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December 1, 2016       

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Here at Zanzibar Trading Company, we traverse the world over to bring back to you fairly traded fantastic finds to provide a unique shopping experience found nowhere else.


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Between I & L Streets, 1st to 29th.  Metered on street parking


This lot is only $2 all day on weekends and after 4pm - and is about a block from our store!
Shop local



Hand hammered recycled copper chocolate pots and vases in many different designs and sizes and shapes.  Some have silver inlay!  Starting under $20 & up.  Chocolate pots as shown above are $58


Zanzibar is your source for DAY OF THE DEAD

While Day of the Dead might be over, we know you love giving Catrinas and Skeletons and Skulls for Christmas - and we are unpacking dozens of Boxes from our recent trip to Mexico in September!



Hand Painted Exquisite Quality Russian Lacquer Jewelry Boxes

Zanzibar has a spectacular collection of Hand Crafted Russian Lacquered Boxes including standard, Master, and Grand Master artisans

We pride ourselves on the quality of the boxes we sell as well as their prices - we guarantee that our prices are lower than you can buy online and often much cheaper than in Russia!


Called "Matroyshka" dolls, each set contains from 3 - 15 dolls, one inside the other!  Crafted by hand using sustainable woods and all are hand painted.    prices start at $10 & up



Zanzibar has amazing Rocks, Minerals, Crystals and Fossils!

Tumbled stones to giant amethyst cathedrals, we have items in everyone's price range! 

Many people attribute Metaphyscal healing properies to stones and crystals.  Zanzibar provides small cards with information on each of the over 200 stones we offer!

  Shawls from India
Soft Shawls from India
Our hand loomed viscose, mixed and silk hand woven shawls are as beautiful to look at as they are to wear.  Functional as a wrap or as a throw, they start at just $42 each.

Tibetan Malas
108 bead malas (Tibetan Rosaries) are used to count off mantras or prayers.  Zanzibar has one of the larger selection of Malas in Northern California - from wood, stone, seed and even bone - we have dozens to choose from in both wrist malas and full length malas.

Holiday Ornaments
We have a wonderful selection of Fairly Traded, hand made ornaments - from felted owls to articulated goldfish, from reverse painted glass balls to hand hammered ornaments crafted from used steel oil drums - all are unique and affordable.



Zanzibar has amazing Jewelry in many price points - from under $10 to in the thousands.  Earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our natural stones and the settings (in sterling silver and gold).


We have many different sizes and styles of Ganesh, the Hindu God known for removing obstacles.  Statuary in Bronze and Resin and stone.  $10 & up


Know someone who collects crosses?

Zanzibar has hundreds of unique, artisan crafted crosses in wood, metal, ceramic and other materials! 


Japanese Tea Sets & Sake Sets

Perfect gifts - most of which come in their own boxes!  Sets starting at $24 & up


Hand woven silk scarves and shawls!

Perfect gifts!  Hundreds of unique one-of-a-kind textiles to choose from.  Prices from $12 & up

Zanzibar's Store - Remodeled!

Zanzibar is your choice for gifts this holiday season! 

If you haven't been in to our store for a while, please consider coming in and doing some
of your holiday shopping with us and in support of  fair trade and our artisans.  

In the last week alone we've received DOZENS of shipments of fantastic items - we truly have something for everyone on your gift list - including many of our old favorites and lots of new merchandise.  From stocking stuffers for $1 and up... to museum quality pieces by recognized master artisans - we have something for everyone!


Last Saturday was American Express Small Business Saturday:  Helping keep money local - and supporting small businesses and not corporations!   We believe EVERY DAY should be Small Business Saturday -  Do your part - shop local this holiday season!


Free Gift Wrapping  FREE GIFT WRAPPING

As time allows and on qualifying purchases of most items or sales of  $20 or more, we will offer  com plimentary gift wrapping, gift boxes  or gift bags.  This is a service we offer year-round .
During t h e holidays, during the busiest times, we may  not be able to gift 
wrap unless you're willing to either wait or stop by back and pick up the items later.  We ALWAYS offer FREE GIFT WRAPPING as a regular part of our service... even after the holidays!   

Holiday Nativities & Ornaments
From All Over the World

Zanzibar offers creches, nativities and hand-crafted ornaments from a score of countries across entire continents. Our collection includes unique pieces of collectible holiday handic
rafts, perfect for gift-giving.  We strive to offer unique, completely hand crafted, fairly traded, non-factory produced pieces.  

Nativities in clay, wood, metal, straw, banana fiber, marble, stone and other materials!  Plus hand crafted ornaments!  

WE ARE STILL UNPACKING AND RECEIVING SHIPMENTS OF NATIVITIESAND ORNAMENTS - WE WILL BE PUTTING OUT MORE EVERY DAY!   We always wait until AFTER thanksgiving to put out our decorations and holiday ornaments and nativities - we believe in ONE HOLIDAY at a time! 


This takes us several days... we've already started unpacking and putting more out... by early next week we should have most on display and for sale - tho we still expect several shipments!

The Zanzibar Difference:  Knowing WHO made the stuff you're buying!

Here at Zanzibar, we pride ourselves on being transparent:  When you purchase our items, you KNOW who crafted them!  Most of our products come with informative tags, showing the artisans who made the pieces and telling you about the history of the item, how it was made and a little about the artisans and their communities.   


WHAT YOU BUY.  WHERE YOU BUY IT.  ...and WHO MADE IT all matters!

Many of the individual artisans, families, cooperatives, womens groups and small scale producers that we work with can also be found on our website, featured in our facebook posts or in handouts free for the asking.  

Part of our mission statement at Zanzibar is to share the world and its cultures with our clients - and showcasing the amazingly talented and humble artisans who craft the very products that we sell seems a good way to achieve that. 


We believe that knowing who crafted an items establishes a link to that person and knowing that the product was handcrafted and not mass produced as well as sustainable makes all the difference!  



... and many of our artisans are featured with video or articles on our website or our facebook.  




Balinese Nickel Free Bracelets 
These fun bracelets are hand made by a small family workshop in Bali, Indonesia.  We've been working with the same family now for three generations.  These fun bracelets come in dozens of designs and are extremely well made.  Looking like Sterling Silver, yet they are actually lead, copper and nickel free pewter.  

They won't tarnish or leave color on your wrist!  $12 and up. 

Meet the Ortega family, well known Mexican Folk Artists who work in clay!

If you find yourself in the city of Tonala, an artisan colony near Guadalajarra, on a side street you'll come across the workshop of the Ortega family.  

Their workshop and home are one and the same.  As you enter the long hallway from the locked entrance, it is dark, but light from ahead illuminates their living room, which doubles as packing area and mini showroom.  None of the pieces are available for sale, they are merely awaiting packing as you cannot buy ready made pieces from them - you must commission pieces only.

The hallway leads to the outside courtyard, which is ringed by covered patios - the work areas.  To the left, under eaves with the families' colorful pet birds hanging in their cages, is a long, immaculately clean work table where two brothers take local clay and hand form each piece - no molds are used!  Once the pieces are finished, they are allowed to dry.   After drying, they are fired in a small brick kiln in the family courtyard which is heated by local wood.

While only two of the family craft the pieces from clay, the two brother's 
wives and adult children do the painting at a small table at the end of the courtyard. Some of the family members specialize in painting the figure's backgrounds, others specialize in details such as the eyes.  

The clay is rolled and formed by hand, and some use a wire armature. For pieces with flowers and other attachments, each piece is made separately and are only assembled after they are fired.  Each piece is lovingly crafted!

From crowing roosters to stacks of dogs or animals riding bicycles or sitting in a chair and playing musical instruments, the Ortega family produces an amazing range of what we feel is the pure essence of Mexican Folk Art!

Recycled Sari Scarves  
These unique and truly one-of-a-kind scarves are made from remnants of vintage and antique Saris - traditional clothing in India.  Saris are cleaned and cut into strips then masterfully sewn together to form unique scarves.  Scott says that this is some of the best quality Womens group india sewing he's ever seen and the variety of textiles is amazing.  Saris dating back 50 and 60 or more years are mingled with more modern designs.  Most are hand woven and hand printed silk.  We have two styles to choose from, priced from $24 and up.    silk scarf made from nemnants
These fairly-traded scarves are made by a womens collective in India .  These women, whether working from home or in a provided safe working environment that offers child care and meals, work at their own pace and e arning a very good wage, comparable to professionals such as Doctors and Lawyers! This outlet provides the opportunity for these ladies not only to be productive but also provides a social outlet.
Baltic Amber Jewelry  
NEW SHIPMENT JUST ARRIVED!   We have a wonderful selection of hand crafted Sterling Silver or Brass with Sterling Silver ear wire jewelry from the magical island of Bali, Indonesia.  Wonderful fluid designs, featuring new exotic designs as well as old favorites!

 many different earrings and necklaces  in sterling silver with some designs in fashionable brass with Sterling Silver ear wires.'
Starting at under $20 and up. Many dozens of earrings and pendants are in the $30-$50 range.   


Turkish Bowls from the Anatolia region of Turkey.


Amazing hand thrown and hand food safe glazed bowls, plates and dishes.   
 From small bowls that are 4" across to giant serving bowls that are 16" across, prices start at just $10 and up!.  

These bowls are exuberantly decorated with flowers such as hyacinths, tulips, carnations, roses as well as evil eyes (talismen for protection and good luck), stylized floral scrollwork know as hatayi, clouds, imbrication, cintemani (a design consisting of three spots and pairs of flickering stripes), and geometric patterns.  They are high fired, stone ware (nearly impossible to chip or break) are lead free and dishwasher safe.  Crafted by a small family workshop.  

No Matter What your budget for holiday gifts this year...

Zanzibar has items you can afford, that have a story and that the recipients will love!

Buying Fair Trade doesn't mean paying a lot!  Zanzibar offers items from under $1.00 and up - so you can support a local business, fair trade principles and still find amazing, unique and often one-of-a-kind gifts, receive amazing FREE gift wrapping and still stay in budget!  There is no reason to to the mall - no reason to shop online and simply no excuse to give a gift card.  

Welcoming Cats from Japan

The maneki-neko (Japanese: 招き猫?, literally "beckoning cat") is a common Japanese figurine (lucky charm, talisman) which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. 

The figurine depicts a cat (traditionally a calico Japanese Bobtail) beckoning with an upright paw, and is usually displayed-often at the entrance-of shops, restaurants, pachinko parlors, and other businesses. In the last few decades people also use them in their homes. 

The maneki-neko is sometimes also called the welcoming cat, lucky cat, money cat, happy cat, beckoning cat, or fortune cat. Zanzibar carries many sizes and styles from under $5 and up!  ...and yes, ours are really from Japan, crafted by several small family workshops  and not made in factories in China!

Milagro Hearts and Crosses
Milagro Hearts and Crosses

Milagros - Spanish for "Miracles" are small bronze charms in a myriad number of shapes - legs, arms, heads, praying figures, animals, cars, locks - just about anything you can imagine - that are traditionally given as offerings to the Virgin, Christ or other Saints in much of Mexico.  Our crosses, hearts and other shapes are made by two different artisan families in Mexico.  Lovingly crafted, many are works of art even without the elaborate combination of milagros - and some even are detailed with real 24k gold leaf.  $24 & up

Reclaimed Teak Elephants Reclaimed Teak Elephant Carvings

Every year, Zanzibar plants 250 teak seedlings (10-12 feet tall) in cooperation with a program initiated by the King of Thailand to reforest the logged northern part of Thailand.  Along with five Hill Tribe villages, they planted these teak trees which someday will form a canopy once again.  The planting is done in the dry season - for if they were planted in the wet season they would grow rapidly but not establish deep roots - something the trees will do if planted in the dry season. 

For every 125 trees planted, Zanzibar gets the salvage rights to one stump that was cut down from 80-120 years ago.  These giant stumps are sometimes 12-15 feet high - as back then, the loggers didn't have chainsaws - they used two man ribbon saws.  To cut through these massive old growth trees they had to go up the trunk until they hit "clear" scottwithelephant wood - that was of an acceptable thickness.

If they tried to cut through the burls and base of the stump it would destroy their saws or axes and take too long.  We still have to pay the Thai government per square cm for the stumps and their roots (there is often as much material below ground as above).  The stumps are cut up using chain saws and are packed out by Hill Tribe Labor and we advance it to master carvers. 

This is the only sustainable way to get teak in Thailand - and the permit process is grueling.  This is for good reason - as much of the teak making its way into Thailand is illegally logged in nearby Burma (Myanmar) and is contemporary cut.  We only buy teak carvings that we commission and not from vendors offering less expensive pieces that we know is illegally logged. 

A portion of all the Reclaimed Carving of an Elephant from Teak elephant carvings we sell (and we have many.. from tiny elephants to giant sculptures up to nine feet long ...starting at only $24) goes to an elephant sanctuary near Chiang Mai Thailand that is rescuing elephants from the logging industry and starting a breeding program that hopes to reintroduce elephants back into the wild. 

Above is a picture of Scott with , a mother and baby that he and Josh spent a full day with.  The elephants live in the jungle and not paddocks and each day must be inspected for health, fed, cleaned and exercised.  There are many programs in Thailand - many are taking advantage of the elephants (making them perform tricks and shows or paint) while others take in only injured elephants.  This program is quite different - they take in elephants and rehabilitate them to be self sufficient and hopefully return them to the wild once the government curtails the logging and reestablishes parks and protected areas. 

MOST PIECES SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT but we do have many in the gallery.

Exceptional quality, each piece is one-of-a-kind
Zanzibar just received a giant shipment of statuary from our most talented bronze artisans in China.  Two small family workshops create truly gorgeous and yet affordable highly detailed works of art:  Buddhas, Quan Yins, Celestrial Beings and animals such as Fu Dogs as well as Elephants, Dragons and other animals.  

 Each piece is first constructed using wax, then is covered in progressive layers of clay.  This "mold" is then placed in a kiln where the wax melts away (thus lost wax), leaving a hollow one time use mold that is filled with no nickel bronze!
bronze Laxchmi Bronze Hindu & Buddhist Statuary

Fine quality statues of Hindu and Buddhist deities. 
Zanzibar has a nice selection of lost wax bronze statuary from India, including many different Ganesh, Laxshmi, Saraswati, Shiva, Hanuman, Buddhas and other statues. 

Long Neck woman and her son Fair Trade:  Allowing Indigenous People to continue their traditional lifestyles

Zanbzibar has very strict guidelines on what and from who we source the goods that we offer.    
Zanzibar Fair Trade offers items from over 100 countries - and hundreds of individual artisans, women's groups, cooperatives and collectives.  We pride ourselves on ensuring every item is not only sustainable (no rainforest woods, only sustainble raised plantation or reclaimed wood, for example) but that the artisans making them receive a fair, living wage for their work.  We deal directly with the artisans, bypassing the middle man, allowing more of the retail price to go directly to the artisans and programs that support them. 

Zanzibar is proud to participate in dozens of programs, including orphanages, women's literacy programs, health clinics, potable water and well drilling, schools (we sponsor/pay for schooling for hundreds of under privileged kids in over a dozen countries) and many other programs. 

We travel directly to the artisans and encourage sustainable and safe practices and working conditions.  For more information, visit our website:  What is Fair Trade? Learn More on Zanzibar's Website

No matter how you celebrate or what holidays you celebrate, the Zanzibar family and our artisans wishes you and your family a happy, safe and relaxing holiday season!

Thank you for your support, patronage and purchases!  
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