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Welcome to the November 2017 edition of Contender, the monthly newsletter from Magdalen Marketing Agency (MMA) which covers literally every aspect of recruitment marketing.*

As some of you might know, the title each month is a quote from a famous film - the first person to reply back with the correct film gets a packet of pink wafers and party rings sent to their office. Massive congratulations to Emma Hillier of ISL Recruitment for being top of the pops last month with Titanic - she even sent us a nice pic of her and soon to be Hillier Junior enjoying October's rollover.

Back in the real world, this month we cover LinkedIn company pages, there's our usual grammar corner, we welcome our ninth permanent member of the team and we have our best and worst christmas ads. There's also links to this year's previous Contenders just so you can catch up on "exciting" things you've missed like GDPR guides, Google Jobs, PPC strategies and direct email marketing.

If in the meantime, if your recruitment company requires innovative, educated and impartial marketing advice, please get in touch by emailing  help@magdalenmarketing.com .

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PS. Click here to listen to our song of the month, inspired by Article 1 below, and of course the omnipresent Big Phil C. We challenge you not to close your eyes and drift away into the late 70s.

PPS. We were playing chess t'other day in the office when someone said: "Let's make this interesting!" So we stopped playing chess.

* This is such a big lie it has quite a high chance of being believed in today's current political climate.
LinkedIn Company Page: How to increase your followers
LinkedIn is a vital social media platform for recruiters - make sure you're getting it right.

We continually work alongside our clients to successfully increase followers, impressions and engagements. Just how do we do it?

Grammar Corner: Apostrophes and the Banksy Of Punctuation
Sabina returns with the second of our Grammar Corner series.

Praise the Lord, our Head of Antipodea finally explains the rules behind 'its' and 'it's' - there are no more excuses now people!

Olivia Unsworth Joins MMA
The ninth permanent addition to the MMA team is Olivia Unsworth - try saying that in a hurry!

Olivia is the newest member of our all female marketing mavens Comms team. She's eager to build on her blogging and social media experience with as many as possible of the remaining 21 marketing channels. 

The Three Best Christmas Adverts
We couldn't possibly pick a favourite Christmas ad, so we whittled it down to three.

With most Christmas ads now officially released, we couldn't resist the urge to binge watch them all. We're now more than ready for the festive period to be upon us.

The Three Worst Christmas Adverts
We are scrooge: these Christmas ads didn't cut the mustard for us.

Read our article to find out why we disagree with the rest of the world's opinion of the John Lewis ad this year.

October Contender
In case you missed last month's Contender, we've got you covered.

In this issue, we explored Facebook's recent privacy changes, learnt about passive sentences, showed you what good recruitment social media marketing looks like and introduced you to J.

September Contender
Did you miss this one? You silly sausage.

In this issue, we introduced you to Rik, tackled the great dishwasher debate and discussed GDPR.

July Contender
Catch up with July's Contender right here. You know you want to. 

In this issue we introduced you to our new starters Phil and Rhi, we also brought to you a case study on our email marketing and looked at the best and worst ads of the month! 

June Contender
Missed June's newsletter? Fear not, you still have time. 

Three was most definitely the magic number in June, where we talked about databases, apps and lots of alcohol. 

May Contender
The awkward second album, we pulled it off with our usual mix of amazingness and humility.

May saw the second issue of Contender , where we discussed newsletters, elections and parties.

April Contender
The one that started it all off, rarer than a Batman number 5.

April brought the first issue of  Contender . In this issue we introduced the team, shared a copywriting case study and addressed the importance of content.