Global Women's Leadership Summit
by Riane Eisler 

A Special Opportunity for CPS and CEC Members    



You are invited to a special event online tomorrow at 5:00 PM EDT with Riane Eisler as part of the Global  Women's Leadership Summit, which also features leaders such as Cheri Blair, Rayona Sharpnack, and Jacki Zehner, among others.

Because you are a member of the Center for Partnership Studies (CPS) and Caring Economy Campaign (CEC) network, you can attend free of charge! Just click here to register:

Riane's presentation contrasts the conventional view of wealth; money, possessions, and property, against the real wealth of a nation that consists of the contributions of its people and nature. Riane talks about how we need what we haven't had: an economic system that gives visibility and value to the work of caring for people and our Mother Earth. In this presentation Riane will cover the topic, 'What's good for women is good for the world', and give practical takeaways on how women can influence and change the system.

What you will learn specifically:
* How to change the conversation of capitalism vs socialism towards caring
* The new measures of GDP that are needed
* What new policies are needed
* How you can become a leader and influence change towards a caring economy  


If you would like to make a donation to CPS, that would also be much appreciated -- but the webinar is free.  


Have a wonderful day!

The CPS and CEC Team