We'll credit you back on up to 20 submissions (2 per dropbox)
 to any of these opportunities!
 (valid thru Sunday at midnight in NYC) 
Here's how it works: 
1. Limit to two songs per opportunity per user (i.e. you may submit up to to songs to each opportunity but no       more.)
2. Keep your submissions relevant none-the-less (don't submit a rap song to a rock opportunitiy...duh!)
3. Check out as usual (i.e. you pay at check-out)
4. Next week, we will credit your account for each of these submissions (i.e. you will have your credit back         by Friday October 5th and available for your use towards further Music Xray submissions or Fan Match         campaigns.)

**this offer only applies to the 10 opportunities listed in this email!**
Licensing / Publishing / Roster Consideration and more...
Seeking hit songs for 
Italian Tenor 
Andrea del Principe

We are seeking songs for Andrea del Principe to cut in November 2012. Think Andrea Bocelli meets Freddie Mercury. We're looking for lyrical to pop songs that would fit the bill.

Upbeat Radio-Friendly Songs Needed!

Amurco is now looking for quality upbeat, mainstream, radio-friendly songs within the genres of Pop, Rock, Indie, Urban, Dance and R&B. Looking to use in several major projects.

Publishing Company Seeking Country Songs!

Publishing Company is now looking for Country music for song placements and Film/TV Licensing Opportunities. Songs should be well produced.

Velvet Ears Production Music Library

Velvet Ears has been tagged as the "art-house, post-punk, production music boutique." They pride themselves on high production quality and cinematic music. This opportunity is for potential inclusion in the library which is distributed to countless opportunities for use in film, tv, commercials etc.

Looking for Mastered Instrumentals

We're currently looking for various styles of Mastered Instrumentals (Pre-written & recorded Lyrics optional) for up and coming artists to perform. If you have something for us, we'd love to have a look at it, and will propose the best ones to our artists to consider. 

Expedition Recordings Roster

Expedition Recordings is currently accepting submissions for potential roster consideration. Seeking musicians that clearly stand out from the crowd and are pushing boundaries. If chosen to be part of the roster, you will receive 100% of all net sales and 80% of all licensing deals. 

Label looking for tracks 
for the Italian Market

We are looking for songs from artists all over the world to be released in the Italian market, with top promotion on national media. This call is open for different music styles, including Rock, Pop, Hip/Hop and R&B. Master Quality Required!

Learn more...
Looking for Great 
Radio Songs!

Currently looking for Country, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Singer/ Songwriter, Metal and Christian songs. Originals only! Must be well written and performed. Radio production qualty a must!

WTPL Music Publishing accepting submissions

Publishing company based in France accepting submissions for publishing. Not all tracks will be accepted, but if it makes the cut there will be potential for other opportunities as well.

Judson Hurd Music Publishing

Judson Hurd Music is looking to co-publish songs in all genres. They have access to many music supervisors and are pitching songs every week!

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