October 7, 2016 

Kristin Sullivan , Massey, Stotser & Nichols, and her client from Turning Point. Turning Point is the court run by Judge Andra Sparks only for homeless clients. 
This man got a new life after a BBVLP staff attorney met him at Workshop.

Courtroom Busts Into Applause for BBVLP Homeless Client

Volunteer attorney Kristin Sullivan, Massey, Stotser and Nichols, recently helped a 40-year-old client get out of homelessness when she represented him at Turning Point, a special docket for homeless clients, and Judge Andra Sparks dismissed his charges so the client could have a clean record and a new life.
The client lived up to his side of the agreement previously outlined by Judge Sparks, the presiding judge of Birmingham Municipal Court, to complete his program at Brother Bryan Mission, stay sober for a year, obtain his GED, and maintain a full-time job.
The client, who had 20-year-old fines on his record, welled up as the courtroom burst into applause at the judge's ruling. He told Kristin that "no one has ever clapped for me before."
Kristin said this is exactly the reason she is a frequent BBVLP volunteer. "We're all very blessed to have the opportunity to be in the legal profession, and I firmly believe that is a waste of that opportunity if it's not used to help those who need our services, whether it can benefit us monetarily or not."
This is just one success story involving homeless clients since the BBVLP made these clients a priority in 2016.
In another case, the BBVLP received an email one recent Friday about a homeless man who was offered a job but couldn't start work because old fines from 10-year-old traffic tickets prohibited him from obtaining a driver's license, which he needed in his new job.
BBVLP staff attorney Heather Bussey went to Workshops, a nonprofit that helps people with disabilities find jobs where the man was a client, and obtained the details about his hundreds of dollars in fines from the old tickets. Heather then arranged for the man to be on Judge Spark's Turning Point Docket.
After hearing the client's story, Judge Sparks worked with him to resolve his situation so he could get a driver's license and begin work - which is the first step to becoming a productive citizen.
Susan Crow, executive director of Workshops, thanked the BBVLP and Judge Sparks for preserving the man's dignity while solving his problem. "Y'all are working some magic with Judge Sparks," she said.
Beginning November 1, the BBVLP is expanding its Homeless Help Desk by holding it on the first Wednesday of every month from 8:30 a.m. to noon at the offices of One Roof in Cooper Green. One Roof is the center of coordination for homeless programs in Central Alabama.
To volunteer to help the homeless with their legal issues, please email staff attorney Heather Bussey
1. Please Help This Client File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This client is unable to pay his medical debt and maintain his household. Client is seeking help in an effort to get his affairs in order. (16-0006885)

2. Please help abused woman through her divorce process

This mother has suffered extreme abuse throughout her eight-year marriage and is staying at a domestic violence shelter with her seven-year-old son. She has a pending Protection from Abuse Order.  ( 16-0006849)

* Client is blurred due to domestic violence
* This is the second time in eBrief

3. Help this young mother file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

After this client lost her job and unforeseen medical expenses occurred, the client got behind on her bills. The client would like an opportunity to get her affairs in order, she is organized and motivated. 
( 16-0006723)

* This is the second time in eBrief
4. Help couple recoup money spent to an unscrupulous mortgage insurance broker so they can make repairs

T his husband and wife entered into an agreement with a mortgage insurance broker because she promised them lower rates which they needed as they both were laid off. The couple's financial institution paid the broker out of their escrow for two years. Recently, an electrical short resulted in them having to rewire the house for it be safe to live in. The husband  called the mortgage insurance company to file a claim and learned that the broker had not paid their premiums and that they had no insurance. The couple needs help filing suit against the broker to recoup the money she did not pay the insurance company so that they can fix the electrical wiring. 
( 16-0006693)

* This is the second time in eBrief

5. Please help mother of two-year-old child through her divorce process.

This client's spouse is currently in prison serving a twenty-year sentence for sodomizing his ex-wife's children. Parties have been married a short time but have a child. Please help mother navigate her divorce process ( 16-0006856)

6. Help this abused woman through her divorce process

This disabled client has been abused throughout her marriage. She currently has a Protection From Abuse Order against her husband. Please help woman through her divorce process. (16-0006621)

* Client is blurred due to domestic violence
* This is the second time in eBrief
Monday & Thursday Mornings

HealthSouth Corporation Staff Attorney Patrick Darby volunteers at the Civil Help Desk. The entire HealthSouth legal team is volunteering regularly with the BBVLP.

Wedne sday Mornings

Matthew Griffin talks to a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk.

Homeless Shelter Help Desk
Tuesday Mornings
1st & 3rd at Pathways | 2nd & 4th at Firehouse

Lisa Borden, Baker Donelson, assists a client at the Homeless Shelter Help Desk. Click here to read why Lisa was featured in the Birmingham Business Journal as a BBJ Women to Watch.

Jim Bedsole, Bressler Amery & Ross
Kathy Collier, Balch & Bingham
Patricia Doblar
Melinda Guillaume
James Illston
Loring Jones, Jones & Association
Preston Martin, Bressler Amery & Ross
John Milledge
Karen Puccio, Cory Watson
Pamela Weed
Morgan West
Christopher Yeilding, Balch & Bingham

Jessica Chang, Cumberland Law School
Jamillah Pritchett, Cumberland Law School
Sidni Smith, AmeriCorps Member / UAB
Tarackia Barge
April Bauder, Merrell Law Firm
Gregory Buchanan, The Buchanan Law Firm
John Chavez, Chavez Law Firm
Patricia Clotfelter, Baker Donelson
Patricia Doblar
Sandra Eubank Gregory
Melinda Guillaume
Yu Huang
Aman Kahlon, Bradley
David Nomberg, Nomberg Law Firm
Margaret Phillips, Legal Services of Alabama
Honza Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis
Kayla Schoen, Bressler Amery & Ross
Pamela Weed

Jessica Chang, Cumberland Law School
Jamillah Pritchett, Cumberland Law School
Sidni Smith, AmeriCorps Member / UAB
Anna-Katherine Bowman

Anna-Katherine assisted an elderly couple who suffered serious medical issues as a result of occupying an apartment contaminated with mold.  Through negotiations with the Jefferson County Housing Authority and her unrelenting efforts, Ms. Bowan obtained a voucher which allowed the couple to relocate to another apartment. 

Twala Wallace

Twala a frequent volunteer attorney with the BBVLP, represented a client with several complex legal issues including ejectment, redemption of property taken for non-payment of taxes and establishment of heirship .  

Michael Hanle
Jaffe Hanle Whisonant & Knight
From left to right:  Amanda Keller , Director of the Magic City Acceptance Center,  Scott Evans , Birmingham AIDS Outreach Legal Team,  Kathy Collier , Balch & Bingham,  Karen Musgrove , Executive Director of Birmingham AIDS Outreach,  Colin Otwell , Administrative Assistant at the Magic City Wellness Center,  Diego Soto , Southern Poverty Law Center,  Steve Rygiel , Birmingham AIDS Outreach Legal Team,  Jack Carney , Carney Dye and  Alan Garner.

Congrats to Attorneys Volunteering at Name Change Clinic

Several attorneys volunteered to help 22 clients begin the name change process at the Magic City Acceptance Center last week.

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