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April 15, 2018
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 June 1-2 2018

2018 Yom Ha'Aztmaut


Celebrating Israels 70th April 18th Temple Har Zion  



Yom Ha'Atzmaut
April 18th
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The Challenge of Jewish Pluralism in Israel: 
What Israelis are Thinking and What Can we do?
Join Galit Baram, Consul General of Israel, in conversation with
Rabbi Uri Regev
Moderated by
 Rabbi Yael Splansky

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The State of Israel and I are the same age. While I am classified as a senior (well... a junior senior), the State of Israel is yet in its prepubescent or perhaps preadolescent stage. I have been a witness to the miracle of Israel and I continue to be the eternal optimist. An optimism that may seem like "unwarranted hope" but based on the belief that "necessity is the mother of invention". Despite, and perhaps because of, our history as a people debating and arguing from every side of the political, religious and social spectrums, heneinu, we are here, and after thousands of years, we have a Jewish homeland. Israel has turned us into a normal people by enabling us to be at home in the land of our ancestors, irrespective of where we actually live. Israel's story is entirely unique. There is no other nation like it in the world. What better time to celebrate that than on the 70th anniversary of the country's founding.

In the articles below, we explore every decade of Israel's 70-year existence, from the 1950s with its high unemployment, economic austerity and the birth of Israel's extraordinary agricultural industry, to the last decade which has seen Israel find its way into virtually every home around the world, either through its dazzling high-tech industry and health innovations, or through humanitarian aid, or Israel's growing cultural presence. Israel's story is a living miracle.

Happy Independence Day everyone. 
Happy 70th Anniversary Israel.
Chag Yom Ha'atzmaut Sameach

ARZA CANADA, President   
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ARZA Canada salutes Israel and celebrates Israel at 70!

Israel has made amazing progress in 70 years.  Israel is now a militarily strong and economically prosperous member of the group of Western democratic countries. 
While Israel faces many external and internal challenges, Yom HaAtzmaut is a time to celebrate Israel's many achievements over the past 70 years.
This video runs through 70 years of milestones  and accomplishments, in under 3 minutes

And to highlight more, a 70-second video of highlights we can all celebrate and be proud    of.

Lighting the torch:    It's a great honour to light a torch at the Yom HaAtzmaut ceremony on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.   Here are s everal fascinating stories of people selected to light a torch this year.



One of the torch lighters is singer Shlomo Artzi.  Here's a taste of the atmosphere at one of his concerts, in the ancient amphitheater at Caesarea.

The Israel 21C website prepared videos of interesting Israelis for Yom HaAtzmaut.  Here are two:
Yael Arad won Israel's first ever Olympic medal

This Jerusalem venture capitalist runs a co-existence program that brings thousands of Jews and Arabs together
David Ben Gurion declares Israel's independence in 1948.  You don't have to understand Hebrew to appreciate the historic footage in this video.
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