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Yolanda: Walking without Pain
Carla: Her Small Hand
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October - December 2011


10th Anniversary of Partner for Surgery


An amazing 40,000 impoverished Guatemalans have had access to medical care, and  

7,000 impoverished Guatemalans have received access to life changing surgery, since Partner for Surgery started in 2001.


When the people you seek to help have every reason to be skeptical, it takes time to build trust. For that reason, our Health Promoters live and work in the areas we serve........Guatemala's poorest, most remote areas.


From our Guatemalan Health Promoters, to our network of Rural Midwives, who help us intervene early when an infant is born with a birth defect, to our Mobile Medical Missions in the field and Surgical Missions at our facility, Partner for Surgery bridges the language, distance, and cultural barriers, and makes each patient's long trip, from their village and back home again, a safe one.


In just the past 12 months, Partner for Surgery has coordinated:

  • 4,338 patients receiving medical care
  • 24 Surgical Missions, with 1,244 patients offered surgery  
  • 108 volunteers on 7 Mobile Medical Missions (a.k.a. Triage) to remote sites
  • 45 cleft infants enrolled in our life-saving Targeted Infant Nutrition Program
  • 109 Health Education Radio programs   

And since 2008, 56 Ministry of Health Nurses have been trained, and 35,000 women have been screened, in our Cervical Cancer Prevention Program.


This fall, Partner for Surgery unveiled a new logo, tagline, brochure, video, and website. Please click here to share your thoughts.


We are proud of our work, and we hope you will take a moment to read the rest of this 10th Anniversary Edition.

Yolanda: Walking without Pain 


Since she was 17, Yolanda has had difficulty walking because of a large cyst on her left foot. Yolanda lives in a small village where walking is the primary means of getting around, so she stayed at home but felt like a burden. Then when Yolanda heard about an upcoming Mobile Medical Mission (aka triage mission), she was thrilled to be accepted for surgery.


On October 14th, Dr. Rand Stolee with Ottertail Medical Missions operated on Yolanda's foot at Clinica Barbara and her recovery has been excellent. Yolanda can walk without pain again and she made quite an impression on the visiting medical team. While waiting for surgery, Yolanda used her knowledge of Q'eqchi and Spanish to translate for other patients, and volunteered to visit patients in recovery.


Carla: Her Small Hand

Imagine living in a "home" fashioned of nylon material stretched over poles. When Carla was 2 years old, her nylon home caught on fire. The melted material adhered to the skin of her right hand and fused her fingers.


Carla's mother could not leave her other children to take Carla to a Partner for Surgery Mobile Medical Mission, but a young nurse intern named Marciela volunteered. Carla will have her hand operated on early next year! She is now 9 years old.


Miguel: A Patient Becomes An Advocate


Miguel met Angela, a PfS Health Promoter, while being seen for a hernia.  He subsequently received life changing surgery but kept Angela's contact information -  who knew what the future would hold?


Two years later, and Miguel and his wife gave birth to a child with a birth defect. Miguel retrieved Angela's card and called her, telling her he had "confianza" in Partner for Surgery and asking her when the next medical mission would happen.


Partner for Surgery medical volunteers saw his child and he also received life changing surgery.  Miguel is now a passionate advocate of Partner for Surgery and helps the communities near his village.


ONE of only FIVE International Organizations Selected 


Partner for Surgery is honored to have been selected to be part of the
2011-2012 Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington.


Catalogue for Philanthropy Known as the DC region's "good housekeeping seal of approval" for community-based nonprofits, the Catalogue for Philanthropy has raised more than $15 million from caring individuals for featured non-profits with annual budgets of $3 million or less since its inaugural edition nine years ago.


Barbara Harman, Catalogue for Philanthropy president and editor says, "At the Catalogue, we like to say that each non-profit we include is 'one of the best,' and that applies to Partner for Surgery. We make this statement based on a rigorous financial evaluation for effectiveness and transparency, at least one site visit, and input from more than 100 independent community reviewers."


"Donors know they can trust the Catalogue to help them make smart decisions about local non-profits where their contributions can really make a difference."


Identifying Local Talent

Born in San Juan Chamelco, a small village in the Guatemalan Department of Alta Verapaz in the center of Guatemala, Mayra Leticia Chen Tzib started as a volunteer with Partner for Surgery and then was hired as a Health Promoter.


Mayra has taken on progressively more responsibility over the past 6 years; she is a quick learner and not afraid to accept leadership roles. Combined with an abiding, deep commitment to patient care, and a warm personality, Mayra has become one of Partner for Surgery's key staff people

Thank you, to our stalwart supporters, the amazing volunteers who serve on Mobile Medical and Surgical Missions, and the committed Partner for Surgery staff..... Together, we have truly made a difference in the lives of thousands of people who are among the neediest in the world.