this piece of not-too-long ago history Sunday October 25th.  Rev. Hill was delighted to hear his sermon was made live once more and even more delighted to learn how vibrant UUCM continues to be 50 years later!

October 18th Message: Great Expectations! 

We hear and use the phrases 'best self' and 'better tomorrow' frequently in our faith journeys but what do we really expect of ourselves, our faith community and of the world?   Click here for Great Expectations.
Such Fun! Thank you to everyone who participated, and to Delia, Ronnie, Beth Konaires & Mary Gardner in particular for their help in setting up, cleaning up and transporting  the international students from Salem State AND to the students for hauling all the pumpkins in from Rev. Wendy's car. Special thanks to Gini von Courter for going over to get Jake Moore's pumpkin and to Ani Chickering for suggesting it should be placed right in the middle of our Halloween night line-up.  Once again, a wonderful time was had by all!

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