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      Volume 13, Number 44 Issue #194                                                             ISSN: 1933-9690

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In each issue of Word Wise, you get writing tips to help you save time and write better.

Recipes are terrific content to share during the holiday season - both online, in print, and one-on-one. Are you writing yours accurately and clearly? Use today's feature to guide you.    Let me know  what you think of this tip !
Low-Cost Writing Course: 21 Copywriting Hacks
21 Copywriting Hacks
How can you know that your draft works?
All of us want to save time when we write - and know that wh at we're writing is good.
Maybe you read through your draft and looking for places wher e y ou can give it a few tweaks, but you're jus t not sure what to do next.
That's why veteran copywriting guru Nick Usborne developed his 21 Copywriting Hacks course. He went through the same frustration when he first started out.
These proven hacks give you  a checklist you can use to improve the three core elements of any copywriting... the Headline, the Body Text and the Call To Action. Using a formal checklist gives you the edge you need to consistently deliver results.
Now it's your turn. Check out Nick's 21 Copywriting Hacks course.

FEATURE: Quick Recipe Writing Tips to Use in Your Content

Recipe Writing Tips
Recipes are excellent content to share on your blog, in your newsletter, on your website - and of course, one-on-one with family and friends around the kitchen table.

These recipe writing tips are especially useful during the holidays. (Admit it: Cousin Marge has been begging you for your cranberry pecan pie recipe for years.)

Your readers love personal recipes, too.

A clearly-written recipe has 4 parts ...

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Your Own Personal Proofreader ... With a Click

Maybe you spelled it right. Then again, maybe you didn't.
With Grammarly by your side, your writing is always protected from embarrassing mistakes. 

It's like having your own personal proofreader at your right hand.
Check out The World's Best Automated Proofreader here.

More Quick Tips for Writing Clear Content
Quick Tip: Start a Sentence with a Subject 6 Tips to Keep Your Writing Simple and Clean Tip for Writing Clearly: Put "Only" In Its Right Place Write Better Descriptions When You Ditch These 2 Words
A Wise Word

Get other words of wisdom about writing  here.
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