Wolf Haven would like to  thank everyone who has already made a donation to our 
Yukon (front) and Mariah can live out their days
in each other's company. (Julie Lawrence photo)

Scenes from a
Wolf Haven rescue
Social Creatures

Wolves are extremely social animals. At Wolf Haven, we make every effort to pair a rescued animal with a companion of the opposite sex.  The two spend the rest of their lives together and often bond deeply. When one passes away from illness or old age, animal care staff often notice changes in the survivor's behavior - loss of appetite, more time in a den, nervous pacing, and mournful howling alone.

Scenes from a
Wolf Haven rescue
Finding a new companion

While we can't replace the individual who passed away, we try to find another companion. We contact sanctuaries and zoos to see if they have wolves in need of a home. Wolf Haven may even rescue a  high content wolfdog if we have an animal in our sanctuary living alone.

(Julie Lawrence photo)
We recently paired Yukon, a male gray wolf who has been at Wolf Haven since 2005, with his fourth female companion, Mariah (he outlived his previous three mates). They can now live out their days in each other's company. 

We are currently seeking a friend for Lonnie, who lost Meeka, his companion for eight years. 

Wolf Haven pays all travel and transport expenses during the rescue of an animal in need of sanctuary. Once they arrive, we have the ongoing cost of quality food, medical attention and enrichment items for our newest resident - in addition to continuing to provide for the 60+ animals who already call
Wolf Haven home.
Please give what you can to help us continue to rescue wolves in need and provide them with companionship and a forever home. Thank you for opening your heart.

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