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The 8 Core Reasons You Remain in a Career You Hate


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Hello and Happy upcoming Memorial Day, for those who celebrate it this weekend. I hope you'll be able to create this weekend to be just what you want it to be - whether that's remembering and honoring a cherished loved one, or taking time to do what brings you joy, restoration or invigoration.


Today's newsletter is focused on failing BIG - one of the top ten lessons I've learned in my career, and a lesson that Sara Blakely, billionaire founder of Spanx shared with us last Friday at the 2nd annual networking conference of the National Association of Professional Women in New York City.


For more of Sara's powerful tips and advice on how to achieve knock-your-socks-off success, click the link below to my latest Forbes post from my new series "Entrepreneurial Women Rocking the World."  




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Personally speaking, when I've taken the biggest leaps into the unknown and said "Yes!" to stretching way out of my comfort zone (such as writing for Forbes or teaching a graduate course at NYU on Managing Inclusion and Cultural Diversity) - that's when I've grown the most, and become more of the person and the professional I dreamed I'd be.  I believe, as Sara does, that the pathway to your biggest dreams is going for them full-out, knowing that failure is not an outcome to be afraid of, but a condition that comes when we don't try hard enough, and when we stop in our tracks instead of keeping going when we've fallen down.


So my question to you is - what are you most afraid of failing at? And can you embrace your fears, get in the cage with them, and open yourself up to failing BIG?     


I am confident that you'll find more excitement, energy, stimulation and success in your life and work than you ever thought possible, if you say, "I'm ready to fail as big as it gets, then learn and keep going!"  



I'm thrilled to be a backer and supporter of an upcoming groundbreaking documentary called She Means Business, that will chronicle the journeys of selected women who are starting up their own entrepreneurial ventures.  Through this film, we will not only learn from their journeys, but also hear vitally important information on today's financial ecosystem, funding, sponsorship, creating a supportive community, building a successful business model, investing wisely, and much, much more.  If you're ready to a launch your entrepreneurial venture and want concrete strategies, tips, and guidance -- and inspiration -- for your new path, please join me in supporting this film and becoming part of the powerful community of entrepreneurial women who are rocking the world.


Thank you for reading and sharing, and being a part of my amazing and diverse community. I'm honored and thrilled to be connected!


All best wishes for abundant success, 

P.S. Stay tuned for news about my new Career Transformation membership program I'm launching this Fall, designed to help you take your professional life and career to the highest, most successful level possible.  We'll help you bring your most expansive and exciting career and business dreams to fruition, and have an amazing time doing it.  Hope you'll join me! (Details to come shortly.)

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