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Summer Skin Care 
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Maple Ridge Farms
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Fields - Sunglasses
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
 Ad-A-Day - Compact Van
Warwick - Paper Photo Frames
 Maple Ridge Farms - Gourmet Treats
 Magna-Tel - Dry Erase Skins & Hand Fans
What Do You and Your Company Represent?

I've recently had a revelation.
For many years, I have worked to build up a significant online presence for my PPAI Award Winning, content driven program

Our industry database for our E-Newsletter is 50,000 and we have a strong social media reach. I've shared about this before, but that isn't the point of this commentary.

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Product Spotlight: Kutmaster
Be Prepared with a Multi-Purpose Tool from KutMaster

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Four Tips for Providing Great Client Follow-Up...
If you've ever lost business to a competitor because you weren't there when they were ready to order, you understand the need for great follow-up.

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Have I got a Tip for you!
I Love Video!
I've found an awesome program where you can use video...and sell videos for just under $200.00 on a 50% margin.  It's very cool.

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