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From Monterey, CA... 
PMANC Grethe Adams
  Grethe Adams, President of Southern Plus talks with Diana Fey from Rivers End and Sweda about the benefits of participating 
in Regional Associations
Click Here for the Video!

Nancy Phillips Executive Director of SAAC and MaryAnne Bobrow Executive Director of PMANC, share about their Regional Associations and why it
benefits you to get involved.

PMANC Carol and Nancy
Carol Gauger from of PPAI shares about Regional Associations and PPAI membership. Sandy Nichols, MAS, from UMAPP talks about
the benefits of being connected 

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 Why Do I Ask Questions?

Question Mark Cartoon People

Lately I've been asking a bunch of questions.
Perhaps, I'm getting more curious in my old age, or maybe it's because I just wonder about stuff.


In this issue, I ask the question, Why? Why get involved? What's the point?
In some ways, questions get you thinking and thinking is good. Isn't it? I've always pondered why things are they way they are. Since I tend to think a bit outside of the box, and look for fresh ways to have an impact in my life and business, asking questions makes sense. Doesn't it? 
Why get involved? Being engaged in our industry leads to relationships 
and relationships lead to a foundation for a quality business. In the article...Why? I talk about the benefits of being involved. Enjoy.  
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Two great sessions are coming!  June 20th, Maurice DiMinoThe Sicilian Mentor will be doing a session on Creating Your Verbal Business Card.

On June 27th, we will be featuring Jeff Tobe, CSP an internationally known Certified Speaking Professional, presenting Recreating the Customer Experience. Jeff is an amazing speaker who created Coloring Outside the Lines. You won't want to miss this one! 
As we continue to bring fresh content to our industry, we want to thank our SuccessTracks Education Experience title sponsors: SnugZ USAWarwick and AIA
For more information on these sessions and the registration links, go to the FreePromoTips SuccessTracks page


Make it a great day!  


Jeff Solomon, MAS

It's Here!
 Our new section showcasing product specials and candid video reviews is now live.
These specials will be changing regularly. 
Check out the GP2 Section as you look 
for good products and good prices!
Mama Mia! More Good Stuff is Coming!
FPT SuccessTracks Online Learning Experiences
Our Next SuccessTracks Sessions:

Maurice DiMino
Creating Your Verbal Business Card 
Thursday, June 20th, 10:00 AM PST 
Presented by:
Award-Winning Toastmaster,  
Maurice DiMino, The Sicilian Mentor 

Gain attention in any room! 
Create a transaction in 30 seconds! 
Create excitement to connect with you! 


Jeff Tobe Headshot
Coloring Outside the Lines... 
Recreating the Customer Experience 
Thursday, June 27th, 10:00 AM PST 

Presented by: 

Jeff Tobe, CSP  

Jeff is the Primary Colorer at Coloring Outside the Lines in Pittsburgh, PA. He spent 13 years in the promotional products business.

He believes that we must accept that customer service is no longer the bar that distinguishes us from our competitors. 

We now have to consider our internal and external customers' EXPERIENCES from the minute they make contact with us to the minute they are done!   

Jeff Tobe, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is one of the most dynamic speakers in business world as attested to by clients including Microsoft, MGMA, ReMax International, ASI and PPAI. He prides himself on presenting up-to-the-minute, cutting edge material as it relates to designing the ideal customer EXPERIENCE.   


FreePromoTips SuccessTracks Sessions!


SuccessTracks are brought to you by:

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Survive and Thrive for the Future: 
A Glimpse at Three  Successful Models for Growth
SAAC Show Education
More Information and the Link  
to Register Can Be Found Here
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Solomon's Wisdom 3

Why...be connected?
I've often talked about my love of tradeshows and the value of business relationships, which are the cornerstone of a successful business. 


I've just returned from the Promotional Marketing Association of Northern California (PMANC) Spring Event. Held in Monterey California. My time spent there defines why I love the Regional Associations and the value of the industry connections we nurture by being involved.


Through the years, I've been privileged to meet many amazing people who have helped me along the way. Rod Brown, from MadeToOrder is one of the industry good guys who has had a strong influence in my life. He's a brilliant man who serves on the PPAI Board of Directors, takes two months off in the summer to be with his family and builds houses for the needy in Mexico.