Who wants to learn all of my mosaic dress making secrets?

Susan Wechsler
Mosaic Memory Dresses

By popular demand, I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching my signature Mosaic Dress Workshop in Dallas, Texas  March 30- April 2nd, 2017. This is a unique opportunity to create your own version of these stunning mosaic dress designs.   If you have already made a dress, there are new substrates to choose from + my deer heads!

The MasterClass mosaic dress workshop includes 4 days of instruction & a choice of 3 dress substrates, here is a sneak peak at the NEW FORM, never before used in my workshops. Also as part of this workshop I will provide you with a selection of mosaic adhesives, including my new MAGIC PUTTY (it will change your mosaic life, promise!)  & all your grouting materials.  These forms cannot be found anywhere else, they are made specifically for Moi'!. 
My NEW "curtain" substrate. (Yes, it is copyrighted)
This form gives me an unique opportunity to teach you 3 new techniques. 1. How I paint with glass, everyone will choose an image for the center of this skirt, examples: flowers or a landscape.  2. How I mosaic something soft like curtains to look like curtains.  3. How I use my Magic Putty to add dimension to the bodice using discarded treasures. I will work individually with every student via email & phone to discuss your vision, inspirations and palette before the workshop to ensure that you bring everything they will need to complete a mosaic dress. 

NOTE: there is not a generic list of supplies for this workshop because each mosaic dress is unique.
Each student will supply their own palette which will consist of a mixed media collection of discarded treasures, small tiles for trim and stained glass for filler

your choice: "RUFFLE" dress substrate, also copyrighted.

 FYI: This will be my first time teaching at Katrina Doran's  private studio in Dallas, Texas.  This is a special art retreat, and the class is filling up quickly, so let me know if you are interested.
student sample dress using the ruffle substrate

"Flowers of Quan Yin" SACRED SHRINES

As a special bonus, you will have the opportunity to mosaic my deer head substrate or a sacred shrine hand-built by me, instead of a dress.

You will take home a completed art piece!
my first mosaic deer head "FLO BLU"

Dates: March 30- April 2, 2017
Katrina Doran's studio Dallas, Texas

COST: new 2017 rates $830 which i ncludes: 
4/days instruction fee: $150/day  
$230 material fee: my Signature dress substrate in 3 styles, or deer head, or hand-built shrine, my Magic Putty in your choice of 3 colors: chocolate, black or natural, a variety of glues & all of your grouting materials.
Does not include individual tesserae.  Speciality materials are available for purchase during workshop.
BUT, if you register in 2016 by sending in a $200 deposit to:
Susan Wechsler
3444 navajo St #4
Denver, Colorado 80211
or paypal with a credit card
I will honor the 2016 rate of $780

limited space available, we are taking deposits now:
to register  email me or Katrina.

My years as a New York City costume designer taught me how to use colors, patterns and textures to tell compelling stories that evoke different times and places throughout history. What is most unique about my mosaic style is that I honor the integrity and history of each piece of china by carefully cutting and then placing the patterns back together. My true creative desire is to be inspired and inspire others through my teachings. --Susan Wechsler 

click on my BLOG to read all about my student's dressmaking stories...

Contact me if you would like to put your own DRESS WORKSHOP together at your home studio- I need a min. of 8. max. of 12.

or join us- cities/dates for my DRESS workshop:
Tucson, Az January 25-28, 2017
Sarasota, Fla February 4-6, 2017
Melbourne, Fla February 10-12, 2017
Boynton Beach Fla, February 13-15, 2017
Orlando, Fla February 15-18
Mexico, Hacienda Mosaico March 5- 11, 2017
Mexico, Hacienda Mosaico March 12- 18, 2017
Asheville, NC August 4-7, 2017

Thanks for doing business with us.
I look forward to teaching you ALL of my mosaic secrets!

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