10 Things Your Nutrition Coach Wants You to Know

A little nervous about starting a lifestyle change? 
Find the right coach and you will find the one person who wont judge you and will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. This is the foundation of our PEPP coaches and why we have such great success with our transformation programs.

Here is a little insight into what goes on in our heads and how we view our clients.

1. We are not interested in judging you or your lifestyle
Although it may be intimidating to tell a nutrition coach about the way you eat, your coach isn't there to make you feel guilty about changing your diet. Our goal is to give you insight into how great clean eating can make you feel and what balance looks like. Shaming clients is dis-empowering and serves no purpose in coaching a permanent lifestyle change.

2. There is no one 'diet' we think Is superior, we want to stay away from fads and focus on balance.
The ONLY way to stay consistent is to follow a plan that allows you to function and live a normal lifestyle. If there are certain things you have learnt about how your body responds to certain types of foods from being on a particular diet plan that's great. Only you know how your body responds best so take what you have learnt share it with your coach, and come up a good balance plan.

We will all advise you to drink less soda and eat fewer processed foods. But we are not likely to advocate going Paleo or going vegan or avoiding all grains. Everything has to be individualized. Our approach is to find what's best for you and your body, and what will make you feel good and not stressed or anxious about eating.

3. We won't tell you to say goodbye to all the things you love in this world.
Working with a nutrition coach isn't about eliminating your favorite (but less than ideal) foods from your life. If you love pizza, we won't tell you to ban it. The key is to find a healthier alternative and only have it on occasion along with a side salad.

4. We want to help you start to enjoy healthy foods
Nutrition coaches don't want to make your life miserable. We really want you to understand food and appreciate it. It's about helping clients find balance between 'healthy' and 'happy' foods.

5. We don't eat super healthy 100% of the time.
Sure we eat all the vegetables, but we also let ourselves have their favorite things (in moderation), like sweet stuff, fried chicken, and the occasional double whiskey. And this can actually us better coaches. We can relate to people because we have had - and we still do have - our own struggles.

6. Clients who are overly self-educated about nutrition are kinda hard to deal with.
There is so much misinformation and 'diets' that go against a lot of our principals of coaching balance. Being educated is great but not having an open mind and either stuck on numbers or a certain trend makes clients challenging to deal with.
Doing all that research gives people lots of facts and subsequently lots of opinions about what's right for them, but not necessarily the ability to "step back and look at the big picture" of a person's diet, lifestyle, and relationship to food, which is exactly what nutrition coaches are trained to do.

7. We have a sixth sense for when clients aren't being totally forthcoming.
We have made every mistake in the book and can usually tell when someone is trying to find a way not to mention the major sugar bender they just went on, or that they had a less than ideal weekend in terms of eating or drinking. 

Another telltale sign: when a client isn't making progress toward their goal and there doesn't seem to be any reason why. 

'Perfection' on our program isn't eating exactly whats on the paper 100% of the time its learning to how to go with the flow, make the best choices we can and if we fall off then get right back on track without beating yourself up. The only way your coach can help you with challenges Is if you speak up, and a lot of time the solution is something really simple.

8. We don't want to talk nutrition while we're socializing and especially don't want to debate which diet is "best."
When people know you're a nutrition coach, they'll want to debate diets or get advice about the way they eat. We like to enjoy our food too and want others to be able to relax around us and have a good time. If I want to eat a 12oz steak and dessert then watch and learn how to live life.

9. Nutrition Coaches can also help with some of your feelings about food and eating.
A lot of the time nutrition is not about food; it's about why you eat and how you eat and what's happened in the past to affect your attitude towards food. When clients come to us wanting to lose weight, it's important to understand not just the way they eat, but what their attitudes are about food and themselves. 
Some of that stuff is painful for people. Of course some clients' issues are beyond the scope of what a nutritionist can provide and that is why we love the life coaching side of what we offer.

10. And, yes, we know exactly how to lose 10 pounds super fast.
It's one of the first things people ask nutrition coaches. The fact is, nutritionists are not the people to go to for advice on which crash diet will help you drop the most weight in the least time. That's because what they're interested in is helping people make small changes that add up, over time, to a healthier lifestyle, an enjoyment of food, and a more empowered, self-confident outlook on life.
If you are looking for a lifestyle management METHOD to help you live your best life - PEPP FOR LIFE is it!
  • EAT Clean
  • NEVER feel restricted
  • PROPERLY fuel your body
  • PURPOSEFULLY move your body for maximum benefit
  • HAVE fun while living a purposeful healthy life

Brittany Gaylord
Fit Images and PEPP
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