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by  Nadine Briggs &  D onna Shea 

Parenting can be a lot like trying to solve a complex puzzle. When raising a child who has specific challenges and it can seem as though there are always issues to assess and problems to solve. These struggles are rarely straightforward. You will likely visit many experts and professionals who will weigh in on what they think is best and, as a parent, you are left with ultimately choosing the course of action. Here is a list of times when you might want to trust your parental instincts:

1. When you think a problem is bigger or smaller than the professionals think it is;
2. When you think someone does not have your child's best interests in mind;
3. When you think your child is under or over medicated;


Donna Shea and Nadine Briggs are both accomplished social-emotional education specialists.  They each facilitate friendship groups at their respective centers in Massachusetts.  Both Donna and Nadine are parents of children with special needs.

Donna and Nadine offer consultation services for schools, parent groups, and human service agencies.  They are seasoned public speakers who travel across the country to bring workshops and seminars to schools, conferences and other venues. 

Donna and Nadine are certified in bullying prevention through the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center and are creators of the How to Make & Keep Friends Social Success in School Bullying Prevention Initiative that is used to provide classroom training and team-building activities at many schools.

Donna and Nadine would love to hear from you or your child if you have feedback about our books. They are also happy to speak with you about providing programming for children in your local area or just to keep in touch with you about new books and materials.

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