January 27, 2017

Today at 8 a.m. is Coffee with the Judges honoring BBVLP Attorneys
Head on over to Judge Joseph Boohaker's courtroom to take part!  
New Veterans Help Desk kicks off!

Attorneys  David Lawson Katy Collier , Balch & Bingham,  Kay Laumer , Laumer Law 
and  Judge John Carroll, assists Veterans at the first ever Veterans Help Desk.

Some 38 low-income veterans received legal advice from 8 attorneys at the first BBVLP Veterans Help Desk at the new VA facility on 24th and 7th Avenue South. The Veterans Help Desk is the last Wednesday of every month. Click here to volunteer for the Veterans or any other of the BBVLP Help Desks.
The BBVLP is Preparing For The New Bankruptcy Help Desk!
Attorneys attended a BBVLP CLE last Friday to learn how to screen clients for the new Bankruptcy Help Desk to be held on the first Friday of each month from 9 - 11 a.m. at the Bankruptcy Courthouse. 

Thank you to our speakers: 

Jay Bender, Bradley
Joe Bulgarella, Clerk of Court for the Northern District
Cedrick Coleman, May Legal Group
Leland Murphree, Maynard Cooper & Gale
Ted Stuckenschneider, Law Office of Ted Stuckenschneider

Click here to volunteer for the Bankruptcy or any other of the BBVLP Help Desks.
1. Please Help This Disabled Woman Through Her Divorce Process

This disabled woman has been abused throughout her marriage and would like to receive her divorce. (17-0007771)

*Clients face is blurred due to Domestic Violence

2. Help This Elderly Couple Create a Simple Will

This c ouple expressed to a volunteer attorney that due to their ailing health they would like to get their affairs in order. (17-0007796) (17-0007798)

3. This Abused Mother of Four Needs Your Help

This mother of four small children needs your help in navigating her divorce process. After years of abuse from her spouse, including throwing the client through a wall and kicking her door down. Our client is trying to obtain  a divorce and gain support for her four children. 

*Clients face is blurred due to Domestic Violence

Attorney Courtney Brown Dubberly, Sandi Gregory Law, mentors Cumberland Law students Adria Barnes and LaRae Ganger.

here to volunteer at a Help Desk! We are seeking volunteers for all of 2017 and for the following dates in the next weeks:
Civil Hep Desk:
Thursday 2/02/2017
8:30 - 10:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Monday  2/06/2017 
8:30 - 10:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Domestic Relations  Help Desk:
Wednesday  2/01/2017
8:30 - 10:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Wednesday  2/01/2017
8:30 - 10:00 a.m.

John Paul Bruno, Lorant Law Group
Meredith Busby, Kirk Drennan Law
Judge John Carroll, Cumberland School of Law
Kathy Collier, Balch & Bingham
Thomas DeLawrence, Balch & Bingham
Patricia Doblar
Courtney Dubberly, Sandi Gregory Law
Kelly Estes, HealthSouth Corporation
Sand Eubank Gregory, Sandi Gregory Law
Heather Fann, Fann Law
Maura Goodwyn
Brad Green
Melinda Guillaume
Carla Hawley, HealthSouth Corporation
Kendra Johnson
Kay Laumer, Laumer Law  
David Lawson
Brooke Malcom, Lightfoot Franklin &
Vincent Nelan, Baker Donelson
Judge Gary Pate
Bill Prosch
Margaret Philips, Legal Service Alabama
Honza Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis
Terrika Shaw, Legal Service Alabama
Amie Vague, Lightfoot Franklin & White
Sarah Yates, Bressler Amery & Ross

Jessica Chang, Cumberland Law School
Rosemary Alexander
Shunnarah Injury Lawyers
Steve Altmann
Najjar Denabur
Perryn Carroll
Carroll & Carroll
John Clark IV
Ruby Davis
The Davis Law Group
Jessica Drennan
Kirk Drennan Law
Matt Dunaway Melinda Guillaum
Regan Loper
Burr & Forman
Preston Martin
Bressler, Amery & Ross
Matthew McVay Preston Nichols
Law Office of Preston Ford Nichols
Honza Prchal
Heninger Garrison Davis
James Roberts
Burr & Forman
Tereza Sampaio Ashley Weaver
Judge John Carroll
Cumberland School of Law

Judge Carrol took the cases of two clients that he saw at the new BBVLP Veterans Help Desk. One veteran needed help with an old trespassing charge he received when he tried to move back to his former home that was abandoned but owned by someone else. Another veteran was trying to obtain his license so he could drive to a job and needed old fines removed.

Victoria Ebrahimi-Charles 
The Frankowski Firm

Victoria agreed to assist a woman in receiving her child support from her ex-husband.

B rooke Malcom
Lightfoot Franklin & White

Brooke volunteered to do some research on a client's case.

Preston Martin
Bressler Amery & Ross

Preston agreed to help a couple through their short term divorce with one minor child. 
Whitney Seals
Pate Cochrun

Whitney volunteered to help a client who is being sued by a 3rd party creditor.

Brian Turner
Middle Mediation

took a contested divorce case from the homeless clinic at the Highlands United Methodist Church
Sarah Yates
Bressler Amery & Ross

Sarah agreed to help a client with complete a quiet title. 

Tarackia Barge 

Tarackia helped a couple receive a divorce with three minor children.

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