November 18, 2016 

1. Please help mother of two small children retain custody

Father left the state with mother's two small children, ages four and one, several months ago. Mother requested that the father return the children but the father will not comply. The mother has had little contact with the children. Please help mother win custody of children.  ( 16-0006788)

2. Please help this client file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Client lost her job and has been unable to pay her debt. Client tried for months to make payment arrangements, but has been unable to meet the obligation. Client is organized and motivated to get this process done. (16-0007288)

3.  Please help this mother of two file a exemption for wages

Client was hospitalized in 2015 due to an unexpected illness. Client was unable to work and because of this she was unable to pay her rent. Prior to being sick client paid her rent timely. Client was evicted and was later sued for unpaid rent. Client recently started working and is trying to take care of her family. Client stated that because she is being garnished she is unable take care of the medical needs of her daughter who was recently diagnosed with Lupus. (16-0007337)

4. Please help this DV victim file an answer in her divorce case

This client, who is on disability, has a PFA against her husband, who has threatened to kill her multiple times, going so far as to put his gun in her face. Client has filed criminal charges against her husband and just wants to move forward to get out of this abusive relationship.  Client was served this month and has to file an answer within 30 days. There are no children, property, or debt. The BBVLP has put the client in contact with YWCA Domestic Violence Services and can provide any attorney who accepts this case guidance from a mentor attorney who is experienced with domestic violence divorces. 

*Client is blurred due to domestic violence

5. Please help domestic violence victim through her pending divorce

This 24-year-old mom, who works at UAB transporting patients from room to room, needs help because her husband filed divorce against her and is harassing her to sign the papers. The mom wants help understanding her legal rights so that she does not sign anything away that hurts her ability to afford to raise the couple's four-year-old autistic child.  ( 16-0007316)

*Client is blurred due to domestic violence
*This is the second time in eBrief
Monday & Thursday Mornings

Leonard Smith, Southern Company, and  Enloketa Farness assist clients at the Civil Help Desk.

Wedne sday Mornings

Jessi Hardy, Kirk Drennan Law, talks to a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk.

Homeless Shelter Help Desk
First Tuesday of the month

Lucas Gambino and Irene Motles, Maynard Cooper & Gale, volunteer at the Homeless Help Desk.
Ernest Bates, Southern Company Services
Yashiba Blanchard
Amy Hazelton, Southern Company
Alex Goldsmith, HealthSouth
Katie Grayson, HealthSouth
Melinda Guillaume
Katie Kimbrell, Bressler Amery Ross
Priscilla Kelley
James Illston
Matthew McKay
Eric Patterson, Southern Nuclear
Honza Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis
Angeline Sperling, Sperling Moore
Abigail Van Alstyne, Quinn Connor Weaver
Pamela Weed
Morgan West
Andrew Wheeler-Berliner
Sarah Yates, Bressler Amery Ross

Luke Brooks, Cumberland Law School
Jessica Chang, Cumberland Law School
Kate Furek , Cumberland School of Law
Sidni Smith, AmeriCorps Member / UAB
Kathleen Bowers
De Martenson
Matthew McVay
PL Kelly
Bruce Barze
Balch & Bingham

Bruce volunteered to help a client obtain her deposit back. Client gave her landlord $1230.00 as a deposit on an apartment that would specifically accommodate the client who is disabled. On the move-in date, the landlord provided an apartment that did not accommodate her disability.

Patricia Doblar

Patricia volunteered to accept a pro bono divorce case for a father of two minor children. The father desires custody of children since the wife is abusing drugs. Patricia saw this client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk last week and volunteered to help him throughout his proceedings.
A man Kahlon

Aman volunteered to accept an uncontested divorce case. Both parties are financially unable to afford an attorney to help them through this matter. Their divorce case would have dragged on another several months had Aman not volunteered to take their case.

William May

William agreed to help an elderly client file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Jacqueline Morrette

Jacqueline volunteered to accept a divorce case for a domestic violence victim with two children. The client is unemployed and unable to financially afford an attorney and Jackie has agreed to represent her.

Martha Jane Patton

Martha Jane agreed to help a homeless man defend his child support arrearage case out of Tennessee. Ms. Patton knows this individual through her church and has agreed to help him through
the contempt process.

Adam Tice

Adam agreed to help a client who was seeking legal assistance in creating a simple will.

Angie Cameron Smith
Burr & Furman

Angie volunteered to help  a client obtain guardianship over her sister who was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been struggling with schizophrenia.
A ngeline Sperling
Sperling Moore

Angeline  volunteered to help a client retrieve her personal property from her former landlord.

Moses Stone

Moses helped a homeless client from the Firehouse Shelter have his warrants recalled with the City of Moody and successfully reinstated his probation.

Ted Stuckenschneider

Ted counseled three clients concerning their eligibility to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
BANKRUPTCY 101 CLE: Decoding Chapter 7
Friday, January 6th, 2017
11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Learn how to screen clients for possible Chapter 7 Bankruptcies in preparation for the BBVLP's new 2017 monthly Pro Bono Bankruptcy Clinic for low-income clients beginning in February on the first Friday of every month at the Federal Bankruptcy Court.
Register by emailing  Katrina Brown.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
2 to 5 p.m.
Learn how to provide legal assistance to veterans and their families in preparation for the BBVLP's new Veterans Help Desk on the fourth Wednesday of every month at the Birmingham VA Medical Center.
Register by emailing Katrina Brown.
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