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December, 2017
Stimulated by a cold snap here on the farm, this has been a week of winnowing MEDICINAL HERB SEEDS and planting LIVE ROOTS.  Feel free to browse our selection at Strictly Medicinal Seeds.  Somehow December is a bit like a tobaggon ride, careening down the hill toward the new year.  In order to increase the fun, we've put many things on sale--a ton! Hop aboard and take advantage of these sale prices! 

Richard A. (Richo) Cech
Strictly Medicinal LLC

Bulk Seeds on Sale!
(Sale ends 12/14/2017)
Now is your chance to receive SIGNIFICANT PRICE BREAKS on over 40 different types of medicinal herb, grain, cover crop and vegetable seeds.  From Amaranth to Watercress, we have included some choice species at very attractive prices.  All seeds top quality--discounts reflect our overstock, overstock is caused by abundant harvest of fat seeds!
To order, call us at (541) 846-6704.

Seed Packets on Sale! 
(Sale ends 12/14/2017)
20 different medicinal herb seed packets are now on sale.  Prices marked reflect a savings of $1.00 per packet.  Many of these packets were chosen as Richo's favorites, others chosen by our Facebook fans.  Prices will be going up in January, and since the new crop has already been packaged, your early order will be loaded with good seeds at a great discount.  Order now and beat the spring planting season rush.   

New Seeds!
Gourd, Tobacco Box
(Lagenaria siceraria)
Smallish, domed top, thick-walled, an excellent gourd for making containers and kalimbas.  These beauties are commonly used in the bazaars of Africa for holding tobacco, beads, baubles, dried legumes, curdled milk, and medicinal herbs.
Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)
First-ever offering of true brahmi seed.  This was not easy!  International customers take note.  Limited quantities available--order early to assure receipt.  It has been a decades-long journey to understand how to produce this seed.  Enjoy, appreciate, plant and stimulate memory!

Orange, Bitter (Poncirus trifoliata)
This is the most northern hardy of all the citrus,  thorny deciduous shrub growing to 9 feet tall.  Native to E. Asia, China and Korea, the plants grows well in full sun to part shade, preferring loose, sandy soils of medium moisture and tolerant of both acidic and alkaline pH. Grow the most choice of all aromatic bitters, hardy to Zones 6 to 9!

Pepper, Yunnan ( Capsicum frutescens)
Open-pollinated cultivar commonly grown in Yunnan, China.  Matures in 120 days.  Flat-topped bush to 3 feet tall makes waves of upward-standing, thin and pointy peppers, often purple when immature. My fondest memory of Yunnan is sitting in a street restaurant and undoing my collar to allow the expulsion of massive waves of steamy heat caused by delicious food well-peppered with Xiao-mi-la.  You can grow this in your garden, it is the real deal. 

Last Call for Roots!
If your soil is frozen hard, we suggest waiting until next year.  If the soil of forest or shade garden can still be worked, perhaps even softened by fall rains as is our's, then we encourage you to take this one last chance to order our large, organic, vital and viable LIVE ROOTS.  The most effective way to get forest roots going in woodland or shade garden is to plant them now! Rake back the mulch, dig a shallow hole, nestle the roots in with buds pointing up and rhizome horizontal to the ground, fill soil all around, pat it down, and replace the mulch over the top. We still have good stock of Goldenseal, Black Cohosh and Solomon's Seal.  Fall planting often results in flowers and fruits the first year after transplant. Working with live roots in the fall assures success on a shoestring!

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May you all plant diversity onto the landscape and sow seeds of food and medicine to feed body and soul of self, family and community. Whether you do it purposely or by chance, may you all plant trees that kiss the sky.

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