November 11, 2016 

Join these firms and attorneys by committing to volunteer at a Help Desk in 2017. Click here to sign up:

Firm and Corporations signed up for 2017:

Cory Watson
twice a month every month in 2017
Healthsouth Corporation
once a month every month
in 2017

Kirk Drennan Law
January and February of 2017
The Lorant Group
once a month every
month in 2017
Shunnarah Injury Lawyers
the month of August 2017
Southern Nuclear Services November 2016 and December 2017

Attorneys signed up for 2017:
Jack Carney
Carney Dye
Chris Christie
Tiffany DeGruy
Rick Fernambucq
Boyd, Fernambucq, 
Dunn & Fann
Alex Goldsmith
HealthSouth Corporation
Preston Martin
Bressler Amery & Ross
 Andrew Schwartz
Shunnarah Injury Lawyers
Andrew Wheeler-Berliner
The Berliner Firm
D onald Winningham
Bressler Amery & Ross

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1. Please help this abused mother of two through her divorce

This mother of two children recently moved out of her home to escape abuse and now needs a divorce.  (16-0007162)

*This is the third time in eBrief
*Client is blurred due to domestic violence
2. Help get a security deposit back from her landlord

This client gave her landlord $1,230 as a deposit on an apartment that would specifically accommodate the client who is disabled. On the move-in date, the landlord provided an apartment that did not accommodate her disability. The client never signed the lease and did not move into the apartment, but the landlord refuses to return the full amount of the deposit. (16-0007236)

*This is the second time in eBrief
3.  Please help this grandfather file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Client is seeking legal assistance in filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy because his wife passed away and he cannot keep up on the bills by himself. (16-0007241)

4. Please help Client create a simple will.  

Client is seeking legal assistance in creating a simple will. Client expressed her desire to get her affairs in order. Client is organized and motivated to get this process completed. (16-007259)

5. Please help domestic violence victim through her pending divorce

This 24-year-old mom, who works at UAB transporting patients from room to room, needs help because her husband filed divorce against her and is harassing her to sign the papers. The mom wants help understanding her legal rights so that she does not sign anything away that hurts her ability to afford to raise the couple's four-year-old autistic child.  ( 16-0007316)

*Client is blurred due to domestic violence
6. Please help this homeless client receive a reduction in this judgment and receive her license

This homeless c lient BBVLP Homeless Help Desk last week because she was in an auto accident several years ago and has a civil judgment against her of over $8,000. The client lost her license due to this issue. She needs her license so that she may obtain employment. (16-0007065)

Monday & Thursday Mornings

David Stephenson, HealthSouth Corporation volunteers at the Civil Help Desk.

Wedne sday Mornings

Courtney Dubberly , Sandi Gregory Law, speaks to a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk. 

Homeless Shelter Help Desk
First Tuesday of the month

Melonie Wright, Butler Snow, and Tommy Buck, Maynard Cooper & Gale, help a client at the Homeless Help Desk. The Homeless Help Desk is now on the first Tuesday of each month at Cooper Green Hospital.
Kathleen Bowers
April Bauder
Kathy Collier
Alen Haric
Julie Goyer
Melinda Guillaume
Yu Huang
Priscilla Kelly
Preston Martin, Bressler Amery
Matthew McVay
Kayla Schoen
Pam Weed
Andrew Wheeler-Berliner

Jessica Chang, Cumberland Law School
Kate Furek , Cumberland School of Law
Sidni Smith, AmeriCorps Member / UAB
Kathleen Bowers
Yashiba Blanchard
James Illston
Julie Goyer
Melinda Guillaume
Ryan Myers
Honza Prchal
Morgan West
Andrew Wheeler-Berliner
Stella Jackson
Gregory C. Starkey & Associates

Stella  volunteered to represent two homeless clients that are set for the Turning Point Docket, which is the docket run by Judge Andra Sparks.

Lisa Robinson

Lisa is helping a domestic violence victim with her divorce. 

Angie Cameron Smith
Burr & Forman

Angie is helping a client seeking a guardianship over her sister who struggles with schizophrenia and was recently diagnosed with cancer.
Pamela Weed

Pamela is helping a client with a divorce who came to the  Domestic Relations Help Desk.

Morgan West

Morgan is working an uncontested divorce case.

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