Wolf Creek
Lodge Newsletter 
Adult Cohousing in Grass Valley, CA
April, 2018
Editor - Bob Miller
Welcome to our Wolf Creek Quirky Contributions Awards edition.

There are currently no homes available at Wolf Creek Lodge but we expect homes to come on the market. Keep checking our website. If you are interested in living at Wolf Creek Lodge we recommend you get to know the community and advise us of your specific interest. See "Available Homes" below.

Bob Miller,
Quirky Contributions
As an unexample, say you are in charge of keeping the accounts for the association. You do much detailed work that is a great contribution to the community. However, it does not qualify for nomination as a "Quirky Contribution."

A quirky contribution has some or more of the following attributes:
  • It has little or zero value to the community
  • It is done anonymously or the contributor is known to only a few
  • It is outside the scope, or oversight, of the regular teams
  • It exhibits a dash, or more, of eccentricity
  • We know one when we see one

Of course, your editor has the final decision as to whether a nomination qualifies as "quirky".
Landscape Category
Rain reporter
Our rain reporter faithfully records the rainfall each month using a rain gauge in the gardens.
Here is the report:
Date.............. Inches.................. Inches
September....... 0.10
FALL TOTAL...33.80.................12.75
.........................over run
rain guage at WCL
Compost Bin Turning Team
Tumbler Composter
We now have three rotatable compost bins at the lodge. We salute the team of contributors who turn the bins every time they pass.They are rewarded by the finest compost in the valley.
The Lawn Mower Artist
Our member who mows the lawn is indeed an artist.

Not satisfied with just getting the grass short he produces a variety of patterns to please the eye.
Butch mowing lawn
Maintenance category
Mr. Zip Tie
zip tied lamp post
zip tied cable
Perish the thought that something should hang lose, dangle or wiggle.

We have a dedicated zip tier. See two fine examples - a cable for a solar powered light and an Ethernet cable safely secured to a conduit.
Mr. Unblocker
From time to time we hear reports of blocked sinks in members' homes. Various remedies have been developed but the preferred solution now involves a wine bottle, a cork and a cloth. This technique was developed and is executed on demand by Mr. Unblocker. We have not seen it in practice but the reports are stellar.
The Fire Alarm Fighter
Due to quantum entanglement, smoke detectors in homes at Wolf Creek Lodge start beeping around 3:00 am in the morning to indicate that the battery needs replacement.

Now the smoke detectors are one foot higher than can be safely reached with the step ladder in the common house. To remove the alarm it is necessary to pull out a small plastic plug that prevents the cover from unscrewing except, that is, when the plug is missing. In which case much time is wasted searching for it. Fortunately Mr. Fire Alarm Fighter is now proficient at battery replacement and is available on call.
Common House Category
Mr. Table Cloth Folder
In the early hours of the morning when all honest folk are asleep in bed Mr. Table Cloth retrieves last night's table cloths, puts them through the dryer and then folds them using a special technique that allows them to fit in the closet. We hope those in the picture are compliant. Nobody else manages to get it right.
folded table cloths
Ms. Spot Cleaner
spot cleaner
Monday morning at 10:00 am is yoga time in the common house. We clear away the tables and chairs and sweep the floor. Ms. Spot Cleaner then surveys the floor with eagle eye and removes any spots left over from common meals.
After yoga the floor is washed taking advantage of the preparation effort for yoga.
With such a spotless floor it's easy to stay in the moment as we strive for the correct execution of each pose.
Hard Core Ironer
In a throw back to earlier times our ironing enthusiast has been observed ironing table cloths before a common meal. Such elegance befits a royal feast.
Mr. Chair Stacker
The chairs from the dining room are often stored in the multipurpose room to provide space for yoga, Qigong, line dancing or whatever. Each chair has a plastic fixture provided to locate the next chair in the stack. This makes for a tidy stack and minimizes the stress on the chairs. Few members are adept at the the stacking procedure. However, Mr. Chair Stacker is there to remedy the situation.
chair stacking
Ms. Take 'N' Bake Club
The local pizza parlor offers a loyalty program - sort of pizza frequent flyer. You get your card stamped every time you buy one and eventually qualify for a free one.

So when there is no common meal you can go to the notice board where Ms. Take 'N" Bake maintains a card that is gradually reaching the goal. You may just score a free pizza!
free pizza offer
Overall Most Quirky
And the overall winner of the 2018 as most Quirky Contributor is:

The Hard Core Ironer .
Snow Report
Well we did get a "March Miracle". A sequence of storms has provisioned the downhill and cross country areas with much needed snow. It's getting late in the season and the sun is higher in the sky so we need cold nights to keep the snow in good condition.

And yes, this provides snow pack so essential to the well being of Californians.

Letter from #104
Suzanne Marriott

Tibetan Monks Visit Grass Valley
Suzanne for Newsletter
I studied Tibetan Buddhism back in the 90’s, so I was pleased to learn about the annual Sacred Arts of Tibet Tour that happens each Spring.

The public is invited to witness five Tibetan Buddhist monks perform ancient religious functions at St. Joseph’s Cultural Center in Grass Valley. The highlight of the tour is the construction of a colorful sand mandala which is on display for two weeks while the monks are in residency. At the end of the tour, there is a special ritual to bless the mandala and mark its completion. Then, to highlight the Buddhist view of impermanence, the monks ceremoniously pour the sand into the waters of Wolf Creek.

For the last eighteen years, Sierra Friends of Tibet www.sierrafriendsoftibet.org.) have hosted monks from Gaden Shartse, a monastery in the Tibetan Refugee Settlement in South India. Donations from the tour go to preserve the Tibetan culture and to raise funds for this monastery. 
Tibetan Monks in Grass Valley
Dabbliing in the Dirt
Claire Miller
Quentin and Claire newsletter
This is Quentin Miller, stepping in for Claire who is currently outside “Dabbling in the Dirt.” Here are some quirky creatures that she finds in her garden that meet or exceed the quirky jobs above.
My favorite is the lunar moth, a greenish moth that easily exceeds the beauty of most butterflies. Its wingspan is a stunning 4 ½ inches, about the size of your mobile phone.

One of my grandma’s favorite critters is the praying mantis. These reproduce by laying miniature sacks of eggs that hatch into tiny creatures that look astoundingly like their parents. Their bright green coloring is close to that of a lunar moth’s.

Another quirky creature my grandma likes is the north western fence lizard. Why such a long name for a creature measuring less than 6 inches is a mystery to me! These creatures come out as soon as the sun warms the rocks. They do push ups if threatened and are very fast to make a getaway.

There are many more creatures in this diverse garden but because of word restrictions I can’t list them. Bye for now!
Available Homes
There are no homes currently available at Wolf Creek Lodge. However, if you are interested in cohousing at the Lodge we encourage you to find out more. This should be a deliberate process. 

By the time you have decided you want to join our community, have downsized your possessions and prepared to market your current home chances are a home will be available at Wolf Creek Lodge. Contact us if you are interested so we can be more specific.

We try to keep the latest status on our website. By checking on these links to the website during the month you will get the latest updates. Here are the links: 

Contact us: phone: (800) 558-3775 

For details of Open Houses and much more visit our website at:
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