Pastor's Periodic Pondering  
by Pastor Josh Nelson

This past Sunday, Dr. Martin Luther and his wife Katharina paid us a visit in worship, interrupted my sermon, and challenged me to come up with some modern theses to add on to his original 95. 

Our guests from ye olde Germany wanted us to start leaning into year 501 or 510 or 600 of the Reformation.  So here are eleven new theses that have been rolling around in my mind as challenges for our church, offered here without extra preaching explanation.  These are printed on a poster on my office door in order to remind me to keep thinking about how the Spirit continues still to reform and reshape the Christian Church, and reform and reshape each of us.  

All of these begin with a phrase that Luther employed in some of his original 95 theses.
1 That even as we celebrate our heritage, we must speak with a modern voice so that today's people can hear.
2 That discipleship is not an option for believers; it is foundational.
3 That growth in faith comes by dwelling in the Word of the Lord.
4 That you are loveable, and forgivable - so in turn be kind, loving, and forgiving toward others.
5 To create and nurture moments that allow you time to pray.
6 That good works are actually a really good thing! 
7 That all who come through our church doors deserve respect, hospitality and care.
8 That all we encounter outside our church doors deserve respect, hospitality and care.
9 That we are filled with grace when we live out the truth that God forgives, Jesus saves, and the Holy Spirit inspires.
10 That building up our Christian family is simple to do if only we sign up and show up.
11 That Christ belongs not to you, but to the world. 
12 __________________________  
(I have left this one blank as you and I need to leave room for new ideas 
to keep bubbling up in our life together.)
See you in worship!


We return to our regular worship schedule of 8, 9:15 & 10:45.  
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