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Dear Teachers,


We're saving up the free downloads for the 2011/2012 school year. Keep an eye out for our next 10 Free Downloads newsletter which will land in your inboxes on August 1st. 


It has been an incredible year for TeachersPayTeachers with regard to growth, milestones and impact.  I'll remember it as the the year that the difference we are making in the lives of teachers became palpable.  

The 2010/2011 School Year TpT Retrospective  

For the first time we sent you 10 Free Downloads every Sunday from the beginning of August through mid-June, bubbling up a total of 430 free resources that we hope you found useful and that saved you tons of time.  Indeed, you downloaded them over 1,000,000 times so we assume so!  


"Teachers reinventing the wheel every night is so early 90s."  -- Overheard


Since August 1, 2010, the site has seen 4,500,000+ visits and 21,350,000+ pageviews. We now have 101,000+ resources in the catalog, and we're very proud that over 10,800 are FREE, something we strongly encourage of our sellers. Quality is improving by the day as competition motivates sellers to continuously enhance their curricular products.


Deanna Jump made news (http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/dpp/news/local_news/teacher-lesson-plans-20110425-es) for good reason. Since last summer until today, she has had over $150,000 in total sales on TpT! This is an unprecedented accomplishment that unveiled the true potential of the TpT platform and inspired our community. We project that within 3-5 years we will help make Deanna and others the first full time teacher millionaires, making a difference in how our nation perceives our profession and inspiring the next generation of teachers. Teacherpreneurship is alive! 


Selling on TpT makes teachers better teachers, and we've learned that our sellers are spending their earnings in the most heart-warming of ways, so when you buy on TpT, you can feel good about it. For example,

  • Anonymously given $50 Red Lobster gift cards to five young couples at their church
  • The purchase of a handicap accessible van with a wheelchair lift for one seller's quadriplegic brother
  • Helping mitigate the cost of vital health care for oneself and one's family
  • College tuition for one's kids
  • New roof for one's house
  • Books and supplies for their classrooms
  • Field trips for their students
  • Smart Board for one's colleague
  • Dance, piano and singing lessons for their children
  • and more 


What's coming this Summer? A brand new TpT experience

Below you will see a few pages of the new site coming this Summer. I hope you like it!
Here is the new homepage, the more refined color scheme inspired by the Mark Rothko painting you see in the featured items section:
Please enable Images!

Here are examples of what results pages will look like:


Next is the new store/profile page, an experimental and then a traditional product page:


And for those of you who will soon be joining us on the seller side (and there is no better time than this Summer to do it) here is your what the new Seller Dashboard will look like:


Please reply to this email directly and let us know what you think of the new design or of TpT in general. We feed off of feedback and listen attentively.

If we don't hear from you, thanks for being apart of our wonderful teacher-created content sharing community and we'll see you next year! Have an amazing and rejuvenating Summer.

Sincerest regards,

Paul Edelman
Former NYC Public School Teacher
Founder, TeachersPayTeachers.com

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