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SEPTEMBER 26, 2014

As expected, the copies of 'Meister Brauser Scarab' bearing the signatures of all four team drivers sold quickly after I hit the 'send' button for Wednesday's Email Update.

It isn't often that we have special items like that in such limited quantities, but it's probably a good idea to pop open and quickly scan the Updates when they hit your inbox - just in case. 

In case you missed out, copies of 'Meister Brauser Scarab' (200 s/n) signed by Augie Pabst & artist Michael Turner are still available for $100 plus shipping. Click the link to order.

In model news, Replicarz has announced they will begin production of 1/43 scale Indianapolis 500 winners later this year. Nine different winners have been announced to start. The range is quite interesting: Louis Meyer's 1928 Indy winning Miller, the Blue Crown and Boyle Specials of the 30's and 40's, the Johnny Lightning Specials of the early 70s and the 1985 winner. 

Replicarz has limited the production runs to 333 pieces of each so (as always) advance orders are strongly recommended. We're told the first few may arrive by year end.

The resin (with metal suspension) replicas are priced at $89.99 each.

Here they are:

r43001 - #27 Blue Crown Special / Mauri Rose / 1947 Indy Winner - Reserve HERE

r43002 - #1 Johnny Lightning PJ Colt / Al Unser / 1971 Indy Winner - Reserve HERE

r43003 - #3 Blue Crown Special / Mauri Rose / 1948 Indy Winner - Reserve HERE

r43004 - #14 Miller / Louis Meyer / 1928 Indy Winner - Reserve HERE

r43005 - 'Spin and Win' / 1985 Indy Winner - Reserve HERE

r43006 - #7 Blue Crown Special / Bill Holland / 1949 Indy Winner - Reserve HERE

r43007 - #2 Boyle Special / Wilbur Shaw / 1939 Indy Winner - Reserve HERE

r43008 - #1 Boyle Special / Wilbur Shaw / 1940 Indy Winner - Reserve HERE

r43009 - #2 Johnny Lightning PJ Colt / Al Unser / 1970 Indy Winner - Reserve HERE

For those of you interested in the here and now, we're down to our final stock of two 1/43 scale Indy 500 winners from Spark Model:

43in72 - #66 Sunoco McLaren M16 / Mark Donohue / 1972 Indy Winner - $80.00 
Order HERE

43in80 - #4 Pennzoil Chaparral / Johnny Rutherford / 1980 Indy Winner - $80.00
Order HERE

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by. We've got an amazing selection on hand! 

We'll be open tomorrow, Saturday, September 26 from 10am to 3pm. 

Have a great weekend!

- Paul

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