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SEEK, February 5, 2017
SEEK Classes


Nursery - Saori and Oolu - Time for care and fun with our regular childcare providers.

Preschool and Kindergarten - TBD and George Taylor - "We All Have Dreams lesson with a Story, Matthew Has a Dream by Leo Lionni
1st Grade - 3rd Grade Theme Exploration - Kati Towle and Alec Armstrong. Story - Red: A Crayon's Story by Michael Hall. Discussion on Gendery Identity.

3rd-5th Grade Theme Exploration - Melissa Sinclair and Dustin Willis - Story, I Am Jazz by Jessica Berthel. Discussion on Gender Identity

Middle School - Neighboring Faiths - Sonja Kueppers and Trish Weil - Continuation of the unit in Islam.


7th- 9th grade OWL class - Jennifer Dreyfus and Elise Gould - Bullying and Bystander Responsibities.


Nursery - Saori and Oolu - Time for care and fun with our regular childcare providers.

Preschool and Kindergarten - Heather Barlow and George Taylor - Keep Trying to Reach Your Dreams lesson.

1st Grade - 3rd Grade Theme Exploration - Melissa Sinclair and Adam Goldberg - Story - Red: A Crayon's Story by Michael Hall.

3rd - 5th Grade - 5th Grade Theme Exploration - Kate Lang and Bill Wilson- Tea with Milk by Allen May. Discussion on immigrant identity.

High School - Mike Kravitz -Waffle Bar! Remember to come early and to make a LOT of waffles! (9:30 platform is for cooking - serving between platform and clean up during second platform.

A note from Melissa, Sinclair,  Director of Lifelong Learning
We have been seeing and hearing a lot from our students about politics all summer and fall leading up to the election, more angry, fear and sadness after the election, and it continues with the same intensity through and after the inauguration. Our children and youth hear your discussions, anger, sadness, and despair and they take on your feelings as well having their own thoughts about it all. 
Please take the time to help your children process the news and give them time and a place to express their feelings. Share with them your fears and worries (age appropriate and with your specific child's needs in mind) and give them a bit more patience, care, and hugs as they work through all the feelings.
Also, help them by teaching them where it is safe to express their feelings and how. Remember, they are learning yet how to handle emotions and where it is appropriate to "let it all hang out".

In classes we try hard to listen to our students and we don't stifle their feelings, but we sometimes have to redirect language if it starts to become over the top. They are being so expressive because it matters - to all of us.  
It's been a hard little bit for all of us - adults and children alike.

Trello Training and Refresher 
Teach the Teacher Training

10:45 am, Adler Study, 2/12 and 2/26.

Meant primarily as a refresher and introduction on on how to use Trello. Second half of the 45 minutes will be spent on pointers on teaching SEEK at WES.
Teen Corner

5th - Waffle Bar!

Last Saturday 5 teens went Ice Skating with Teen Coordinator, Mike Kravitz

Second Saturdays are for Service, 2/11, 12-2pm

Contact Melissa by evening of 2/9 to let her know if you are planning to attend. 

Sort materials, assist customers, tidy shelves, clean - for ALL AGES
Second Sundays are for Service, 2/12

D onate sandwich makings for Martha's Table .

Students in 1st-5th grades will be making 250-500 sandwiches at 9:30 and 11:30 platforms. We need donations from WES members and friends to make the sandwiches. There will be a cart to accept donations on this day. What we need:
Families with more than ole last name, choose the first alphabetically:
A-F: Loaves of whole wheat/whole grain bread
G-L: Creamy peanut butter and jelly/jam
M-S: Lean sandwich meat and sliced cheese
T-Z: Plastic zipper top sandwich bags (box of 50-100)
Gender Revolution Screening
Pizza, & Discussion
5:30pm, Main Hall, WES

Free Advanced screeing of National Geographic Channel's new film featuring Katie Couric, Gender Revolution. This will be followed by a discussion of the film.

Contribution jar for cost of pizza.

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